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DateLoan TypeApp-
Bank One/First USA United Mileage PlusWV075700No10/01/04Otheryes210000 
Bridgestone (CreditFirst National Association)FL007350No08/04/04Otheryes4000 
Community First BankWY065200No06/04/04Otherno00Utilization too high 2 30 day lates
Disney Visa (First USA/Bank One)FL753000No05/04/04Credit Cardyes20000go figure!!!
Disney Visa (First USA/Bank One)MO683000No06/04/04Credit Cardyes60000would not increase at activation w/o hard pull
Disney Visa (First USA/Bank One)IL006710No06/04/04Credit Cardyes5000 
Disney Visa (First USA/Bank One)FL682000No02/04/04Credit Cardyes6000010.90%
Firestone (store card Credit First)RI006500No01/04/04Credit Cardyes4000 
First National Bank of MarinCA004500No05/02/04Otheryes4000Secured 200/Unsecured 200
First National Bank of Omaha Business Credit CardCA070000No10/03/04Credit Cardyes50000Business Credit Card- received pre-approval letter
First PremierVA005250No10/03/04Otheryes2500 
First Tennessee Bank VISACA624000No05/04/04Credit Cardno00visa
First USAFL700000No04/04/04Otheryes200000 
First USAFL062100No04/04/04Otherno00TD for collection account and lack of other revolving accounts
People First Finance (Cap 1)FL062100No02/04/04Otheryes250000 
First PremierIL60462659260000Yes04/11/05OtherYes2500BK two years ago ... Late clean up on my behalf ... They raped me with a 179 charge
First HorizonUT721000No08/04/04Otheryes500000 
Southwest Rapid Rewards Visa (First USA)FL740000No11/04/04Credit Cardyes25000 Signature Card (I have multiple new accounts)
First Community Credit UnionTX615000No07/04/04Autoyes350000 6.25 APR (for Auto Loan)
First USA United Mileage Plus VISACA070800No11/04/04Credit Cardyes100000 Declined 2 mos ago with a collection account
First PremierWA005740No11/04/04Otheryes2500 9.9% pulled all 3 CRAs $6/mo $79application fee good for credit rebuild
Bank One/First USA United Mileage PlusMD62562562670000No06/16/05Credit CardNo00Reason: Too much credit extended to me already
First PremierOH5410029535Yes07/12/05Credit CardYes2509.99 
First PremierCA53959950248000Yes07/21/05Credit CardYes3509.9 
Bank One/First USA United Mileage PlusVA0072270000No10/12/05Credit CardYes500016.74 
First PremierTX60167152342000No10/21/05Credit CardNo00 
Firestone (store card Credit First)NJ0061065000No11/05/05Credit CardYes00 
First PremierSC056961730000No11/16/05Credit CardYes2009.9 
First USACT068873482500No11/26/05Credit CardYes25000Countrywide (First USA) pulled TU
First PremierOH0063250Yes01/10/06Credit CardYes150014.9924 mo post ch7
First PremierCA5185265130Yes03/08/06Credit CardYes2500 
First PremierTX0061424000No04/14/06Credit CardYes2009.1approved, but with processing and approval fees totaling $190, I delined the offer
Firestone (store card Credit First)FL63762257340000No03/30/06Credit CardYes5000If you apply on-line it will sure up on your credit before you get the card or know that your approved or not. No instant approval.
Bridgestone (CreditFirst National Association)OR61264163455000Yes04/27/06Credit CardYes325018.2BK Discharged Jan 04
First Hawaiian BankHI7740045000No05/01/06Credit CardYes200012.9Pulled EQ twice. This is my first cc with only a 4 year auto loan TL on reports
First Hawaiian BankHI7920045000No05/01/06Credit CardYes500012.9Cli to 5000 instantly over the phone with only 5 months of paymeny history with this bank. No inquiry to boot!
First PremierOH5010027000No05/18/06Credit CardYes25019.9 
First PremierCA49054849142000Yes05/31/06Credit CardYes2509.99Received mail offer, Charges mo. fee but low rate was worth it for me to rebuild credit
First PremierWA557533050000No06/15/06Credit CardYes2009.9I was denied origionally. I was then sent a letter stating I qualifed for a limit of $200. I had to send off a processing fee of $39 to get my card. It arrived with 4150 in fees, which left me a limit of $50. They also charge a one time fee to have intern
Firestone (store card Credit First)MD65064064050No06/26/06Credit CardNo00 
Firestone (store card Credit First)MD64064064050000No06/26/06Credit CardNo00 
First PremierWA582590014819No06/28/06Credit CardNo2500self-employed, 3 (paid) collections over 6 years, many over 90 days in history(all paid except 1 in dispute), 4 in were good standing, 5 were negatives. Still approved, got card in 2-3 weeks.
First PremierMD0597050Yes07/30/06Credit CardYes2509.99Chap 7 BK discharged 6mos. Fees applied left a $79 available balance. Can rebuild credit. Everything has a price
First PremierAL58156057750000No09/30/06Credit CardYes2500 
First PremierTX58056156945000No11/08/06Credit CardYes3009.9 
First PremierPA0047050000No05/08/07Credit CardNo00paid all credit cards in full, $0 balances; had 4 30day delinq, 1 60day delinq, 1 paid chargeoff from 3mo. prior; 5 of 6 delinq credit cards had since been closed(hence the very low FICO score); some delinq were inaccurate but hadn't yet been disputed
Firestone (store card Credit First)IL0070085000Yes04/10/07Credit CardYes12000Many, Many, Many inquiries for a mortage within the last 2 months. Approved anyway. 2 yrs post bk.
