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DateLoan TypeApp-
OrchardAR060500Yes03/04/04Otheryes3000BK13; 2 Judgements; 1 CO
OrchardFL063200No04/04/04Otheryes7500APR 18.9%
OrchardGA050200Yes10/03/04Otheryes3000CH7 BK Disch 07-02
OrchardMA062000No05/04/04Otheryes30001 paid chargeoff - $19 fee
OrchardMD060500No02/04/04Otheryes3000score approximate CA; repo
OrchardNE059000No02/04/04Otheryes3000score approximate
OrchardCA063400No07/04/04Otheryes7500Ex report contains 2 paid derogs 1 AU & 2 new accouts=5 total accounts
OrchardNC520000No06/04/04Otheryes3000small credit line good; but a good start to rebuilding :0)!
Orchard - SilverOH060100No07/04/04Otheryes003.99% intro until 12/04 then 14.99%
Orchard SilverOH059000No07/04/04Otheryes3000 
Orchard BankFL063800No08/04/04Otheryes50002.5 yrs post Chp7 59.00 AMF
Orchard GoldOK058500No09/04/04Credit Cardyes150002 paid CO and 2 unpaid CO
Orchard BankCA054600No09/04/04Otheryes3000 
Orchard BankSC064700No10/04/04Otheryes7500 Multiple 3 yr old CO.
Orchard BankMA066000No12/04/04Otherno00 They just don't like me! - Black listed at Household
Orchard BankNY066000No12/04/04Otheryes7500 
Orchard BankFL057000Yes06/04/04Otheryes3000 BK7 filed 2/04
Orchard BankTX055800No02/05/04Otheryes3000 
Orchard BankGA062000No02/05/04Otheryes7500 score posted is Fico
OrchardFL0597027100No03/29/05OtherYes30020.4Unsecrd MC. $59 AF. Mult 4 plus year u/p CO.
OrchardOH53458459225589No03/28/05OtherYes40014.99Pulled TransUnion
Orchard BankAL594581065000No06/03/05Credit CardYes7500Card on its way. CS seems good
Orchard BankFL057900No06/15/05Credit CardYes3000unsecured MC even with $19K 4yr old bad debt on credit file.. i like these guys
Orchard BankCA0596065000Yes07/01/05Credit CardYes75020.65 
Orchard BankOH6356376310No07/09/05Credit CardYes014.9student loan currently derog. cap one cc co 5 yrs ago
Orchard BankOH006100Yes08/08/05Credit CardYes3000 
Orchard BankNJ0530070000No08/19/05Credit CardYes300213 judgments showing
Orchard BankIL55158459175000No08/20/05Credit CardYes00yes online application
Orchard BankNJ61160261945000No09/10/05Credit CardNo00I see they're related to HFC. This could be the reason. I DV'd HHLD to death to remove an old jdgt and ca from my cr
orchardLA0635050No10/05/05Credit CardYes75022 
OrchardKS5435465950Yes11/22/05Credit CardYes3000 
Orchard BankNY672682660100000No10/19/05Credit CardNo00 
Orchard BankFL0541025000No10/20/05Credit CardYes30023Pulled Experian - My EXP has less inquiries but is basically the same report as Equifax
Orchard BankSC5460030000No10/24/05Credit CardYes2000 
Orchard BankMI59660859645000No10/25/05Credit CardYes015.9 
Orchard - SilverNJ0625038000No11/03/05Credit CardYes7500This was an unsecured Mastercard. I had major del on SL's 18 mths ago and a 4 year old 9500 charge off/repo. All credit paid perfectly in last 18 months. 2 SL's and a small cc
OrchardMO5975805520No11/04/05Credit CardYes30015.9Bankruptcy Chapter 7 Discharged 10/18/05
Orchard BankAR6100030000Yes11/23/05Credit CardYes3000BK Discharged 11/2005
Orchard SilverOH0568013000No11/30/05Credit CardYes7500 
Orchard BankPA0560027000No11/30/05Credit CardYes50014.69Was approved instantly for unsecure card. Interest rate was not bad considering my credit rating.
Orchard BankWA6096556070No12/04/05Credit CardYes7500 
Orchard SilverMN54958854320160Yes12/05/05Credit CardYes30016.4Filed Ch.7 on 10/11/05, approved for this on 11/02/05
Orchard BankIL48849645460000Yes12/06/05Credit CardYes30019.9Shocked! 1 month after CH7 BK approved for unsecured card! Has helped build credit tremendously.
