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Capital One
DateLoan TypeApp-
Capital OneFL005680No07/04/04Otheryes2000from offer sent by then $39 annual fee also pulled EQ and EX
Capital OneFL602000No07/04/04Otheryes2000from offer sent by then $39 annual fee also pulled TU and EX
Capital OneFL060300No07/04/04Otheryes2000from off sent by them $39 annual fee also pulled EQ and TU
Capital OneGA596000No06/04/04Otheryes10000Pull all three CRA's
Capital OneGA062000No06/04/04Otheryes10000Pull all three CRA's
Capital OneGA006600No06/04/04Otheryes10000Pull all three CRA's
Capital OneMD600000No03/03/04Otheryes2000also pulled Ex - score approximate - CA's & repo
Capital OneMD620000No11/03/04Otheryes3000also pulled EX - score approximate
Capital OneME060000No05/04/04Otheryes8000Initially approved for $500 CLI at activation to $800
Capital OneNC533000No08/04/04Otherno002 old judgements several old CO's also pulled EX and TU
Capital OneNC005610No08/04/04Otherno002 old judgements several old CO's also pulled EQ and EX
Capital OneOH621000No05/03/04Otheryes2500Lousy limit but it was a start
Capital OneOH642000No12/03/04Credit Cardyes5000Preapproved offer for 2nd card.
Capital OneRI006000No01/04/04Otheryes10000Also pulled EX- low 600s
Capital OneWA578000No07/04/04Otheryes5000Preapproved offer. also pulled EX and TU
Capital One AutoCA531000No03/04/04Autono00 
Capital One AutoMD680000No04/04/04Autoyes400000also pulled TU - 5.5%
Capital One AutoNC600000No04/04/04Autono00 
Capital One BankNJ620000No06/04/04Credit Cardyes3000this was the business platinum card
Capital One Business PlatinumCA070000No05/02/04Credit Cardyes50000also pulled EQ and TU - Business Credit Card-Had been in business over a yr
Capital One FSBNJ062000No06/04/04Credit Cardyes3000this is the business platinum card (pulled all 3)
Capital One FSBNJ006200No06/04/04Credit Cardyes3000this is the business platinum card (pulled all 3)
Capital One AutoWA639667659100000No04/11/05AutoYes140000Motorcycle loan 9.55%
Capital OneAZ61760055960000No04/13/05OtherNo00 
Capital OnePA072100No08/04/04Otherno00Applied online; mailer had enticing 2.9 BT rate; pulled all three but denial cites only EX; TU 732; EQ 748; are they nuts?
Capital One AutoMD057700No09/04/04Autoyes210000Pulled all 3; EQ was 512; TU was 536
Capital OneWY056200No09/04/04Otheryes2000online approval with 5 paid chargeoffs
Capital OneFL491000No08/04/04Otheryes2000have a lot of collection accounts and charges off
Capital OneNY58460053080000No04/11/05OtherYes5000 
Capital OneNY58460053080000No04/11/05OtherYes5000 
Capital One FSBCO062500No04/04/04Otheryes2500 
Capital OneMS057200No01/05/04Otherno00 Pulled all 3 EX TU EQ
Capital OneOH53658959225584Yes03/28/05OtherYes5008.99Filed BK on them 2 years ealier.
Capital One AutoCA675000No03/05/04Autoyes320000 Pulled EQ twice on consecutive days; also pulled TU 638 and EX 685; have 4 CO 3 old & 1 within 6 mos
Capital One AutoWA666658678100000No03/23/05AutoYes129007.85Auto Refinance
Capital One AutoAL6206206200No04/15/05AutoNo00 
Capital OneSC668000Yes05/28/05Credit CardYes5000BK 9-2000 6 months 0%
Capital One AutoNC5105815760No06/03/05AutoYes2800014.95 
Capital One AutoIN6060073000Yes07/11/05AutoYes2500014.252 open collections, everything else pd. & closed.
Capital OneAL06906740No08/17/05Credit CardYes30000pulled all 3 CR's.
Capital OneIL5515845910No08/22/05Credit CardNo002 r/c, credit use, pay or delet collection try again
Capital One AutoSC59258363030000No08/28/05AutoYes2000012.75Had 3 cap one cc's that were charged off! within a years time!
Capital OneMI61760659646000No09/08/05Credit CardYes5000Pulled all 3 & I have 2 judmts on TRU 14mths old & 1 collection 3mths old No lates tho
Capital One BankCA618600612125000No09/10/05Credit CardNo00Applied within the last 90 days. This was a email offer.
Capital OneAL53651455345000No09/13/05Credit CardYes100014.9New card in addition to previous card w/300 limit. Pre-approval.
Capital OneIL6000012000No09/24/05Credit CardNo2000college card
Capital One BankIL69370868860000No10/08/05Home EquityYes2700011.9I'm just 20 and have only about 3years of history but try to keep credit balances low to reflect GOOD credit. I was approved for 100% LTV.
Capital OneMN6596656540No12/01/05Credit CardYes200001 Paid Collection in March 2005 Few late payments few years back Additional card to the one I have for $1,500
Capital OneMD58358358370No10/25/05Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneAZ65064565845000Yes11/02/05Credit CardYes750015.5Applied one month after CapOne gave me car loan for $24k. 4 years post BK7. All ontime since. 4 months on job.