First Hawaiian BankHI7670032000No05/13/07Credit CardNo93000Read here that the pulled just EQ scores, that's my best one.. so I tried - they gave me $9,300 limit
First USAMD6566436660No05/01/07Credit CardNo00Past or present C/O or severly delinquent account
First USA United Mileage Plus VISACO64668667164000No07/29/07Credit CardNo00 
First PremierAL502000No07/29/07Credit CardYes2500fed and state tax lien
First PremierMI640000Yes08/12/07Credit CardYes2500A bum card. High fees and low limit. Almost a year with no increase.
First PremierMI6430070000Yes08/24/07Credit CardYes25020Easy card. No increase in a year.
First Community Credit UnionTX5180070000No09/05/07Credit CardYes10002.92.90% Apr for 6 months...2 paid collections
First PremierMD4714834880No09/08/07Credit CardNo00 
First PremierAL7007006500No10/21/07Credit CardNo00 
First PremierIL61358558685000Yes11/19/07Credit CardYes2500i hate this card! loaded with fees , crappy customer service yuk. go with Credit One or Applied Bank,better terms and better customer service! also the last 2 cards i mentioned seem to make you feel like they want you to suceed in rebuilding your credit
First Community Credit UnionTX6860065000No12/08/07Credit CardYes20000Ck'd EQ. Intro rate of 2.9% for 6 months. Had to verify income.
First Community Credit UnionTX648630655135000No12/18/07Credit CardYes25002.9lots of new accounts atleast 10 inq
Community First BankCA0069552000No01/01/08OtherYes3200016.9 
Southwest Rapid Rewards Visa (First USA)CA6630055No01/11/08Credit CardYes500015.9 
First PremierMO6545735870No01/15/08Credit CardYes09.9Hard pull TransUnion. 2 civil judgements and 2 tax liens. No active revolving credit.
First PremierWI54154149733000Yes01/23/08Credit CardYes2509 
First PremierNJ48657452770000No01/28/08Credit CardYes2509.92 CC COs, 8 CAs. Pulled TU. High Fees but necessary when you have Charge offs.
First PremierNY6150010No02/04/08Credit CardYes2500 
First PremierIL0050060No02/07/08Credit CardYes25019.9I have a few small collections.
Southwest Rapid Rewards Visa (First USA)CA00668110400No02/25/08Credit CardYes100015.9have an unpaid 2004 CO from a chase card... go figure. Called for recon.
First PremierTX52050751082400No03/01/08HomeNo00 
First PremierIL5776035624453Yes03/08/08Credit CardYes2500 
Firestone (Credit First)KS06046154500No04/02/08Credit CardYes1000090 day intrest free. after 21% if not paid in full
First PremierNY59356061725000No04/04/08Credit CardYes2500 
Firestone (store card Credit First)VA0063075000Yes04/09/08Credit CardYes90021bk discharged 27 months ago, LOTS of inquiries on my reports
Community First BankFL70070070050000No04/14/08HomeNo00 
Firestone (store card Credit First)CA0062080000No04/19/08Credit CardYes8000fako score
First Equity CardGA57059061835000No04/26/08Credit CardNo00pulled EX. not approved because public record or collection filed, high utilization, delinquency too recent. this is for a business card.
First USAAL60859756760000Yes05/18/08HomeYes1700000 
First PremierIL54251256226000No05/24/08Credit CardYes2509.9 
First Tennessee Bank VISAAL0000No06/22/08Credit CardNo00 
First PremierMD00045000No06/23/08Credit CardYes3000Regardless of what your credit history they will not increase limit. Had the card 3 years with no lates and still nothing and I've tried 3 times by calling them. It's just a card to leave open and have it paid off, but them limit is so low that you might
Southwest Rapid Rewards Visa (First USA)PA00687160000No06/25/08Credit CardYes1203rd chase card. @ co's from 2004 both paid. couple 30 day lates from 2003
First PremierTX5260075000No07/14/08Credit CardYes2509.9 
Southwest Rapid Rewards Visa (First USA)AL0000No07/18/08Credit CardNo00 
Southwest Rapid Rewards Visa (First USA)WA0000No07/18/08Credit CardYes00 
Simmons FirstMD007810No08/04/08Credit CardYes30007.25asked for w-2, utility bill, and current paystub.
First PremierNY34035535015000No08/06/08Credit CardNo50016 
first national bank of omahaFL712706717125000No08/29/08Credit CardYes105008.995% off gas, 1% everything else. 2.99% apr for first year.
First PremierAL0000No09/01/08Credit CardYes2509.9 
First Northern Credit UnionIL66570464341000Yes09/08/08AutoYes100007.99Pulled TU. Req. me to write a ltr about bk. Very nice people!
first national bank of omahaCT0529036000No09/23/08Credit CardNo00Applied on web was denied for % of total trades over 60 days past due or worse unfavorable bankcard trades in last 12 months total number of inquires made for last credit purchases.
First Hawaiian BankAL626000Yes09/30/08UnsecuredNo00denied bk 2002
Firestone (store card Credit First)CO005010No10/13/08Credit CardYes10Fako score from Chase ID Protection is on a scale of 150-930.
Firestone (store card Credit First)CO005010No10/13/08Credit CardYes10000Fako score from Chase ID Protection is on a scale of 150-930.
First PremierAR55055055045000No11/04/08Credit CardNo2509.9Denied bc they only allow 1 accnt unless u go to and put in the offer code.