Orchard SilverUT52045045052000Yes12/11/05Credit CardNo00 
Orchard SilverDC6800070000No12/12/05Credit CardYes60018.9Secured card. One negative item on report - no other accounts
OrchardFL606000No12/19/05Credit CardYes3000 
Orchard - SilverCA533518573102000No12/28/05Credit CardYes30014.9Received offer from mail. Applied online with offer code. Approved with annual fee of $ 79. Six CO accounts and 15-30 inquiries (over 3 bureaus)
OrchardMO6626486490Yes01/02/06Credit CardYes30016.4Unsecured, $59 Annual fee. 30 days post-discharge BK7
OrchardCA50247752550Yes01/02/06Credit CardYes00 
OrchardTX58358858835500No01/03/06Credit CardYes75006 charge offs on my report. 3 late payments in 2005
Orchard BankPA67964560133No01/08/06Credit CardNo00 
Orchard BankCO51455048660000No01/11/06Credit CardYes30016.918 Collections/Charge Offs
OrchardOR5740042000Yes01/24/06Credit CardYes3000pulled eq
Orchard SilverCA0542040000No01/24/06Credit CardYes30018.9915 derog, 9 c.o., 7 unpaid c.a., zero accts i had acces to
Orchard SilverOH5560065No01/26/06Credit CardYes3000LOTS of Baddies on CR, 3 C/O's and Various Medicals
Orchard BankAL056700No01/27/06Credit CardYes3000 
Orchard BankCA60461956533000No01/29/06Credit CardYes350025A secuard card 12 Negative items on report
OrchardFL55457754936000No01/30/06Credit CardYes3000alot of bad med. and got aproved for unsecure they know i was'm,lol
Orchard BankKY0564030000Yes02/03/06Credit CardYes3000 
Orchard BankNJ66763658865000No02/07/06Credit CardYes75014.99 
Orchard BankAZ59062860850000No02/18/06Credit CardYes75015.95 
OrchardMO57764466170000No02/19/06Credit CardYes75010.09 
OrchardAL066000No03/01/06UnsecuredYes500049.00 processing fee 49.00 annual fee. Went to close account at activation and they offered 200 CLI or cut annual in half.
Orchard BankCA5184905130Yes03/08/06Credit CardYes3000 
OrchardGA66063359240000No04/20/06Credit CardYes5000 
Orchard BankIL5505695780Yes05/06/06Credit CardYes3000 
OrchardLA5290015Yes05/07/06Credit CardYes3000 
Orchard - SilverNJ63664064033000No05/26/06Credit CardNo30014.91 judgment, 3 charge offs and continued collections
Orchard - SilverNJ60005430Yes06/01/06Credit CardYes30015.9online approval. two collection items showing on reports.
Orchard BankNJ63665065033000No06/12/06Credit CardYes30014.9Second Orchard card and is a VISA, w/ charge offs and one judgment still showing, no annual fee, pre-approved offer!
Orchard BankAZ5905995130Yes06/20/06Credit CardYes016.15Ch7 Discharged 1/06;HSBC included in BK;applied online--rec'd card 2 wks later.
Orchard Bank PlatinumAZ59059951354Yes06/20/06Credit CardYes50016.15Ch7 Discharged 1/06;HSBC included in BK;applied online--rec'd Platinum card 2 wks later.
Orchard Bank PlatinumAL48149751332000Yes06/26/06Credit CardYes3000$79 annual fee
Orchard GoldFL51049055830000No08/01/06Credit CardYes3000lots of c/o's
OrchardGA58058058065No08/15/06Credit CardNo00 
Orchard BankNY0570045000No08/23/06Credit CardYes30019Unsecured card approved. They pulled only Experian.
Orchard Bank PlatinumVA51153150145000Yes08/25/06Credit CardYes30012.9Annual fee $69. Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharged in 06/05. First card approved to start rebuilding credit.
Orchard GoldIL62457560738Yes08/25/06Credit CardYes30014BK discharged in 01/06. 1st time denied(06/06), 2nd time approved /08/06).
Orchard Bank PlatinumPA60157357650000Yes09/06/06Credit CardYes50015.430 days post BK7, instant online approval and credit limit instantly revealed. No credit report clean up prior to applying.
Orchard GoldTN51650853232000Yes10/02/06Credit CardYes30018.99 
Orchard SilverCA57853861153000No10/02/06Credit CardYes3000EXP:1 unpd Fed tax ln, , 5 CO cc, 1 open curr car loan, 2 curr open stud loans, 10 inq. EQU: 1 unpd Fed tax ln, 3 CO cc, 1 open curr car loan, 2 curr open stud loans, 1 pd coll, 2 unpd coll, 2 inq. TRU: 1 unpd Fed tax ln, 3 CO cc, 1 open curr car loan, 2
Orchard GoldCA0570045000No10/17/06Credit CardYes3009.9Have 8 good accounts, 10 baddies.
Orchard GoldOH6050050440No11/01/06Credit CardYes30002 weeks of chap 7
Orchard BankMI50149948621000No01/07/07Credit CardNo00All recent reports on report are unpaid medical in collection
Orchard Bank PlatinumPA58262259948000Yes05/09/07Credit CardYes75013 
Orchard GoldNJ53053053033000No02/25/07Credit CardYes3009.9$100,000+ judgment(unsecured business-related), charge-offs, collections, totaling more than $200k(all unsecured. Orchard Mastercard pre-selected offer instant on-line approval.
Orchard GoldNC0608030000No03/27/07Credit CardYes30014.99 
Orchard BankTX44952551590000No04/07/07Credit CardYes30014 
Orchard Bank PlatinumMD0070080Yes04/20/07Credit CardYes150014.9 
orchard bankMI57350959045000Yes04/25/07Credit CardYes3000I am happy to get a CC
Orchard Bank PlatinumMI6045805400Yes04/28/07Credit CardYes00BK Filed 65/24/06
OrchardVT63965160425000Yes05/05/07Credit CardNo00 
Orchard Bank PlatinumNJ057300No05/18/07Credit CardYes30001collection. 8 derog closed accounts.
Orchard SilverCA635649065000No05/21/07Credit CardYes30014.9Great card
Orchard BankMO0063544000Yes05/24/07Credit CardYes200014.990% APR for 9 months
Orchard GoldFL59157052935000No05/29/07Credit CardYes40014.9 
Orchard GoldCO0549072000No05/30/07UnsecuredYes30014.9 
Orchard Bank Gold MastercardWA0599064000Yes06/28/07Credit CardNo00This was offered by them based off their site's initial info page. It was their recommendation. I have the secured card, never late and currently PIF. Not sure for denial reasons yet.