Capital OneCA6176125850No11/02/05Credit CardNo00High Balances on Cards
Capital OneOH58854453649000No12/03/05Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneNY5850025No12/21/05Credit CardYes118Warning: Capital1 doesn't report credit limit which hurts your score badly. Not reccomended. From offer received in mail. $39 annual fee.
Capital One AutoAL630000Yes12/25/05SecuredYes75008.9A refi of a 26% punishment due to fresh BK7
Capital One BankCA5070035000No01/12/06Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneNJ62066062160000No01/19/06Credit CardYes300014.99Pulled all 3
Capital OneCA6666176640No01/31/06Credit CardYes00First major credit card.
Capital One AutoTX59860161555Yes02/12/06AutoYes2014.98online-blank check thru lending tree.2 charge off's+ years old.
Capital One AutoIL6330612100000Yes03/07/06AutoNo1700012.85Was just dicharged from CH13 last week. Put $10000 down.
Capital One AutoIL6330612100000Yes03/07/06AutoYes1700012.85Was just dicharged from CH13 last week. Put $10000 down.
Capital One AutoNY568580596100000No03/22/06AutoYes2500012.5very easy and quick to work with
Capital OneNY618588067000No03/23/06Credit CardYes2000Approved instantly with 0% intro apr for six months.
Capital One AutoLA60563463880000No07/02/07AutoYes350009.89 
Capital OneAR72067263128538No03/26/06Credit CardYes50014.9total of 3 inq.'s in the last 6 months, 3 ca total $109, it shows equifax as a hard pull on my cr daily alerts.
Capital OneNJ57905500Yes05/06/06AutoYes3012applied online. approved through special financing. past car loan with cap1 and 2 credit cards in past that both went bad but were paid off.
Capital One BankAL068000No05/19/06Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneIL6220018000No05/22/06Credit CardYes5000 
Capital OneNJ60005400Yes06/09/06Credit CardYes30015pulled all three reports. prior BK with them that was discharged 12/04. Was surprised to get approved!
Capital OneAL071800No06/30/06Credit CardNo00 
Capital One FSBCA629000No08/05/06Credit CardYes10008.9 
Capital oneLA620640660104No08/21/06Credit CardYes50022preapproved, CL increase to 750 within 3 months.
Capital OneMA62564862036000No09/27/06Credit CardYes017.93 paid in settlement COs, previously closed capital one card paid in full
Capital OneHI060163545000No09/27/06Credit CardYes290022 
Capital OneMI56056056035000Yes10/05/06Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneIA5840040No10/13/06Credit CardNo2000Denied because: presence of collection action 6 years ago.
Capital OneFL5750070000No12/06/06Credit CardYes30014.5No instatnt approval but card showed up 2 weeks later
Capital One BankCA57865259080000No12/18/06Credit CardYes30018.99Pre-approved offer from the mail. 300$ limit, its a start. Was surprised, since I have a CO with them 4 years old.
Capital OneNC66064970484000No12/19/06Credit CardYes300016Approved for $3000 CL No Hassle Rewards card, already have $500 Cap1. Little established hitory and LOTS, I mean LOTS of inquiries...
Capital OneGA6607047020Yes01/04/07Credit CardYes50014.89Approved for lower limit than my storecards. Filed BK almost 7 ears ago but included them so I'm guess luckt to get it. Reps lied that they reported CL they DO not so you have to max it and pay it off to get any benefit from util
Capital OneAL0590032000No01/09/07Credit CardYes50014.89 
Capital One Business PlatinumAL52758664650000Yes01/14/07Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneIL56667058572000No02/06/07Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneVA732732732115000No02/12/07Credit CardYes00 
Capital OneMI60163365060000Yes02/28/07Credit CardYes75017.9 
Capital OneAL53054153017280No03/21/07Credit CardYes00 
Capital OneGA54552551025000Yes03/30/07Credit CardYes2000 
Capital One BankNC62960860230000No04/02/07Credit CardYes50014.99pulled all three agencies
Capital One AutoLA6210034No04/10/07AutoYes11171 charged-off account 4 yrs old(with them!) 1 collection (recent medical)
Capital One BankMN5405305422900No05/07/07Credit CardNo00 
Capital One AutoAL058300No04/23/07SecuredYes00 
Capital One AutoIL67665769548000No04/25/07AutoNo00 
capital one autoIL67665769540000No04/25/07Credit CardNo00 
Capital One AutoIL67665769540000No04/25/07AutoYes00 
Capital OneMA066000No06/29/07Credit CardYes3000 
Capital OneNY0054324No05/21/07Credit CardYes25000 
Capital One AutoCA6800080000No05/25/07AutoYes3900010.9 
Capital One AutoGA61766066572000No05/26/07AutoYes42507.25 
Capital One AutoGA61766066572000No05/26/07AutoYes425007.2560 months; $4250 in other entry is typo
Capital OneMI6055905700No05/30/07Credit CardNo020checked all 3 cra
Capital OneWA578550032250No06/01/07Credit CardYes3000 
Capital One AutoNM661640054000Yes06/04/07AutoYes318580CH 7 discharged 1/2006--redid because it said income was 54 but it is 54,000
Capital One AutoCA64963567875000No06/05/07AutoYes4000010.9 
Capital OneNC607597048000No06/08/07Credit CardNo00 
Capital One BankOH5980065000Yes06/28/07Credit CardNo3000bk discrged 9/06
Capital One AutoCO59860657687000No06/20/07AutoNo00see comments under wells fargo financial
Capital OneAL5155455200No06/28/07Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneOH5980060000Yes06/25/07Credit CardNo3000chptr 7 discharge 9/06
Capital OneTN509000No07/12/07Credit CardNo00 
Capital One AutoCA70070070092000No07/14/07AutoNo00 
Capital OneTX760755763108000No07/24/07Credit CardYes100009.9 
Capital OneCA5796466450No07/26/07Credit CardYes3000 
Capital OneNY60865164610000No08/01/07Credit CardYes30019.9I got Approved for 2 capital one card with $300 on each. Im a high school student
Capital One BankNE55660558541000Yes08/11/07Credit CardYes10008.9Trying to rebuild credit. No lates. Last collection reported in Jan/06 Paid in full. Gave 0% int till 3/08
Capital OneNY060060070000Yes08/13/07Credit CardYes5000bk7 in '02; 2 ca and 2 co after; paid all bed debt 18 months ago
Capital One BankPA6910041000No08/13/07OtherYes10000 
Capital One BankFL45045246042000No08/15/07Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneMI0630070Yes08/15/07Credit CardNo00bk discharged 1/06. perfect since
Capital OneFL55156752140000No08/16/07Credit CardYes3008.9The card has an 8.9% APR with a 39.00 Annual Fee.. It was either that or 19.99% with no annual fee. I went for the $39 annual fee and lower rate.