First PremierTX66167669148000No11/04/08Credit CardYes4259.9Got the card in 07 when my scores were in the dump. CLI is $125 at your request. Account will be 2 years old Jan 09 with no lates...but i'm going to close it out.
FAA First Credit UnionNC07340105000No11/29/08Credit CardYes100008.9CU offered 10K limit for their CC upon joining, Also refi'd my 18k auto loan with them @4.74%.
First PremierCA57757555127Yes12/07/08Credit CardNo00 
First Financial Fed. Credit UnionCA0662077000No12/12/08AutoNo300008.49Was approved but chose not to take loan, felt int. rate was too high
First Financial Fed. Credit UnionCA0662077000No12/12/08AutoYes300008.49Was approved but chose not to take loan, felt int. rate was too high
First Financial Fed. Credit UnionCA069400No12/15/08AutoYes350006.49 
First Financial Fed. Credit UnionAL0000No02/25/09Credit CardNo00 
Southwest Rapid Rewards Visa (First USA)TX66567569883000No04/03/09Credit CardYes900013.246 months zero% on purchase and balance transfers
Firestone (store card Credit First)TX682069748Yes04/09/09Credit CardNo00Ch 7 BR 2003; 1 yr credit history; no late payments; no collections or charge-offs
First National Bank of Omaha Business Credit CardCA7757267401196400No04/30/09Credit CardNo69000This company SUCKS!!! Approved me, then canceled card because of a couple inquiries..Declined every time after and routed to Barnard at 800-819-4249 EXT. 6523 in Underwriting
FAA First Credit UnionCA5845845843170No05/07/09Credit CardNo00 
First PremierWA60257657129000No09/25/09Credit CardYes2009 
First Premiere Bank Gold CardNY611058338000Yes11/13/09Credit CardYes3009.9They Pulled Transunion. Bankruptcy 08/2008.
First PremierNY00035000No12/03/09Credit CardNo2500TU 594 EQ 596
First PremierNY5960594350000No12/03/09Credit CardYes2500Last post was incorrect, I was approved.
First PremierTX051400No12/27/09Credit CardYes3009.9Applied for a credit limit increase on my old card and was denied; applied for a new card and was approved immediately. go figure.
first bank of my buttCA69696969No01/03/10SecuredNo00just stuck my dick in a butt
Simmons FirstFL81277880665000No01/15/10Credit CardYes50007.25Pulled TU only. Applied online & Got 7-10 message. Approved two days later. Received card 5 days after approval.
First PremierNJ004990No02/24/10Credit CardYes30024.5When applied said we cant complete application then two weeks later there was a card in the mail
First Community Credit UnionMO64065067530000No03/02/10Credit CardNo00 
First PremierNC611056246No03/21/10Credit CardYes30023.9My first CC since 2003. My EQ bumped to 622 just for adding this cc. This is a good stepping stone to build or rebuild your credit history. I have been approved for 3 more CC since getting this account.
first national bank of omahaAL6940052000No03/28/10Credit CardYes500015.99score is cct fako. replied to pre approved mailer.
first bank of my buttID666666666200000No04/09/10Credit CardYes80082Poop
First Premier BankFL60059059025000No05/08/13Credit CardYes3000 
Southwest Rapid Rewards Visa (First USA)PA0679016No04/16/10Credit CardYes160012.9 
First PremierAR00030000No04/19/10Credit CardYes2509.9 
Firestone (Credit First)AL0000No04/22/10Credit CardNo00 
First PremierTX5605515344525No04/24/10Credit CardNo00rebuilding credit
First PremierTN0055950000Yes05/02/10Credit CardYes30023.9Bankruptcy discharged 11/2009. Approved no problem.
First Premiere Bank Gold CardOH54057053440000Yes05/04/10Credit CardYes3000Reduced processing fee to $75 and waived 1st year annual fee.
First PremierNJ0053375000Yes06/07/10Credit CardYes70023.9Recd pre-approval 2 months after ch7 discharge. High fees - $175 app fee + $15/mo. Accepted bc of somewhat generous CL considering recent BK
First PremierTX0691035000No07/13/10Credit CardNo00 
First Premier BankTX61955664350000No07/17/10Credit CardYes30079.9First pre-approval credit card after 6 years of rebuilding credit. Went that long without credit cards. This offer did not take immediate fees out of 300 balance, there was also no APR for this one, just the huge APR, 79.9%, which can be avoided if you PI
America First Credit UnionUT67167868530000No07/19/10Credit CardNo20000They pulled EX at 678. Denied because I did not have one year at current job.
First Premiere Bank Gold CardMO50050050052000No08/17/10Credit CardYes3000 
America First Credit UnionUT725700700125No08/23/10Credit CardYes120008 
First National Bank of Omaha BucksBackKY80273471958000No09/09/10Credit CardYes400013.9Applied online after receiving a pre-approved mailer. Received email decision the next morning. Hard pull on Experian only. TU and EQ scores are actual FICO. EX score is Experian Plus Score. Report contained 1 recent inquiry, low util >20%, and an old cha
first premierIL065004000No09/26/10Credit CardYes3000approved for 30 but they sent a letter for me to pay 25 fee before sending it
First Premier BankWA59754658661008No10/15/10Credit CardYes30059.9Messy credit history
First Premiere Bank Gold CardCA00065000Yes10/17/10Credit CardYes30021BK 1 yr old
First Premier BankFL59454350842000Yes10/22/10Credit CardYes50024Ch 7 discharged 10/12/10 approved 10/15/10. 500 limit no app fee 120.00 annual fee. good card to have for a yr or until scores come up enough to get better cards
Firestone (Credit First)AR60464766442000Yes10/22/10Credit CardYes8000 
Firestone (Credit First)AZ53670864684000Yes10/24/10Credit CardYes120022.9 
First Premier BankMI0599028000Yes10/24/10Credit CardNo00Filed BK 6/1/09 - discharged 10/1/09; BK included First Premier Bank Card w/ no late pays
First Premier BankNM00018500No10/26/10UnsecuredNo00 
First Premiere Bank Gold CardCA0542048000Yes10/28/10Credit CardYes20020paid 150.00 in fees to get it. But 6 months later they sent me a pre-approved red card w a 350.00 limit..oh ya had 150.00 in fees.