Orchard Bank Gold MastercardWA0599064Yes06/28/07Credit CardNo00This was offered by them based off their site's initial info page. It was their recommendation. I have the secured card, never late and currently PIF. Not sure for denial reasons yet.
Orchard BankIL0058020000Yes06/07/07Credit CardYes30014.9applied online and got instant approval
OrchardMA66366068052No06/24/07Credit CardNo3000$59 annual fee. old bad credit, past 2 years good.
OrchardOK0593042000Yes07/12/07Credit CardYes5000BK7 3/07
Orchard BankCA58256660239000No07/17/07Credit CardYes3000 
Orchard Bank Gold MastercardNV600000No07/28/07Credit CardYes3000FICO was 584 at approval. 2 unpaid CO from 2003. Required to pay 49.00 upfront.
Orchard SilverGA502007500No07/29/07Credit CardYes30014.9fed & state tax lien
Orchard BankVT61463057245000No07/31/07Credit CardNo00 
Orchard SilverWA6005425890Yes08/06/07Credit CardYes3000FICO was higher initially. Pulled EQ. Initially declined due to other "secured" account. Apparently, they don't want you having two of their products. So, beware and call ahead to ask prior to applying. Once I closed that one, they agreed to open this one
Orchard Bank PlatinumMI650000Yes08/11/07Credit CardYes3000Got card 9/2006. Only recieved 100 increase since. BK discharged 1/2006
Orchard Bank PlatinumPA6910041000No08/13/07Credit CardYes70015 
orchardTX5080080000No08/21/07Credit CardYes30002 paid collection accounts
Orchard Bank Gold MastercardNY57256456565000No08/25/07Credit CardYes3009.9 
OrchardNY59856550240600No08/25/07Credit CardNo00Said they could not verify my information
Orchard Bank PlatinumOR61207030No08/26/07Credit CardYes30014.99Bankruptcy 8 years ago
Orchard BankMO54255255552000Yes08/27/07Credit CardYes3000 
Orchard Bank PlatinumAL60058858836300No09/05/07Credit CardYes3000Ann Fee $69
Orchard BankKY5500040000Yes09/10/07Credit CardNo00CH7 Discharge July07, was offered a secured card via phone because website was saying session expired on every attempt to prequalification application. Waiting for information on secured card via mail.
Orchard Bank PlatinumMD52051550040000Yes09/10/07Credit CardYes30029.5 
Orchard BankCA61460463425000No09/10/07Credit CardYes30022Scores were less then, approv for $300, now $1300
Orchard Bank Gold MastercardCO0657050000No09/26/07Credit CardNo20008 
Orchard BankMI64400102000Yes10/19/07Credit CardNo00Already had 4 hsbc cards including 1 orchard.
Orchard Bank Gold MastercardNC59960360759No10/25/07Credit CardNo00OLD MEDICAL NOT EXCEEDING 1,800
Orchard BankNC5840045335Yes10/26/07Credit CardYes30014.99 
Orchard Bank PlatinumFL5456045200No11/12/07Credit CardYes00 
orchardPA60060060040000No12/08/07Credit CardNo00 
OrchardCA64457364250000Yes12/09/07Credit CardYes3000Applied on-line. Instantly pre-qualified for Master card or secured card. Chose unsecured. Got approved. Chpt 7 BK discharged 7/2006
Orchard Bank Gold MastercardGA68163865848000No12/15/07Credit CardYes10009.9Pulled Exp. only. Two collections on report. Both old and disputed.
Orchard Bank PlatinumCA0654052No12/19/07Credit CardYes150015.99No annual fee, 2% cashback, 6 mos. no interest, 6 baddies, inc repo. all 5 yrs old.
Orchard Bank PlatinumCO062200Yes01/06/08Credit CardYes75014 
Orchard Bank PlatinumIL625004850Yes01/07/08Credit CardYes3009.9BK7 disch 09/07, approved same month. $39 annual fee and has greatly helped build credit back up since bk.
Orchard BankIL6250048500Yes01/07/08Credit CardYes50013.9CK7 disch 09/07, approved 12/07 w/ $39 annual fee
Orchard Bank PlatinumME63063057050000No01/09/08Credit CardYes00 
Orchard Bank PlatinumNC0520070000Yes01/11/08Credit CardYes3000Applied 11 days before chapter 7 discharge. All scores were in the low 500's
Orchard BankMO6545735870No01/15/08Credit CardYes0202 judgements. 2 tax liens. No current revolving credit.
Orchard Bank PlatinumFL5580025000No01/21/08Credit CardYes3000 
Orchard BankIL59557564022000Yes01/21/08Credit CardYes5000 
Orchard BankWI54154149733000Yes01/23/08Credit CardYes30012 
Orchard BankCA5460036000No02/19/08Credit CardYes2000(Secured Card) 1 Judgment, 3 unpaid co., 1 good standing auto loan
Orchard Bank Gold MastercardOH56552553842000No02/27/08Credit CardYes300201 Judgement, 1 CO, 3 Collections, Multiple Lates
Orchard BankAZ61263463630000No02/29/08Credit CardNo500020 
Orchard Bank Premium Rewards VisaOR61061061030000Yes03/03/08Credit CardYes75015.99bk7 discharged in 1/2007, this is the 5th cc since bk7. No annual fee, 0% on balance trans for 12months
Orchard Bank Gold MastercardCA057000No03/04/08Credit CardYes3000 
Orchard BankMD595060870000No03/11/08Credit CardYes3000Approved for a secured card after being turned down with Citibank. Pulled credit report with Experian.