Capital OneCA653678648114000No09/01/07Credit CardYes10000Thought I would be good for a higher limit with improving scores. Taking advantage of 0% til 3/08 then the "sock it".
Capital OneOH65158461058No09/07/07Credit CardNo214 
Capital OneNY66066065330000No09/13/07Credit CardYes100018.9 
Capital OneMI633670660105000Yes09/19/07Credit CardNo3000Declined for bankruptcy. 2nd try after 8 months. Had better score 2nd time.
Capital OneCA64556061530No09/21/07Credit CardYes0100% intro 6 months, to around %10 variable, i wish i went for the 17% fixed, but when i went back it was gone
Capital OneNY6580067000Yes09/24/07Credit CardYes10000BK June 05
Capital OneTX66661953098No09/27/07Credit CardYes118.9Pulled all 3 CRAs. Expected $300 per online app and pre-approved offer. Got $1000 when card came.
Capital OneCA64058361430000No10/09/07Credit CardNo30016.9was approved a month ago for $300. applied for a different card i wanted at 16.9 fixed and was denied. should have applied at a different company, maybe the hooters one
Capital OneIL6195416170Yes10/11/07Credit CardYes10BK discharged 06/07. Scores to the left represent FAKO's, not FICO's. They pulled TU.
Capital OneKY0061640000Yes10/13/07Credit CardYes30014.99Bankruptcy discharged in July 2007. Sent pre approval in mail, applied got it, unsure of limit yet. Working towards rebuilding credit score.
Capital OneFL62158964150000No10/18/07Credit CardYes30017.99Eq. 1999 dimssed chpt13, unpaid judgement 2001, 3 c/o, many mostly paid collections. 1 repo
Capital One AutoCA6200075000Yes10/22/07AutoYes360009.9 
Capital OneFL56062856840000No10/26/07Credit CardYes3008.45 Coll Accts on EQ. 1 on TRU and EXP. All other collections pd to 0.
Capital OneNC5840045335Yes10/26/07Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneKY0062045000Yes10/29/07Credit CardYes50014.99Found out my limit thought it would be min. of 300, but got 500. 39 annual fee. Preapproval via mail previous post said 300.
Capital OneAL57359457472000No11/03/07Credit CardYes30014 
Capital One AutoKY61059562045000Yes11/07/07AutoYes1970016.45Chpt 7 discharged July 07. Got approved for amount I applied for. Still shopping around for a better interest rate if I can get it.
Capital One Business PlatinumTX6015186530No11/09/07Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneOR67668566642000Yes11/09/07Credit CardYes200019.79 
Capital OneOR67669066440000Yes11/11/07Credit CardYes200014.9CH7 one year ago. Pre-qual mail offer. 0% first 6mos. $19 annual fee.
Capital OneFL5456045200No11/12/07Credit CardYes3000 
Capital OneOH45045045050000No11/16/07Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneNC71100235000No11/18/07Credit CardYes100009.9 
Capital OneFL61366759278000Yes12/01/07Credit CardYes3000 
Capital OneCA62366960467000Yes12/07/07Credit CardYes100014.9 
Capital One AutoTX00593107000Yes12/08/07AutoNo00 
Capital One BankAL048300No12/10/07Credit CardNo3000 
Capital OneWA64858062030000No12/21/07Credit CardNo00pulled all three, wont approve me
Capital One BankOR63863155730000Yes12/28/07Credit CardYes10008.9 
Capital One AutoMO58161963463000No12/31/07AutoYes012.452 collections... 79 lates in 13 year credit history
Capital One AutoMO58161963463000No12/31/07AutoYes3980012.452 collections, 79 lates in 13 year credit history.
Capital One AutoCA670548062000No01/07/08AutoYes3000011.49Roadloans state, not enough tradelines. Got approved for 30k through HSBC and Cap One despite 4-6 charge offs of ~10k 5 years ago.
Capital OneMO6565875870No01/14/08Credit CardYes020 
Capital OneCA63853053575000No01/14/08Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneME0600012No01/16/08Credit CardYes8000 
Capital OneOH628633590110000Yes01/25/08Credit CardYes20000BK7 D/C Aug 2006. Opened my first capital one card in November 2006, three other credit cards paid on time, in full each month. Cleaned up credit report of all negatives. Biggest limit yet.