First Premier Bank PlatinumCA0580048000Yes10/28/10Credit CardYes35020was sent a pre-approved offer in the mail after having another card thru them for 6 months. Alot of fees but it kick starts your credit again.
Firestone (Credit First)NY54356056330000Yes11/02/10Credit CardYes100021.99applied online..a week later .received the card in the mail
Firestone (store card Credit First)AZ58470865698000Yes11/06/10Credit CardYes12000Ch. 13 filed 10/2006; discharged in 05/2010
Bridgestone (CreditFirst National Association)AL0000No11/14/10Credit CardNo00 
Southwest Rapid Rewards Visa (First USA)TX53250153530000No11/18/10Credit CardNo00 
Southwest Rapid Rewards Visa (First USA)MD64764564560No11/21/10Credit CardNo00 
Southwest Rapid Rewards Visa (First USA)MD65064564560000No11/21/10Credit CardNo00 
First Premier BankAL0000No11/30/10Credit CardNo00 
First Premier BankGA0000Yes12/06/10Credit CardNo00 
First Premiere Bank Gold CardNJ52551954926000No12/09/10Credit CardYes30059.9Messy credit history current collections
First PremierGA629061648000No12/18/10Credit CardYes3000 
Credit First Monro MufflerPA0064436000No01/19/11Credit CardYes120021.9Monro Muffler card 0% for 6mths pulled Trans
Firestone (Credit First)AZ60863065750000Yes01/20/11Credit CardYes120022.99Chapter 7 discharged 1/29/2009. Have four small cards maxed out. No available credit.
FIRST CITIZENSSC7580072000No01/26/11UnsecuredYes1000013 
first premierNY618624674180No02/07/11Credit CardNo00 
First Premier BankNY618635675180No02/07/11Credit CardYes20 
First Community Credit UnionAL0000No02/09/11Credit CardNo00 
First Premier BankAL0000No04/18/11Credit CardNo00 
First Premiere Bank Gold CardNJ59059059080000No05/05/11Credit CardYes30029.991st card after BK. Good enough to build credit but otherwise fees are horrible! Canceled a year after enrolled and got all Capital One cards
First national bank of omahaLA66260666935000No05/09/11Credit CardYes00Applied after receiving pre approval in the mail. Applied online and gave message saying i would receive notice in the mail in 2-4 wks. Called customer service and they said i was approved. not sure what the limit or interest rate is yet.
first national bank of omahaLA66260666935000No05/11/11Credit CardYes10000Continued, $1000CL. They pulled experian.
Simmons FirstTX0076955000No05/11/11Credit CardYes20007.25 
Southwest Rapid Rewards Visa (First USA)AL0000No05/11/11Credit CardNo00 
First MeritOH0066845000Yes06/04/11AutoYes170007.2Applied through the dealership. No money required down. Credit has been clean since BK in 2006.
First Premier BankGA0054359000No06/05/11Credit CardYes35019.9$50 annual fee, secured credit card: $350 deposit, $350 limit
Firestone (Credit First)FL56658559732000No06/25/11Credit CardNo00 
first national bank of omahaUT61061061035000No06/26/11Credit CardNo00 
Firestone (Credit First)GA67868368344000Yes06/30/11Credit CardYes140022.8Instant online approval. Chap 7 discharged 12/10. Pulled TransUnion.
First Premier BankAZ60060060049000Yes07/07/11Credit CardYes25049Chapter 7 BK in 11/2010.
Firestone (Credit First)AZ65467864998000Yes07/08/11Credit CardYes12000Discharged Ch. 13 BK 06/2010.
first premierAL0000No07/08/11Credit CardNo00 
Firestone (Credit First)AR66164369471000Yes07/14/11Credit CardYes12000Ch 7-2002, Ch 13-2007, Foreclosure-2009, Vehicle repo-2009 - everything perfect since then. Approved within seconds on line.
first national bank of omahaUT06480210000No07/16/11Credit CardNo00ctt
First Premier BankPA00030No07/24/11SecuredYes3000 
Firestone (Credit First)NJ6506316560Yes07/29/11Credit CardYes10000chap 7 dis 3/10, 1k limit and is showing credit limit on cbr.instant approval
Bridgestone (CreditFirst National Association)OK62762061654000No08/01/11Credit CardYes100022Online approval.
Firestone (Credit First)TX645000No08/20/11Credit CardYes8000Not sure which one pulled, applied online and approved instantly
Firestone (store card Credit First)IL05805833000Yes08/26/11Credit CardYes80018.99 
first national bank of omahaCA0750095000No09/11/11Credit CardYes80000 
First Premier Bank PlatinumOR5400090000Yes09/15/11Credit CardYes70019.9Couldnt believe they approved for a $700 limit. Fees a little high, but paid off right away. My score jumped almost 60 points right off the bat. Good for what its intended for...rebuilder, no for living off of!