Orchard Bank Premium Rewards VisaPA539578543105000No03/14/08Credit CardYes3000 
OrchardMD5410075000No03/20/08Credit CardYes5000Pleasantly surprised.
Orchard BankMD622640075No03/24/08Credit CardYes5000 
Orchard BankMI0049925000No03/30/08Credit CardNo3008.9 
Orchard Bank Gold MastercardOR0569045000No03/31/08Credit CardYes3000Pulled EX, approved online, have not received card yet. 4 Charge offs
Orchard Bank PlatinumTX56561150051000Yes04/01/08Credit CardYes50014.9Only pulled Experian
Orchard Bank Platinum EliteNY6920045000Yes04/03/08Credit CardYes200012.9BK in 5/03, pulled EQ. limit raised to 2200 after 6 months, 0% APR for 18 months
Orchard BankTN58861461030000Yes04/04/08Credit CardYes3000 
ORCHARD BANKWI051300No04/07/08Credit CardYes3000MULTIPLE BADDIES
Orchard Bank Premium Rewards VisaAL0606060000No04/08/08Credit CardYes30014.76have 30 t0 60 day delinquency from last year 2007 on an installment account.
Orchard Bank Gold MastercardTX59759764398000Yes04/19/08Credit CardYes00Just paid balance of bankruptcy - waiting for discharge letter
Orchard BankFL005750No05/04/08Credit CardYes30018 
Orchard BankIL57052059030No05/24/08Credit CardYes50026 
Orchard Bank PlatinumHI66269468290Yes05/29/08Credit CardYes9009BK CP 13 IN 12/2002 TAX LIEN 19K IN 2007
OrchardPA6546676400No06/12/08Credit CardYes5008.9Applied online, it said need to review after a week approved w/prime card.
Orchard Bank PlatinumNC55250456148000No06/12/08Credit CardYes3008.9 
Orchard Bank PlatinumTX57461961169No06/17/08Credit CardYes5008.9Had 1 new cc within 2 months for $675 credit; 2 old utility charge-offs totaling about $400, and 1 old credit card charge-off for $1,400 + fees but that was 8 years ago, supposed to be off my record. Also have 27-month perfect payment history on $17k car
Orchard BankNY5840038No06/19/08Credit CardYes300142Co's but being payed off
Orchard BankSC5405635221749No06/22/08Credit CardYes4000 
Orchard Bank Gold MastercardKS55858553279Yes06/30/08Credit CardYes3000bk discharged 8 mos ago
Orchard Bank PlatinumTX6506476110No07/03/08Credit CardYes50014.9late pays , medical collection unpaid, 6month unpaid collection (has been paid is being corrected)
Orchard BankNC5550048Yes07/08/08Credit CardYes30017 
Orchard BankAL005680No07/09/08Credit CardYes3000$49 ann fee and $49 down.
Orchard Bank PlatinumGA60065760430000No07/25/08Credit CardYes5000Qualified online. Did not have to pay AP fee, was instantly allowed to setup account, and see CL.
Orchard BankMA65567259135000Yes07/29/08Credit CardYes5000chapter 7 BK discharged 2/08, have secured Orchard card for 1 1/2 yrs. i think pulled EQ
Orchard Bank PlatinumNY61560557155No07/30/08Credit CardYes3008.9not sure what they pulled yet.
Orchard BankGA5786086110No07/31/08Credit CardYes3000Approved for Orchard gold with 19 dollar processing fee
Orchard Bank Gold MastercardMO58953960835000Yes08/10/08Credit CardYes30014.9Filed Ch 13 Bankrupcty 9 months ago, and was approved while case is still open. It's against the plans rules to apply for credit before discharge, but I filed Ch 13 due to other debt circumstances, and not because of consumer debt. Wouldn't recommend appl
Orchard BankVA0535095000Yes08/23/08Credit CardYes30016 
OrchardIL55660160448000No10/10/08Credit CardNo00Received pre qualified for gold, applied instant denial
OrchardAL5705635780No10/10/08Credit CardYes3000 
Orchard BankNY61156860977000No10/24/08Credit CardYes3009.9 
Orchard BankTX67672374996000Yes10/29/08Credit CardYes200022BK chapter 7 in 2003. $39 annual fee
OrchardTX54053050740000No10/30/08SecuredYes2007.9Several CO
Orchard BankKY66565067865000Yes11/04/08Credit CardYes3008.1Well this wasnt worth the pull on my credit report.
Orchard Bank Gold MastercardKS554539025000No11/06/08Credit CardYes3000 
Orchard Bank Gold MastercardCA563055725000No11/12/08Credit CardYes3000Few late payments, short credit history
Orchard Bank Gold MastercardCO55458248430000No11/14/08Credit CardYes3000 
Orchard Bank Gold MastercardNC0520030000No12/14/08Credit CardNo3000 
OrchardCA0518095000No01/15/09Credit CardYes3000Foreclosure and repossession
Orchard BankGA61164562544000Yes01/23/09Credit CardYes3008.98.9% purchases 20.9% cash advances. BK discharged 7/08. Pulled TU and EXP
Orchard BankIL0065418No03/01/09SecuredYes2007Fixing credit.Lots collections,old judgment.Pulled EQ.