Capital OneOH58061160832000Yes01/26/08Credit CardYes30014.99online instant approval!! at 500 after 3rd bill cycle of on time payments
Capital OneIL63861362442500Yes01/28/08Credit CardYes15008.4$39 annual fee, no hassle rewards card. 2nd card with cap1, first was a month out of ch7 bk w. 500 limit - CLI to 750 jan08. App'd this card end of jan08 instant approval. CH7bk discharged 09/07, no negs since
Capital OneKY60155157565000Yes01/28/08Credit CardYes3008.4BK7 discharged 9/05. Did IIB Cap One.
Capital OneAL5605205200No01/29/08Credit CardYes5000 
Capital One BankMA53958960053000No01/30/08Credit CardYes5009.9 
capital oneMA53958960053000No01/30/08Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Business PlatinumTX58558558550000Yes01/31/08Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneMI64064858866Yes02/01/08Credit CardNo00Denied due to BK.
Capital OneWA0659080000No02/04/08Credit CardYes3000pulled all three credit reports
Capital One AutoIL6560055000Yes02/06/08AutoNo2600014.25 
capital oneCA590000No02/07/08Credit CardYes3000pulled all 3. 1 CO (2006), 3 Collections latest 2006
Capital One BankVA61262965243000Yes02/07/08Credit CardYes500016.4bnkruptcy filing in 2003, 1 paid jugement, no delinquent accounts in the last 2 years
Capital OneVA61262965242000Yes02/07/08Credit CardYes500016.4bankruptcy filing in 2003, 1 paid judgement, no late payments in the last 2 years
Capital OneCT59059061552000No02/12/08Credit CardYes3000 
Capital One Standard PlatinumFL59860561773800No02/21/08Credit CardYes50004 Collections on TU,2 on EQ and none on Experian
Capital OneNC60956861250000No02/24/08Credit CardYes3000 
Capital OneMI67966468872000Yes02/25/08Credit CardYes50009.9BK in 7/2005
Capital OneNJ62761660013000No02/25/08Credit CardNo3000cash rewards card I have 17 inquiries..just one collection that will come off soon..never late 5 yr credit history
Capital OneOH56552552842000No02/27/08Credit CardYes30019.91 Judgement, 1 CO, 3 Collections, Multiple Lates
Capital One Standard PlatinumOK56057357830000Yes02/28/08Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneMA0517062000Yes02/28/08Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Standard PlatinumPA672670670140000Yes02/28/08Credit CardNo00got approved by HSB but declined by cap one
Capital OneOR6906936956000No02/28/08Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneAL51650250930000No02/28/08Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Standard PlatinumOR60060060030000Yes03/03/08Credit CardYes50019was approved for this cc back in Dec.2007 w/no annual fee and 0% for purchases for 6months
Capital OneTX57458657430000No03/04/08Credit CardYes3000 
Capital One Standard PlatinumNC6310018000No03/04/08Credit CardYes30019.8No scores for TU and EX surprised they approved me! They pulled all three for me!
Capital OneOR64968265668000Yes03/04/08Credit CardNo00I've not the foggiest of ideas as to why I was declined. Got WAMU w/2500 CL last week....
Capital OneNC6310018000No03/07/08Credit CardYes30019.8No Fico score for TU and EX. Eq is 631. 0%on purchases until July 08 then after 19.8%
Capital One Standard PlatinumIN66865666150000No03/08/08Credit CardYes300014Instant online approval. Cap1 pulls all three bureaus.
Capital One Standard PlatinumCA062164736No03/08/08Credit CardYes30000% intro apr until 6/08 then variable and $39 af. Pulled all 3 reports - 1 open acct, recent neg mark, late payments, several collections accts - took about a month to get the card
Capital OneOR64968265668000Yes03/10/08Credit CardNo00Didn't even pull credit. Stated that due to neg history (filed bk on them 3 years ago for 500.00) they cannot approve at this time...
Capital OneCA645600675120000No03/11/08Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneHI65364262959500Yes03/12/08Credit CardNo00denied due to CHP 13 in 2004. Don't waste time with Cap one, no more BK approvals.
Capital oneNC58857361971000No03/20/08Credit CardYes5000 
Capital One BankMD6406230150000No03/20/08Credit CardYes00Approved online. Don't know limit yet
Capital One BankKY5840026400Yes03/21/08Credit CardYes3008.9approved online,received card a week later
Capital OneTN65066466942000No03/22/08Credit CardYes200014.9instant lates over 2 years 1 co in 2004
Capital One Standard PlatinumNV60558060046000No03/23/08Credit CardYes3000 
Capital OneIL62261362235000No03/24/08Credit CardYes15000 
Capital OneFL68569969976000Yes03/26/08Credit CardYes012.4Instant approval 3/5/08 Ch. 7 Bk 03', no negs since. 8 new accounts in last yr. pull all 3 CRA & all show 8-11 inqs
Capital One Standard PlatinumNY68157964850000No03/26/08Credit CardYes5000 
Capital OneNY61650859485000Yes03/27/08Credit CardYes00 
Capital OneCO57058055057000No03/28/08Credit CardYes50013.9Pretty easy approval. First card I applied for when trying to better my credit. Had 2 charge offs, two collections (one from a CO and the other med) and a few 60 day lates on an auto loan reporting.