First PremierCA0586045573Yes09/27/11Credit CardYes70030.5 
Firestone (store card Credit First)IN63257168956840Yes09/29/11Credit CardYes120018.9FAST approval, higher credit line than I will probably ever use. Contrary to popular opinion, they DO report both balance and credit limit to all three bureaus, so this is a good one to whittle down that utilitization while paying down balances.
First Premier BankMA058359695000No09/29/11Credit CardYes029.99Foreclosure in 2007, no late payments in 18 months. 2 paid collection accounts. 89% CU.
Disney Visa (First USA/Bank One)AL0000No10/09/11Credit CardNo00 
Southwest Rapid Rewards Visa (First USA)TX670670670105000No10/10/11Credit CardYes50000 
Simmons FirstWA809080242No10/17/11Credit CardYes35007.25FICO scores were from May 2011. Applied for/received card August 2011. FICO scores were probably a little higher by then, but I haven't checked since May 2011. This card is the Visa Platinum with no rewards, and the interest rate is vari
Simmons FirstWA809080242700No10/17/11Credit CardYes35007.25Oops. Income is apparently truncated after a comma.
Firestone (Credit First)DE52554553155000Yes10/18/11Credit CardYes8000 
Bridgestone (CreditFirst National Association)TN0054228000No11/09/11Credit CardYes12000not instant approval..received message to verify info..called and was approved..CSR was very nice.
Firestone (Credit First)OH6086406180Yes11/09/11Credit CardYes100022Instant approval online. Nice way to boost credit/debt ratio! :)
Firestone (Credit First)CA5675816020Yes11/09/11Credit CardYes10000BK dis 9/11 applied online 9/11 and denied. Opened two major cc's and on 11/11 was instantly approved.
Firestone (Credit First)FL62764069738No11/10/11Credit CardYes90022Got this card not to use, just to boost my credit score... yeah...
first national bank of omahaCA06980180000No11/14/11Credit CardYes80000got pre approval letter, had to call customer svc (still have a few lates from 5 years ago) I'm glad they took the time to look at my income and current good pmt history. got 8,000 CL which is triple any other creditor. Very Satisfied
First Premier BankCA500500500180000No11/16/11Credit CardNo00 
Firestone (Credit First)TX546060034000No11/16/11Credit CardNo00trying to reestablish credit
Firestone (Credit First)CA60006040No11/18/11Credit CardNo00Insufficient # of revolving bank trades; Avail credit on bankcards too low; high % of accts w/reported delinquency
Firestone (Credit First)LA00681101000No11/19/11Credit CardYes10000instantly approved online within 5 seconds, several recent inquiries
First Premier Bank PlatinumAL0000No11/23/11Credit CardNo00 
Firestone (Credit First)FL00045000Yes11/29/11Credit CardYes10000Scores just around 600
First National Bank of Omaha BucksBackTX6947200125000No12/02/11Credit CardNo00 
Firestone (Credit First)MO64059055444000Yes12/11/11Credit CardYes80022.8Chapter 7 discharged 04/2011, instantly approved online, have 3 others subprime credit cards
First PremierAZ545585570130000Yes12/12/11Credit CardYes70036 
Firestone (Credit First)AL0059115000No12/22/11Credit CardYes80022.8many inquiries for the year. 2 baddies in collections.
Firestone (Credit First)FL0058927000No12/26/11Credit CardYes80022.820+ inquiries in the past 2 years. no bankrupcy, 1 collection account.
Firestone (store card Credit First)NV0587051315Yes01/05/12Credit CardYes9000BK in 11/10, 3 cc, approved insantly, 9 inquires since BK!! 0% interest for 6 months!
Southwest Rapid Rewards Visa (First USA)IL0694717129000No01/09/12Credit CardYes1115.24 
First Premier BankCA58058058034000Yes01/11/12Credit CardYes3000Did the settlement conversion into tradeline plan
Firestone (Credit First)AL0000No01/23/12Credit CardNo00 
Firestone (store card Credit First)NY05820253000No02/12/12Credit CardYes100022 
first bank of my buttAL0000No02/13/12Credit CardNo00Someone is butt-hurt about disapprove. More QQ please.....
First Premier BankGA5625906080No02/13/12OtherNo4330 
Firestone (store card Credit First)NY63262366641000Yes03/16/12Credit CardYes140021chapter 7 in 2010
Southwest Rapid Rewards Visa (First USA)TX61965667155000No04/23/12OtherNo00 
Firestone (Credit First)KS0641026000No05/23/12Credit CardYes100022.99 
First PremiereAL0000No06/01/12Credit CardNo00 
Firestone (Credit First)PA072368811000No06/03/12Credit CardNo00 
First Premier BankIL617000No06/09/12Credit CardYes3000 
Simmons FirstAL0000No06/14/12Credit CardYes00 
First ProgressCA49050849055000No06/15/12Credit CardYes30014.9This is a secured credit card. Minimum credit line is 300. Annual fee of 39.00 rate is 14.9, from what I understand everyone is approved regardless of score but if you are in BK you cant apply until discharge. No one else wanted to give me a secured card!
First National Bank Omaha MaximumRewardsCA710710710135000No06/22/12Credit CardYes60000Received "Preapproved" letter. Asked for bal transfer. Was approved for a CL that was basically the same as the bal transfer amount. Wonder what amount I would have gotten if not for that outstanding balance.