Orchard BankNY54354355475No03/18/09Credit CardYes3008.9Completely shocked to be approved for this - have been denied for everything for 7 years or more. They pulled Exp - scores have inc 25 points across the board since getting this card 3 weeks ago - yay!
OrchardCA58256156259000No03/22/09Credit CardYes30014.9Have previous charge off with Orchard, + at least 3 other co's, as well as 2 paid judgements (around 3 years old)
Orchard Bank Gold MastercardPA565057978No03/30/09Credit CardYes5009.9Two charge-offs - both paid totaling 5k. Have 5 other credit cards and one prime card from Bank of America - which is the reason I got an instant approval I believe. Not sure, we'll see how good they are.
Orchard BankDE61463064126000Yes04/01/09Credit CardYes3000In Feb got cap one cc w/ 1000 limit and they only gave 300 cl I worked hard to get those scores. And I have a annual fee of $59
Orchard BankUT57360958470000Yes04/08/09Credit CardYes30023af included but it was a start. says give increases after 6 months but was denied with no lates and larger payments. Good card to get back on feet 1 year post chpt 7 discharge
Orchard BankFL6756827040No04/08/09Credit CardYes014.9paid judgment from 12/07. no other credit cards. pulled experian.
Orchard Bank PlatinumTN64667661051000Yes05/03/09Credit CardYes7808.9Approved less than 2 months after Chapter 13 discharge, 2 weeks after first mortgage.
orchardIL65564464748000No05/08/09Credit CardYes3008.9not sure it was worth the inquiry
Orchard Bank Gold MastercardOR6220035000No05/11/09Credit CardYes32014.9No answer after 2 weeks, so I gave them a call. I had a fraud alert on my CRA’s which required verification; 5 min later I was approved! Paid an AF of $19.00. Pulled EX, 2 judgments, 1 CO, 4 collections, 1 inquiry, no baddies in the last twelve months. I
Orchard BankTN629063784000No09/22/09Credit CardYes5000 
Orchard Bank PlatinumTN58762761740000No09/22/09Credit CardYes50014.9 
Orchard BankWA60257657129000No09/25/09Credit CardYes32013 
OrchardDE70169372136000No10/01/09Credit CardNo00EXP is FAKO score, don't know yet why denied. 11 years of perf pay hist. 11% utilz. 4 open CCs 2-3k CL, 1 paid auto, 2 paid personal loans - just checked report/score nothing new or bad on it. Maybe they're credit crunched!
OrchardVA5980027000Yes10/13/09Credit CardYes3000Filed Bankruptcy On them 1 1/2 years earlier
Orchard BankMA6300040Yes10/14/09Credit CardYes30014Instant online decision 3 months after Bankruptcy $59.00 anual fee. Not bad to build credit, but if you make a payment for more 200. plus they hold it for 2 weeks until you establish payment history with them. Def Try Capital One first..they gave me a
Orchard Bank PlatinumMI0546050Yes11/08/09Credit CardYes014.99Discharged from Chapter 7 bk April 17, approved by Orchard Bank for a 'platinum' card (LOL) April 25.
Orchard Bank PlatinumMO65066767392000Yes11/14/09Credit CardYes3000Approved instanyly online. Recent inquiries. No baddies (old ch7 bk)
Orchard Bank PlatinumOR058953518000Yes11/19/09Credit CardYes30014.99BK discharge 7/09, approved 9/09, great card so far!
Orchard Bank Gold MastercardGA054200No02/02/10Credit CardYes3008.9Foreclosure 2 years ago.
Orchard BankCA67006660No02/05/10Credit CardYes3000Credit score was lower when 1st applied.
Orchard Bank PlatinumNC61765662540837No03/17/10Credit CardYes30017.94 
Orchard Bank PlatinumNH640066722000No03/29/10Credit CardYes30014.99Several old baddies ready to drop off. Perfect pymnt history with Bofa card. Pulled EQ
Orchard BankAL61506500No04/03/10Credit CardNo00One collection from 2004 on both EQ and TU 5 lates on EQ
Orchard GoldMI62663159065000Yes04/06/10Credit CardYes50014.9bk13 dismissed 2006,clean since.
Orchard Bank Gold MastercardFL60950451852000No04/18/10Credit CardYes3209.9HSBC Pulls Experian. I actually think my score was lower when I applied and got approved (5 months ago), I since got a few incorrect items off c. report. These are my current scores. Using card to rebuild credit. Called yesterday to get increase and HSBC
Orchard Bank PlatinumIL055700Yes04/27/10Credit CardYes3000 
Orchard BankRI65056759645000No04/29/10Credit CardYes50002 Collections, Recent 30 60 90 Day Late on Student Loan, $55 Annual Fee and $19 processing fee
Orchard BankTN0061160000Yes05/02/10Credit CardYes30023.9Bankruptcy discharged 11/2009. Approved no problem. 2nd card I've been approved for to rebuild credit.
OrchardOH57868861024000No05/12/10Credit CardYes3000Only pulled Equifax.
orchard bankMD0100No05/22/10Credit CardYes3000excellent so easy! great starter card!