Capital OneGA0061960000No03/29/08Credit CardYes30014.9 
Capital OneNY59356061725000No04/04/08Credit CardYes3000 
Capital One AutoNY63466464238784No04/05/08AutoYes2010012.45 
Capital One AutoTX61361061574000Yes04/07/08AutoYes1750010It was 13.2% for a 2001-2003 vehicle. Declined, got better rate see Americredit
Capital OneMA73264462451000No04/07/08Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Standard PlatinumOR0620040000Yes04/07/08Credit CardYes50014.90% on purchases & balance xfers for 6mo, bk7 discharged in Jan.2007
Capital OneIL6300035000No04/14/08Credit CardYes3000Recent judgement, no other credit history
Capital One Business PlatinumNH666659706122000No04/19/08Credit CardYes50000 
Capital OneFL57453256940000No04/23/08Credit CardNo00 
Capital One BankCT61360162460No04/25/08Credit CardYes10000couple of co no late recent payment lack of revolving credit online approval card came in 5 days
Capital OneCA06690110000No04/25/08Credit CardNo00too many inquiries
Capital OneNY652066575000Yes04/25/08Credit CardNo00Denied b/c of BK7 Discharged 03/07
Capital OneCA629000No04/28/08Credit CardYes5007.9500 Credit Limit with ability to increase.
Capital OneNY00063000Yes04/28/08Credit CardYes5000Guessing I had Ficos around 560-590 at the time. Got 500 CLI after two months.
Capital OneCA652672670360000No04/30/08Credit CardYes50000Platinum w/rewards; 1 unpaid collection 4 years old; Pulled TU, EX and EQ. Preapproval offer received through the mail -instant approval online
Capital One Standard PlatinumTX6880060000No05/05/08Credit CardYes100014Only pull Equifax. 0% til 10/08 then 14.9%. 1% cash back on all purchases and then 25% on all cash back at year end.
Capital OneMD63862764752000No05/05/08Credit CardYes3000second time applying. They pulled ALL scores
Capital One AutoMN6040052000No05/07/08AutoYes250008.7 
Capital OneGA63660663758000No05/07/08Credit CardYes150016.92 lates. 1 paid tax lein. 2 paid collection. 1 unpaid collection.
Capital OneAL0000No05/13/08Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneOH58361062032000Yes05/14/08Credit CardYes30019.99approved.. rate sucks and so does limit... no increases in 1 year of paying on time..considering other options
Capital OneAL66069267852000No05/14/08Credit CardYes150016.9Instant online, Pulled all 3 CRAs, 6 inquiries in each EQ & TU.
Capital OneIL6530040000Yes05/20/08Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Standard PlatinumWA53962052043000No05/31/08Credit CardNo00Denied - no BK - only 2 negitive accounts - 3 positive accounts - not sure why..
Capital OneNY64663470680000No05/31/08Credit CardYes100018ran all three credit reports
Capital OneKY61862563960000No06/01/08Credit CardNo00Have no idea why I was not approved. :(
Capital One Standard PlatinumDC00032No06/03/08Credit CardYes5000 
Capital OneAZ58760666329000No06/15/08Credit CardYes50016.9No Hassles Cash Rewards card, took few days to approve. low Cl and has a membership fee.
Capital OneTX0690042000No06/15/08Credit CardYes50012.9No credit history prior to applying
Capital One BankTX57461961169No06/17/08Credit CardYes30014.92 other new credit cards with limits of $675 & $500 within prior 2 months; 2 old utility charge-offs totaling about $400, 1 credit card charged off at $1400 + fees but that was 8 years ago (supposed to be off my record)
capital oneNC65059973560000No06/23/08Credit CardYes5000pulled all 3
Capital OneGA60060060060000No06/25/08Credit CardYes60014.9 
Capital One BankAL0000No06/27/08Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneAL70471072396000No07/01/08Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneMD665718025000No07/01/08Credit CardYes10000Approved Online Except had to have a 19 dollar annual fee. Not bad for starters =P
Capital One BankIL62563567530Yes07/06/08Credit CardNo00Declined because of Bankruptcy this is like my 3rd time being declined for this card an it will be my last.
Capital OneGA63600170000No07/11/08Credit CardYes50016.9Have several Charge offs 5 yrs ago; 1 inquiry; just approved for $300 orchard and $400 JcPenney. instant approval
Capital OneIL45952447230000Yes07/16/08Credit CardNo00Pulled EQ (my lowest score, of course)
Capital One BankAL0000No07/17/08Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneOH60060060036500No07/19/08Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneFL57859459890000No07/19/08Credit CardYes100016.65Pulled TU. 0% APR 'til Dec '08. Lates as recent as April '08 on student loan and auto (46 total in past 7 years) One paid state tax lien. Oldest charge off '05.
Capital One AutoIL60060061430000Yes07/24/08AutoNo00 
Capital One AutoIL60060061430000Yes07/24/08Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneAR66562467476000No07/24/08Credit CardNo00Already have one acct but denied CLI so tried to get 2nd card. Scores are real FICOs.
Capital OneVA000200000No07/29/08Credit CardYes200015.99No Hassles Cash Rewards MasterCard. FICO estimated to be between 720 and 750.
Capital OneGA0057065000No07/30/08Credit CardNo00 
Capital One BankMI63962363534000No08/09/08Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneTN59660360741000No08/10/08AutoYes375009.19turned this loan down for 8.39 with american Honda..