First Premier Bank (green)MO63562562062000No07/02/12Credit CardNo30029$55 application fee. $75 annual fee the first year. High fees and rate, but good rebuilder to use for a short while before moving on.
First Community Federal Credit Union/ MiMI006321349No07/03/12Credit CardYes50013.99 Started with 632 score.I had to pay off a chargeoff for 1452 first but after that they approved me once paid. 2 weeks after paid chargeoff updated applied for car loan score jumped to 671 approved 12973.00 car and got 9.24% with 90 day no payment and 5 y
Firestone (Credit First)MO60659664441No07/09/12Credit CardYes100001 public record, 3 collections in dispute, & 4 charge-offs. Clean payment history for the past 2 years.
First Premier BankMD4975125200No07/12/12Credit CardYes2500 
First PremierFL0596033No07/19/12Credit CardNo00 
First PremierIL420000Yes07/31/12Credit CardNo70049.9I received the offer while in Ch 7. But with $179 annual fee, $150 account setup fee, monthly maintenance fee and 49.9 APR, this was an EASY DECLINE!!!
Firestone (Credit First)OH0064339000No08/01/12Credit CardYes100022 
Firestone (Credit First)CO59059059850000No08/22/12Credit CardYes10000 
First Community Credit UnionAL0000No08/25/12Credit CardNo00 
First Premier BankFL0588024000No08/25/12Credit CardYes3000High fees and rate, but good rebuilder to use for a short while before moving on.
First Premier Bank PlatinumVA592603630113000Yes08/25/12Credit CardYes70036got an offer in mail.
Firestone (Credit First)NY0064542000No08/26/12Credit CardYes120022.95Got Denied from GE capital for Goodyear tires. Approved for Bridgestone/Firestone Tires. Goodyear just do not know how to do business.
First National Bank Omaha MaximumRewardsFL71173372841No08/28/12Credit CardYes360013.99EE/TU are FICO scores are from Jun 2012. EX is FAKO from Aug 2012
Bridgestone (CreditFirst National Association)CA596591597145000No08/28/12Credit CardYes80022.9 
First Equity CardAL0000No09/10/12Credit CardNo00 
Credit First Monro MufflerAL0000No09/14/12HomeYes1800004 
Southwest Rapid Rewards Visa (First USA)NY626611652100Yes09/20/12Credit CardNo00 
First PremierCA0051242000No09/21/12Credit CardYes3000 
First Premiere BankAL0570015000No09/24/12Credit CardYes20036 
First Premier BankPA60755853015000No10/06/12Credit CardYes3000Had to pay processing fee $95 unfront and annual fee charged card $75
First Premiere BankOK5870055000No10/14/12Credit CardYes7500 
first national bank of omahaNY657716716140No10/20/12Credit CardNo00 
Firestone (store card Credit First)CA64858065240000Yes10/28/12Credit CardYes140022.8BK 2 years ago, 1 prepaid CC, been current for 1 year. Got denied for america tire/ge money, but got approveds on firestone. Yeah new tires/improving scores :)
first premier goldCA60056000No10/30/12Credit CardYes3000High interest. But helps built
Firestone (Credit First)IL6370050000No11/02/12Credit CardYes100022.8I do have 3 credit cards with a 61% utilization rate, no late payments, ch7 in 2003.
Firestone (Credit First)OH60860765840000Yes11/19/12Credit CardNo00 
First Premiere Bank Gold CardCA0002Yes11/20/12Credit CardNo00 
First Premiere Bank Gold CardOH0564092500No11/23/12Credit CardYes30023.99No revolving credit, open judgement for state taxes, recent foreclosure(3 yrs) $0 Debt to income
first national bank of omahaMA691630630110000No11/28/12Credit CardYes25000 
first hawaiian bankHI7130013000No11/29/12Credit CardNo00 
first premier goldAL0000No11/29/12Credit CardYes3000 
first premier bankVA62566561869000No12/02/12Credit CardYes30036**$95 Procc. & Fee and $75 annual Fee . Not a Good idea apply for this card
America First Credit UnionUT0628034000No12/03/12UnsecuredYes270015.75AFCU only uses Experian. They approved me instantly for a personal loan. Best credit union to do business with, it helps to have a checking acct also.
First Premier Bank PlatinumTN489054358500Yes12/07/12Credit CardYes40002nd card with them. 1st has 700 limit.
first bank credit cardCA0003100No12/08/12Credit CardNo00 
First PremierGA50651757145000Yes12/13/12AutoYes1800020 
Firestone (Credit First)CA0068585000No12/18/12Credit CardYes12000I needed tires & wheels! PERFECT!! Just be sure & pay it off before deferred interest ends!
First HorizonTX0544025000No12/21/12Credit CardNo00 
Southwest Rapid Rewards Visa (First USA)CA70770069941000Yes12/23/12Credit CardNo00Declined! BK DSCHD 4/09. Online application asks if you had previous BK, but doesn't state you can or will be declined. You WILL. Do not apply with BK on record.
First Premier BankCT62061059050000No01/10/13Credit CardNo00 
First Premier BankIL46756552185No01/15/13Credit CardYes3000$95 prcoessing fee
First Premiere BankCA00075000No01/19/13Credit CardNo00I have NO Fico score because I am new to the credit world (19y/o). I've been employed for over a year making 75k p/yr. Still denied cause I have to have a Fico score. Can be a low score but approval demands I have to have a score!