OrchardCA64466366379000No05/25/10Credit CardYes3000 
Orchard - SilverCA5615965505No06/01/10Credit CardNo00 
Orchard Bank Gold VisaCA62858365537000No06/08/10Credit CardNo32002disputed coll, 2paid coll, 3paid charge offs, 4accounts in good standing. Great credit rebuilder
Orchard BankCA636636020000Yes06/14/10Credit CardYes3000Filed Ch. 7 in 2008
Orchard Bank Gold VisaWA63367867050Yes06/28/10Credit CardYes3000Used the preselector site, approved for orchard visa gold, with $39 app fee and 28.90% They pulled equifax in WA. Thin file.
Orchard Bank PlatinumNY0568047No06/30/10Credit CardNo00 
Orchard Bank PlatinumNY056047No06/30/10UnsecuredYes30015 
Orchard BankMO0564062Yes07/07/10Credit CardYes30019 
Orchard Bank Gold MastercardNY060460557No07/22/10Credit CardYes3000$55 annual fee 1st year/$74 after that
HSBC ORCHARDPA5700030000No07/23/10Credit CardYes30014.99Instant online approval
OrchardCA5700032000No07/27/10Credit CardNo10000 
Orchard Bank PlatinumAL610000No08/10/10Credit CardYes5000 
Orchard - SilverFL490049955000No08/11/10Credit CardNo00 
Orchard BankNC6710056000Yes09/08/10Credit CardYes30024Chapter 13 Discharged 8/08; 1 collection 08 Paid 08; Clean after that; no other cards; did get carloan thru Carmax right after discharge; was declined by Capital 1 for credit card same day approved by Orchard
Orchard Bank Gold VisaNJ6166085830No09/16/10Credit CardYes3000 
HSBC ORCHARDTN63364661052000No09/27/10Credit CardYes5000 
Orchard BankLA667660040000No10/04/10Credit CardYes5000 
Orchard BankNY62605300Yes10/05/10Credit CardYes30024 
Orchard BankAL0000No10/10/10Credit CardNo00 
Orchard BankIL0000Yes10/20/10Credit CardNo00 
Orchard Bank PlatinumCA61659358048000Yes10/28/10Credit CardYes3000Discharged bankruptcy June 13, 08. Hasnt given me any credit increases but its a start.
Orchard BankCA61261358680000Yes11/01/10Credit CardYes50024.99BK discharged in 2006..Some lates since. Most recent late 2 years ago...
Orchard Bank PlatinumIL0063421000Yes11/04/10Credit CardYes40014.90% intro rate for 12 months
HSBC ORCHARDMA065062131000No11/14/10Credit CardYes3000approved right around when I was approved for a capital one standard platinum credit card
Orchard Bank PlatinumCA0012600Yes11/15/10Credit CardNo9009 
Orchard BankMN58655754431000No11/19/10Credit CardYes3200They pulled Equifax. I had a previous (unpaid) charge-off w/Orchard Bank years ago. Very happy they gave me a 2nd chance.
Orchard Bank Gold VisaNE56156153015000No11/20/10Credit CardYes40019.9 
Orchard BankNV0565048No11/22/10Credit CardYes014.9Rebuilding credit, first credit card in 6 years. $60 annual fee.
Orchard BankNV0565048No11/22/10Credit CardYes014.9Rebuilding credit, first credit card in 6 years. $60 annual fee.
Orchard Bank Platinum VisaIN6570045000No12/05/10Credit CardYes50014.9Rebuilding credit. High utilization on other accounts but have been paying all on time for the last 2 years.
Orchard Bank PlatinumCA72970671951000Yes12/08/10Credit CardYes30014.9Easy card to get. They pull equifax. I have a bank but had a good credit score.low interest rate compared to others!!
HSBC ORCHARDWA54058052049000No12/09/10Credit CardYes300029.99 
HSBC ORCHARDWA54058052049000No12/09/10Credit CardYes30029.99 
Orchard Bank Platinum VisaNJ6740035000No12/15/10Credit CardYes30014.9 
Orchard BankNJ52057855026000No12/22/10Credit CardYes3000All FAKO scores from Citi Monitoring. In the process of rebuiling credit. 3 collections not yet paid. 5 defaulted student loans.
Orchard BankTN60661865240000No12/25/10Credit CardYes3000 
Orchard BankNJ672610590100000No12/28/10Credit CardYes30015Check Equifax only. Had to call in to verify info. Few bad accounts.
Orchard BankVA062500Yes01/16/11Credit CardYes3000Approved for the Visa card with a $300 limit. $59 a year annual fee.
Orchard Bank Online Ecosmart MastercardCA0057455000No01/19/11Credit CardYes3000Score via CreditKarma. $39 processing fee.
Orchard Bank PlatinumAL0000No01/22/11Credit CardNo00 
Orchard Bank PlatinumMA52652458431000No01/22/11Credit CardYes30019.99 
Orchard Bank PlatinumGA046753939000Yes01/28/11Credit CardYes30014.9App'd 3 months after filing ch7 bk.
Orchard Bank Gold MastercardTX57958058535000No02/03/11Credit CardYes32021Fast approval. Great to rebuild score
OrchardMI0051188440Yes02/04/11Credit CardYes40014.9APR 0 for first 9 mon then 14.9; 59 AF, ch 13 in repayment
Orchard Bank Gold MastercardAL0000No02/20/11Credit CardNo00 
Orchard Bank PlatinumUT0588075000No03/09/11Credit CardYes30019Instant online approval.rebuilding credit. chargeoffs & open collections on file.