Capital One Standard PlatinumNJ0056378000No08/12/08Credit CardYes30019 
Capital OneMO52154152150000No08/13/08Credit CardYes30017 
Capital One Standard PlatinumMO52154152150000No08/13/08Credit CardYes30017.5 
Capital OneMA065400No08/14/08Credit CardYes5000No interest rate for the first six months. If you pay your first three months on time your CL is increased by another $250
Capital One BankVA00033No08/15/08Credit CardYes50019.9applied and got 0% until Jan. and then 19.9 Had no FICO first time applying
Capital OneGA58559057027500Yes08/19/08Credit CardYes30019 
Capital OneMI59761155366000Yes08/22/08Credit CardNo00BK discharged 7/08. Had a cap 1 card included.
Capital One Standard PlatinumCA582645075000No08/26/08Credit CardNo5000several CO and a few paid collections.
Capital OneMN00035No09/02/08Credit CardYes5000credit score around 500 at time of getting card. late payment history in past. clean record for about three months. new leased vehicle with cosigner this yr. limit goes up to $750 after three on time payments. 0 interest until december, then up to 22
Capital One AutoWI61761063069No09/03/08AutoYes2410.99On Debt Management plan and had 20+ lates youngest late was 13 months ago.
Capital one auto financePA68562563538000Yes09/14/08AutoYes270008.8blank check,2.5 years since bk 7 discharge
Capital OneFL058260140000No09/15/08Credit CardYes5009.9 
Capital One Standard PlatinumAL0000No09/18/08Credit CardYes105006.9 
Capital One Standard PlatinumTX59453155840000No09/19/08Credit CardYes30019I rec'd offer in the mail and called in and was approved
Capital OneAR00015600Yes09/30/08Credit CardYes3005.56CH7 discharged 12/05 $200 CL increase after 3mon. of credit steps. got second card 6mon later same terms dont know my scores from then
Capital OneCA68769769996000No10/04/08Credit CardYes1000016.9I qualify for their Good Credit category, not their Excellent.
Capital One Standard PlatinumNY62054756652000No10/05/08Credit CardYes3008.9Had a card with them years ago that was charged off. Nice to know they give you a second chance.
Capital OneVA63360200Yes10/13/08Credit CardYes08.9This is my second Cap1 card. Discharged from BK 3/2008. 1st card CL started at $300 (3/2008) and now is $1,100
Capital OneAL667636640120000No10/15/08Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Standard PlatinumGA67261562492000Yes10/18/08Credit CardYes200016.9No pre-qualified letter. Just went online and applied for credit card. Had their CC before and filed Bankruptcy.
Capital OneAZ64862764870No10/24/08Credit CardNo00Have Orchard MC already with $500 CL and balance of $0.
Capital One Standard PlatinumNY60956861177000No10/24/08Credit CardYes50010.92 Public reords/late payments/2 charge offs
Capital OneOR48651551628000Yes10/25/08AutoYes700016 
Capital OneAL0000No10/26/08Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneTX604576672110000No10/26/08Credit CardYes30018pulled transunion
Capital OneFL643000Yes10/28/08Credit CardYes3000bankruptcy in feb of 2008 chapter 7
Capital OneFL643000Yes10/28/08Credit CardYes3000bankruptcy in feb of 2008 chapter 7
Capital OneTX67672374996000Yes10/29/08Credit CardYes355016.5Chapter 7 BK in 2003
Capital OneAR55055055045000No11/04/08Credit CardNo00I applied for a card out of my league. Not allowed to apply again for 45 days. I rec using the prequalifier before applying.
Capital OneNJ56061061235000No11/05/08Credit CardYes3000 
Capital One Standard PlatinumMI656625665110000Yes11/13/08Credit CardYes7500Got declined twice in one year. Then they sent a preapproval. Go figure! BK/06.
Capital OneNC6490090000No11/13/08Credit CardYes250014 
Capital OneFL064800No11/21/08Credit CardYes75012.99 
Capital OnePA61762263348000No11/24/08Credit CardYes20023Approved online, previously had a cap one card that was paid/ charged off. Card arrived with Credit Steps info.
Capital OneMS52754851254000No11/24/08Credit CardNo00Recent CAs & COs, all paid off within last 2 mos. Number of inquiries.
Capital OneOK00035000No11/24/08Credit CardYes2000 
Capital OneAR67062466873000No11/25/08Credit CardNo00Scores are real FICOs. BK 06/2001. Already an account holder but unable to get CLI so tried for another card. Bummer.
Capital One Standard PlatinumNY6500075000No12/02/08Credit CardYes75012.9HAVE 90 DAY LATES 2 YRS OLD. I JDGMT FROM LAST YR. APPLIED ONLINE.
Capital One Standard PlatinumLA504542546100000No12/19/08Credit CardYes30019.99Pulled EX and TU. Have three collections and two charge-offs. Surprised but working on improving credit. Have deleted lates and have only a couply of lates in the last twelve months. I'm excited!
Capital OneVA6430040000No12/20/08Credit CardYes00Don't know limit yet. Numerous inquiries & new accounts, 1 5 yr old collection. Pulled all three.
Capital One AutoCA58861758475000Yes12/24/08AutoYes4000013.05Instantly approved online - driving my new GMC Denali today! Blank check program is the best!
Capital OneNY0675036000Yes12/31/08Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Standard PlatinumNY5990050No01/01/09Credit CardYes00Rebuilding credit. 2 positive tradelines..1yr old and 2 yrs old, no lates or baddies for the past year. A couple of co's and a judgement. Rec'd pre-approval.