First National Bank of Omaha BucksBackOR0724041No01/28/13Credit CardYes700013.3Previous highest CL CapOne $1500
first national bank of omahaTX0735079000No02/08/13Credit CardYes56000Pre-approved letter in the mail. Pulled Experian
first national bank of omahaAL0000No02/10/13Credit CardNo00 
first bank credit cardAL0000No02/16/13Credit CardNo00 
FIRST CITIZENSNC65266167337500No02/19/13Credit CardNo7500Had 2 charge offs from 6 years ago
First Service Credit unionMS6040075000No02/22/13Credit CardYes50007Needed a car loan got credit card and car loan. Excellent people to work with. The score posted was an actual bank pull through Equifax. However, Equifax website showed my score at 675. I had 1 coll (paid)and 4 closed accounts (paid) 1.5 to 4 years old.
First Service Credit unionMS6040075000No02/22/13AutoYes260006Needed a car loan and got approved. Previously paid off auto loan with no late payments. Excellent people to work with. The score posted was an actual bank pull through Equifax. However, Equifax website showed my score at 675. I had 1 coll (paid)and 4 clo
first national bank of omahaIN0069170000No02/27/13Credit CardNo00 
FIRST PREMIER VA5600035000Yes03/05/13Credit CardYes3000I HAD TO PAY 95 PROCESSING FEE BUT MY CREDIT LIMIT IS $300.00
Firestone (Credit First)NY62360059830000No03/08/13Credit CardYes9000 
First National Bank of Omaha (Amex)GA680640600106000No03/15/13Credit CardYes400000 apr for 1 year
first national bank of omahaIL67870871282000No03/19/13Credit CardYes280014.9Received pre-approval mailer
First PremierOH48545051044000No03/28/13Credit CardYes30036Did have to pay a $95 processing fee but at least I have a small safety net now for my family!
First Premier BankMD00010000No04/01/13Credit CardYes2000 
First Community Credit UnionTX716708723103895No04/07/13Credit CardYes85002.99Requested I close a capitalone card since I was consolidating I said no since I had the Capone card for 10 years. FCCU agreed and gave me the card without closing Capone
first national bank of omahaNC68764267251000Yes04/21/13Credit CardYes230017.99Ch 13 discharged Jan 2013. Approved Feb 2013. EQ is myfico score. EX and TU scores are fako scores.
First Premier BankNC60060861838000No04/27/13Credit CardYes30027.9 
First National Bank of Omaha (Amex)NH65270657238000No05/18/13Credit CardNo00Received pre-screen approval...Pulled Experian. Denied?
Simmons FirstMD00771100000No06/02/13Credit CardYes100007.2No Frills Platnium Card. Long App Process.
first national bank of omahaCA74971372472000No06/15/13Credit CardYes28000experian was pulled
Firestone (Credit First)IN0062560000No06/16/13Credit CardYes140022.8 
First third bankTX70069768985000No06/19/13AutoNo200005.4 
First third bankTX69770068985000No06/19/13AutoYes200005.4 
First National Bank of Omaha (Amex)MD69670669377000No06/22/13Credit CardNo00 
Firestone (Credit First)KY0061248000No06/24/13Credit CardYes100022.8TU is Wal-Mart Fico. One unpaid collection. 88% util on cc, paid off auto loan, no lates.
First Premier Bank PlatinumPA5710055000Yes06/29/13Credit CardYes70021 
First Premiere Bank Gold CardFL058252020No07/07/13Credit CardYes40023i have another first premier bank card. line of credit is 200. balance due is 55.00
First Premier BankGA566058430No07/29/13Credit CardYes3000$95 processing fee; unsecured $300 credit limit - works for me. I already have a secured Capital One card with a $350 limit, but this is my first unsecured card.
Southwest Rapid Rewards Visa (First USA)OH790758805154000No07/29/13Credit CardYes1715.24 
First Premier Bank PlatinumMD52359457982000Yes08/07/13Credit CardYes70036.6Horrible fees but the best I can do right now and it jumped my score up 20 points.
Southwest Rapid Rewards Visa (First USA)FL006760No08/08/13Credit CardYes00 
Firestone (Credit First)GA56457257245000Yes08/17/13Credit CardYes70022Chapter 7 discharged 10/11. Three accounts in dispute. 1 Paid judgement.
first national bank of omahaNC62362661080000No09/06/13Credit CardYes54000 
First Premiere BankCA05655740No09/09/13Credit CardYes3000Approved with 95.00 set-up fee. First card since 2010, rebuilding credit.
First Premier Bank PlatinumAZ0504060000Yes09/11/13Credit CardYes70036last saw my score of 504 a few months ago, is 627 now, a few weeks after discharged ch 7 bk, and the 1st month of this new 700$ credit line reporting. no other debt still owing on my credit, just the horrible bk scars..dozens of discharged collections et
First PremierFL530517037500No09/13/13Credit CardYes30024.99 
First Premiere BankCA0643587114000No09/27/13Credit CardNo30036HOly moly! Fees for everything, but I need to rebuild so i'll take it.
Southwest Rapid Rewards Visa (First USA)NY63565066852000No10/06/13Credit CardYes500015.24 
Southwest Rapid Rewards Visa (First USA)KS06720114000No10/14/13Credit CardYes500015.24Highest CL until now $750, several 6 y/o medical collections and significant student load debt. No late/missed payments in 5+ yrs
Firestone (store card Credit First)KS636062750000No10/24/13Credit CardYes9000applied twice as I called the first time and she told me to reapply
America First Credit UnionMD0609035000No10/26/13Credit CardNo00 
First Premier bankNJ71460766048000No10/31/13Credit CardYes7000 
First Premier BankNY00587700No11/14/13OtherYes3000 
First Premier BankFL0630030000No11/17/13Credit CardYes70022 
First Premiere BankPA0074657000Yes11/23/13Credit CardYes70023After going to various forums, I decided to apply for this card. I was approved. I am 7 months out of Ch 7 with 1 other card I pay in full every month, Cap 1.