Orchard Bank Gold MastercardOR0525038000No03/12/11Credit CardNo32019I came to this site and found that others had received credit with simular scores. I tried and got approved. i am trying to rebuild my credit after making some mistakes with my first card 5 years ago with capital 1
OrchardNY45045045040000No03/14/11Credit CardYes20010 
orchard bankWA0001900No03/20/11Credit CardNo00 
Orchard Bank Gold MastercardCA60160360365000No03/22/11Credit CardYes3000Applied online, got instant approval.
Orchard BankGA0529032000No03/24/11Credit CardYes3200Several late payments due to layoff; High balances
Orchard Bank PlatinumFL557000No03/27/11Credit CardYes019Ran through bad times a couple of years back I have charge offs and a repo, but I also have a credit card with capitol one
Orchard Bank Gold MastercardNJ6096006310Yes04/08/11Credit CardYes3200approved 1 week after discharge, and my other orchard in bky
OrchardAL0607035000No04/12/11Credit CardNo00 
Orchard BankTX58059055280000No04/12/11Credit CardYes2500Approved on-line.
OrchardTX6256256251No04/19/11Credit CardNo5000 
Orchard Bank Gold MastercardWA60865564731000Yes04/19/11Credit CardYes32014.99Approved through pre-qualification process online.
Orchard Bank Gold VisaOH0692094000No04/24/11Credit CardNo00 
Orchard Bank PlatinumNY60354861167000No05/01/11Credit CardYes30012.99Lots of old CO, lots of inq.
orchard bankGA57356055252000No05/04/11Credit CardYes3200 
Orchard BankDC604641656100000No05/04/11Credit CardYes15000secured credit card with deposit
Orchard Bank Gold VisaCA59061058895No05/12/11Credit CardYes3200The credit limit is not very much but it's somewhere to start. I had a previous HSBC credit card that I didn't pay better
Orchard BankTX5740045000No05/31/11Credit CardYes30004 collection accts and 1 active secured credit card.
HSBC ORCHARDFL5655065810No06/07/11Credit CardYes3200 
Orchard BankCA61365665085000Yes06/11/11Credit CardYes75014.9Filed BK 11 months ago and discharged 7 months ago. Already have Capital one and re-affirmed a car loan in the BK. Approved for $750.00 instantly. Surprised as most are reporting only $300 plus my BK is less than a year old.
OrchardAL0000No06/30/11Credit CardNo00 
Orchard BankIL55255161135000No06/30/11Credit CardYes3000 
Orchard BankGA61561561544000Yes06/30/11Credit CardYes3000Instant online approval. Chap 7 discharged 12/10. Applied 1/11. Pulled all three.
Orchard BankVA0560035000No07/15/11Credit CardYes2000 
Orchard Bank PlatinumAR58360358636000Yes07/15/11Credit CardYes30019Bankruptcy 9/2010, Scores started recently declining with no negatives, advised to open a credit card. $59 annual fee. Applied for prequalification, applied and approved within minutes.
Orchard Bank Gold VisaAL54556000No07/19/11Credit CardYes32014.9 
Orchard BankNC47057053545000No08/16/11Credit CardYes30017 
Orchard Bank Gold MastercardAL570574071840Yes08/16/11Credit CardYes32018Approved after completing prequal. BK discharged 05/23/2011. Approved 06/10/2011
OrchardTX62861064832000No08/19/11Credit CardYes300171 collection,1 30,60 days lates 1.8 year ago but good pymt history by 1.8 year
Orchard BankFL0600022No08/23/11Credit CardYes3000 
Orchard Bank Gold MastercardWA57557562224000No09/01/11Credit CardNo00 
Orchard Bank PlatinumVA62963165446000No09/04/11Credit CardYes30019.9 
Orchard Bank Gold VisaCA5110034924Yes09/13/11Credit CardYes00Expecting Ch 7 discharge any day now. Gold visa pre-qual after getting pre-qual for secured multiple times. Instant online approval for gold unsecured.
Orchard Bank Platinum VisaMD54957959970No09/24/11Credit CardYes50019Tried after getting approved by Capitol One and also got approved for same amount
Orchard Bank PlatinumMO64464463561000No09/25/11Credit CardYes50014.9Scores are USAA FAKOs. This is my second HSBC (BestBuy). Denied CLI for BestBuy yesterday. Approved for new card today!
Orchard Bank Gold MastercardMA583059695000No09/29/11Credit CardYes32021.99Foreclosure from 2007, 2 collection accounts both paid, 1 charge off paid, no lates in 18 months. CU 89%
Orchard Bank Gold MastercardOK053900Yes09/30/11Credit CardYes32019.99 
Orchard BankFL62960062362000No10/16/11Credit CardYes3200 
Orchard Bank Platinum VisaNC0626042000No10/20/11Credit CardYes30002 collections 9 total negative accounts last time negative 1.5 years 1 capital1 card never late 8months secured
Orchard BankVA59060960660000No10/22/11Credit CardYes50022 
Orchard Bank Gold MastercardCA57856600Yes10/23/11Credit CardYes00bk dis. 9/20/11. applied and decline 10/1/11. disputed accts still reporting past due, once updated to show bk, applied again and approved after paying $19 processing fee
Orchard Bank PlatinumNH695067580Yes10/24/11Credit CardYes30024.99 
Orchard Bank PlatinumCA57958456685000Yes10/30/11Credit CardYes40016.9Current chapter 13 (6 months in) - Payments made on time to others not included in bk
Orchard BankIN0498035000No10/31/11Credit CardYes3000Surprised. I have charge offs from Cap 1, Citi, Target, & Wal Mart
OrchardAL0555098500No11/09/11Credit CardYes30012.99 
Orchard Bank Online Ecosmart MastercardNY61561262035000Yes11/13/11Credit CardYes50014.92 yrs old instant approved online..seems like its easier to get approved when ur in bankrupt lol
Orchard Bank PlatinumCA70071071083000Yes11/14/11Credit CardNo4000STAY AWAY!!! havent asked for crd incrs in 2 yr. they only gave me 100 incrs. crd went up 100 points, income doubld. F.U. HSBC!!!!