Capital OneCO690727793115000No01/15/09Credit CardYes75008 
Capital OneTX632645518115No01/17/09Credit CardNo00 
Capital One BankGA66366666192000Yes01/21/09Credit CardYes200011.9I took a chance and applied online.
capital oneIN6076306020No02/01/09Credit CardYes3000 
Capital OneIL62264463749No02/03/09Credit CardYes50004 settlements on my accounts, had a previous captial one card in good standing. $39 annual fee
Capital OneTX0063562000No02/07/09Credit CardNo00I should have applied with them first b/c their reason for denial was too many recent inquiries.
Capital OneNH54157252180000No02/08/09Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Standard PlatinumCA75070175311No02/12/09Credit CardYes30011.99 
capital oneDE00026000Yes02/18/09Credit CardYes10bk 7 discharged 2/08 been good so far on CR
Capital OneTX58966961798000Yes02/18/09Credit CardYes5000 
Capital OneAL7677737460No02/23/09Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Standard PlatinumMO6266076210No03/10/09Credit CardYes00 
Capital one auto financeCA68068068030No03/15/09AutoYes1713Capital One is raising my interest rate from 13% to 27% in 2010. I didn't know if it was fixed but I assumed it would continue to be around the same interest. I understand wanting compensation for lending money and also the risk per individual, but a le
Capital OneTX69673974194000Yes03/16/09Credit CardYes355015.5Fast easy approval
Capital OneTX0646012000No03/16/09Credit CardYes15000 
Capital OneAL0000No03/18/09Credit CardNo00 
Capital OnePA666669684128000No03/20/09Credit CardNo00do not ever deal with them..told rep about my history and he said i should be ok...i got denied..was worth the inquiry
Capital OneCA0000No03/21/09Credit CardYes5000 
Capital OneTX64565164530000No03/31/09Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneFL5305285412No04/02/09Credit CardNo2000 
Capital One AutoNC720000No04/06/09AutoNo280000 
Capital OneGA61362563240000No04/07/09Credit CardYes5000pulled all 3 cra's. many inq's, about 44% util, some lates but none in the past 6mths
Capital one auto financeNC0504029000Yes04/11/09AutoYes1082522 
Capital One Standard PlatinumUT58953257432000Yes04/15/09Credit CardYes30015.9CH 7 BK Sept 08. 0% intro then the 15.9, increase to $750 limit after 3 mos no lates or overs
Capital One Auto FinanceCA5650052000Yes04/20/09AutoYes1473515.49$5000 down(payed $1000 upfront and other 4k pymnts).Also carried over $ from loan reaffirmed in BK.Got my dream car & happy to get financing in todays economy with BK on file :)
Capital OneMA59361259651000No04/30/09Credit CardYes00 
capital one autoAL0000No05/01/09Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneMD59059590131000No05/06/09Credit CardNo7500Got card 4 months ago at $200 CL. CLI'd to $750 at 4th statement
Capital OneOR6300035000No05/07/09Credit CardNo00Instant denial after completing online app. Pulled all 3 CRAs, 2 Judgments, 1 CO, 2 collections, 2 inquiries, no baddies in the last twelve months. I have 4 student loans (6k), & no active credit cards. Actual Fico.
capital oneIL65864464726000No05/08/09AutoNo150005.99denied will get reason in mail
Capital OneMI00067000No05/08/09Credit CardYes30000% until 11-09 then 12.99 w elected 39 AF. High UT. Current CO in repayment. Old CO PIF. Vantage score 649. Credit steps - 4th statement to 750 and 7th statement to 1k
Capital OneTN60057854545000Yes09/21/09Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneTN651064284000No09/22/09Credit CardYes002 old CO, i old collection
Capital OneNC59563161941000No09/23/09Credit CardYes30019CL 300$ will be increased to $800 after 3 months with no late payments or Over Limit. "Credit Step Program"
Capital One Standard PlatinumAR656007000No09/24/09Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneTX0787038000No09/26/09Credit CardNo00App for no hassle rewards. Two mortgages=too many, revolving too high 12k/25k, income too low
Capital One Standard PlatinumLA5950072000Yes09/28/09Credit CardYes10000Bankruptcy discharged 8/08, Late pays on mortgage since BK, 2 CapOne Acct incl in BK
Capital one auto financeLA595062672000Yes09/28/09SecuredNo00Bankruptcy discharged 8/08, Denied because mortgage not current
Capital OneAL0000No10/01/09Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneIL60057559041000No10/01/09Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneAL0000No10/02/09Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneCA62959164239000No10/05/09Credit CardYes3000Ex. is Fako. 4 baddies and lots of inquiries
Capital OneAZ0599065000Yes10/05/09Credit CardYes30019.8Ch.7 BK in 03', Some collections since BK but plenty of accounts in good standing. Offered 0% until March 10'...Instant online approval for Classic card.
Capital OneGA0062383000No10/11/09Credit CardYes50019.8 
Capital One Standard PlatinumMA6300040Yes10/14/09Credit CardYes103 months after Bankruptcy instant decision. 0% for the first 3 months then 14%. Plus credit steps program with a $500 increase in 4 months if in good standing. $39.00 anual fee!Also have a rewards card with them for the same deal and limit!!
Capital OneTX606066321000No10/19/09Credit CardNo10000Got a 1000 credit limit and a 39 annual fee. 0% interest rate for 6 months then 12.9% variable. Enrolled in credit steps, credit limit will go up to 1500 after 3 months of good standing.