First MeritOH058665314000No11/24/13OtherNo00 
Simmons FirstWA80681679676400No12/21/13Credit CardYes55007.257.25 is a Variable Rate based on the Prime Rate.
Simmons FirstWA80681679676400No12/21/13Credit CardYes55007.25Interest rate is variable.
Simmons FirstWA80681679676400No12/21/13Credit CardNo55007.25 
Firestone (store card Credit First)KS0656016300No12/22/13Credit CardYes10000 
Americas First Credit Union-Secured VisaUT049800No02/22/14Credit CardYes50010.5 
FAA First Credit UnionMA71872273640038No03/01/14Credit CardYes1500011.98Was shocked when I found out my huge limit. Earn $100 towards Dodge car purchase with every $2000 spent
Firestone (Credit First)GA58956959552No03/10/14Credit CardYes12000 
first bank credit cardCA0644090000No04/18/14UnsecuredNo00 
First Premiere Bank Gold CardWA5745585710No04/29/14Credit CardYes30036Paid the $99.00 fee to open a $300 credit card with an annual fee of $75. After the activation the total available credit was $225.
First ProgressFL61158062430000No05/02/14SecuredYes40014.99A few collections fell off recently.
First third bankTX72072072040000No05/22/14Credit CardNo00 
First ProgressAL0000No05/25/14Credit CardNo00 
First National Bank of OmahaVA6500090000No06/20/14Credit CardYes300014.99Old paid charge offs and collections. Got several pre-approved mailers so I finally applied and was instantly approved.
first premier goldAL0000No06/24/14Credit CardNo00 
first premier goldNY58059664030000No06/24/14Credit CardYes3000 
first national bank of omahaFL067665565000No06/29/14Credit CardYes130021.990%apr until jan 2015. Platinum edition visa
First Tennessee Bank VISATN00025000No07/02/14Credit CardYes100013.75Have a very short credit history(2 mo's); talked to banker and was approved on first application. Benefits of local banking.
First Investors Financial Services groupCA0547051000No07/02/14AutoNo23000152015 Kia Optima - only bank that accepted
First Premiere BankAL0000No07/03/14Credit CardNo00 
First Premiere BankLA6106006000No07/05/14Credit CardYes30029.9 
First premier bankTX0058022000No07/13/14Credit CardNo3000College student with loans/$95 fee with $75 annual fee
First ProgressFL000105000No07/18/14Credit CardNo00 
first progressAL0000No07/18/14Credit CardNo00 
First Service Credit UnionTX645659652105200No07/21/14AutoYes102536.89Refi on Autoloan..Checked EQUIFAX (EQ)
Firestone (Credit First)IL0062837500No08/06/14Credit CardNo00 
First Service Credit UnionTX655666661121000No08/13/14Credit CardYes300018.75Pulled Transunion - 661 FICO
first bank credit cardCA006302300No08/20/14Credit CardYes30019.99 
First PremierTN00045000Yes08/25/14Credit CardYes7000 
First National Bank of Omaha Maximum RewMI68164067065000No09/14/14Credit CardYes00Instant approval online. CR clean the last 4 years, 12 medical coll previously, 6 unpaid. No missed payments on other 4 CC, or mortgage. Util on CC's about 12%.
first bank of omaha MastercardFL68065764780000No09/18/14Credit CardYes170016.99Only Checked experian. Recieved preapproval letter (Jeep)and applied online. Took one day to get approved for 1700. One unpaid charge off (1200)from 2009, One unpaid collection(305) from 2011. Paid medical collection from 2010. No lates for since 2010
First PremierTX51052354350000No09/28/14Credit CardYes30029.9LOTS of fees. Very expensive credit but if you have to rebuild, this is how you do it. Have to have 95.00 up front to open card. But that's the cost of bad credit.
First PremierNJ062000No10/13/14Credit CardYes029 
Disney Visa (First USA/Bank One)AL0000No11/09/14Credit CardNo00 
First PremiereCA54456758350000No11/11/14Credit CardYes30019.9 
Firestone (Credit First)CA6796536240No11/24/14Credit CardYes12000Credit score was tanked in 2009 with auto loan charge off, a judgement, and two charged off cards, no BK. Rebuilding accounts since June '12 w/ auto loan, secured loan (you loan yourself your own money, pay yourself back, and fees are about $17 to give a
First Premier BankOH55556655430Yes11/24/14Credit CardYes3000bk7 discharged 9/10
First Premier BankMI65065065090No11/26/14UnsecuredYes00 
First ProgressFL52551151247No12/01/14Credit CardYes30014.9$300 deposit for $300 limit
First Service Credit UnionTX633638647115000No12/02/14AutoYes515006.69GREAT credit union - got a 6.69% APR for 7 years...2015 Tahoe
First Premier Bank PlatinumFL66081071035000Yes01/11/15Credit CardYes3000rapid approval
First Savings Credit CardGA603062139000No01/16/15Credit CardYes82529.99$75 USD Annual Fee
First Premier BankNV060463233000No02/09/15Credit CardYes6500 
Schools First FCU Gold VisaCA665066198500No02/26/15Credit CardYes750010.9Had a secured card for $2500, upgraded to unsecured with a $7500 limit.