Orchard Bank Platinum VisaTN611645045000Yes11/16/11Credit CardYes3000 
OrchardMO65065065044000No12/02/11Credit CardYes00Orchard pre-approved me for a secured card. Site is helpful in they allow you to soft pull and tell you which card you most likely approve for. I was just approved for Capitol One unsecured, wont be needing a secured Orchard card. Skipping this one.
Orchard Bank Gold VisaSC59259560168Yes12/09/11Credit CardYes3000Filed for bankruptcy just 7 months ago and was approved over the phone for this credit card in 5 minutes.
Orchard BankMO67567567544000No12/22/11Credit CardYes3000Hit Equifax. had to pay $39 fee right away. Not sure of limit. Called today, they are not sure either. it's been 2 weeks since approved. Card wont be mailed for another week or so.
orchardCA05980600No12/23/11Credit CardYes3000Fako. Pre-approved on their website. Rebuilding. Lots of inquiries lots of bads paid
orchardNY064090000No01/19/12Credit CardNo00 
Orchard Bank PlatinumMA00027000No02/16/12Credit CardYes50000 
Orchard BankAL0000No02/20/12Credit CardNo00 
Orchard Bank Platinum VisaMI62660261042000No02/20/12Credit CardYes3000 
Orchard BankTX5575425640No02/23/12Credit CardYes30019.99Got it as a rebuild card, apr is high, but beats prem 1. 2 collections, 2 C.O from 07
Orchard Bank Gold MastercardTN655063650000No03/11/12Credit CardYes32024have 2 baddies. 1) repo from 2007; charge-off 2) closed amex account that went to internal collections for $281; paid-in-full w/ no lates
Orchard BankFL0062025000No03/16/12Credit CardYes00 
Orchard Bank Gold MastercardVA53153858098000No03/18/12Credit CardYes00 
Orchard Bank Gold MastercardIL61659756368000No03/20/12Credit CardYes022.9COULDNT GET THIS BEFORE. OPENED A SECURED CARD A MONTH AGO AND RASIED SCR 30PTS
Orchard Bank PlatinumAL0000No03/21/12Credit CardNo00 
Orchard BankCA64064064035000No04/04/12Credit CardYes00 
Orchard BankAZ590572035No04/23/12Credit CardYes3000Applied online and was approved within 3 days. Only checked in on my Equifax score.
Orchard Bank Gold MastercardOH60055860230No05/02/12Credit CardYes3005 
Orchard BankNV0533016000No05/02/12Credit CardYes30019.99They sent me an offer in the mail. 49 annual fee, put on card. and 19 processing fee, paid before card was received.
Orchard BankMD607064850000No05/05/12Credit CardYes3000 
Orchard BankFL56560360178500No05/06/12Credit CardYes30019.6Pulled experian
Orchard Bank Online Ecosmart MastercardMI68669971420000No05/07/12Credit CardYes30019.99College student with less than a year of credit history. All scores are FICO. Kinda bummed by the limit but hopefully will get an increase within the year. Loving the 2 points per $1 rewards though.
Orchard BankGA56354961940000No05/09/12Credit CardYes3007.99Had to give checking account info and allow $39 charge to be approved..Card balance will reflect CL minus $29 annual fee
OrchardAL550000No05/27/12Credit CardYes30021Applied on-line called to do identity verification approved.
orchard bankMS0589036No07/09/12Credit CardYes00 
Orchard BankPA594606060000No09/19/12Credit CardNo00 
Orchard Bank PlatinumAL0000No10/24/12Credit CardNo00 
Orchard Bank PlatinumAL0000No10/24/12Credit CardNo00 
Orchard BankOH0682075000No12/02/12Credit CardYes200017 
orchardGA060500No02/06/13Credit CardYes32018 
Orchard Bank PlatinumSC66569173460000Yes03/24/13Credit CardYes3000Disc. Chp. 7 BK 09/08. I have had this card now for over a year & pay in full every month. I even have a credit a few months from paying over the balance. I have been denied a CLI twice. That is just crazy! $300 does not help build your credit.
Orchard BankVA544000No04/06/13Credit CardNo00 
Orchard BankTX00021000No06/08/13Credit CardNo3000 
Orchard BankPA0525070000No09/11/13Credit CardNo00 
OrchardOR0540040000No12/04/13Credit CardYes00 
Orchard BankAL0000No12/20/13Credit CardNo00 
OrchardTX058002200No01/01/14Credit CardNo00 
OrchardIN0575030No04/10/14Credit CardNo00 
OrchardAR60260059851500Yes06/11/14Credit CardNo00 
orchardMD60065259036No08/20/14Credit CardNo00 
HSBC ORCHARDAL0000No08/31/14Credit CardNo00 
orchard mastercardAZ62562562545000Yes09/26/14Credit CardNo00