Capital OneTX6116376380Yes10/25/09Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneFL0642030000No11/06/09Credit CardNo00applied for no annual fee standard card online and was denied.
Capital OneAL005680No11/09/09Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Standard PlatinumTX63761163836000No11/17/09Credit CardYes30019.9Approved, credit steps, BK to come off 12/09, no lates 2 years, 1 pd collection
Capital One Standard PlatinumOR058955018000Yes11/19/09Credit CardYes3000BK discharged 7/09, this is the third cc I was approved for!
Capital OneNY63360164355000No11/20/09Credit CardNo00pulled all three bureaus. applied for student card
Capital one auto financeAL0000No11/20/09AutoNo00 
Capital One AutoTX6686496940No11/24/09AutoYes300007.6Approved online
Capital One AutoGA58058061045000Yes12/18/09AutoYes2600012.99 
Capital OneID73874575250000No01/14/10Credit CardYes100019.99Very low credit limit. Capital One pulled Experian, Transuion, and Equifax
Capital OneAL064000No01/16/10Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneAL064000No01/16/10Credit CardYes50019.9 
Capital OneTX05585800No02/03/10Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneMI58059061045000Yes02/15/10Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Standard PlatinumCA65068067468000No02/17/10Credit CardYes50018.9Credit limit low, but 0% apr on purchases for 1 yr.
Capital One Standard PlatinumCA00601120Yes02/22/10Credit CardYes75024approved on-line. Ch 7 BK and foreclosure 18 months ago.
Capital One Standard PlatinumIN51360460836000No02/27/10Credit CardYes5000they pulled all 3 . low scores due to 2 paid off collection debts.
Capital OneNY677000No03/04/10Credit CardNo00Applied for the New Venture Card with a 59 dollar fee.Instantly Denied. Card had 5K min credit line.
Capital OneNC61965662540837No03/17/10Credit CardYes00 
Capital OneNY6770050No03/21/10Credit CardNo00Received first credit card in fall of 07. Currently have Amex Gold and Cap One w/2.5k CL. Never missed a payment. Applied the venture card, REJECTED. "limited history, not enough revolving credit". BS, I SPEND at least 40k a year on credit card. ALWAYS PA
Capital OneNC6220046000No03/21/10Credit CardYes50022.9I got instant approval. I chose no annual fee but slightly higher interest. This is great to start building a new credit history.
Capital OneGA59057556660000No03/22/10Credit CardYes5000Had a capital one credit card that was charged off but I paid it a couple of years ago. Applied just to see if I could get another one and they gave it to me.
Capital One Standard PlatinumOH0002323Yes03/23/10Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneDE66166166163000No03/25/10AutoYes177.49Refinanced my auto loan and saved 2%
Capital OneDE66466466463000No03/25/10Credit CardNo00Tried to get a low apr card to transfer about 10mins after they approved me for a car refinance loan and got shot down. explaination letter in the mail
Capital One Standard PlatinumTX605063340000No04/04/10Credit CardYes3000 
Capital OneLA61562569265000No04/06/10Credit CardYes50023.9WOW i finnaly got approved.. old scores 30days ago 570/617/567.. few disputed.. got me to 625/615/692.. only one med bill left on ex/eq.. 3 months its gone.. with this card i should see 700's soon.. this site helped me alot
Capital OneNJ0000No04/12/10Credit CardYes50024.99student no hassle cashback
Capital One AutoGA4520035000Yes04/12/10AutoNo1918Lost my job and had to file Chap.13, approved 6 months after discharge
Capital OneCO6350645104000No04/13/10Credit CardYes50017.9Still rebuilding, hope this grows with me. Was in the low 500s when I started 11/09.
Capital One Standard PlatinumTX62965963945000No04/14/10Credit CardYes5000 
Capital OneCA64064000No04/16/10Credit CardYes150000% rate as i pay full amount due
Capital one auto financeLA6450650250000No04/20/10AutoYes180009.45 
Capital OneAL0000No04/25/10Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneIL062500Yes04/27/10Credit CardYes20000 
Capital OneMI59059262065000Yes05/05/10Credit CardYes5000 
Capital OneOH68362961262000Yes05/07/10Credit CardYes50017.90% interest for 1 year. $39 annual fee.
Capital OneIL641062941000No05/08/10Credit CardYes5000I was approved for 500 CL. They did ask for proof of address and SS#. Have a few baddies from 4years ago. And I haven't been late on any accounts in 4 years.
Capital OneOH6600018000No05/09/10Credit CardYes50022.92 charge offs, both 4 years ago. Perfect payment history in the last 3 years.
Capital OneOH060562150No05/18/10Credit CardYes30019.8 
Capital OneCA6360020000Yes05/25/10Credit CardYes50023.9Filed Ch. 7 June 2008, Capital One was one of the companies I discharged through my bankruptcy and I they gave me a new credit card
Capital OneCA551596566115No06/01/10Credit CardYes00 
Capital OneAL561596550115No06/01/10Credit CardYes100014.9 
Capital OneAL0000No06/07/10Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneCT60560561048000Yes06/08/10Credit CardYes75013.99Already have 1 Cap one card. Applied for 2nd and was immediately approved on-line
Capital One AutoOH65765066832000Yes06/09/10AutoYes193609.11Applied online and instantly approved for $19,360. Would not approve me for a credit card though!
Capital OneNC590602082000Yes06/11/10Credit CardYes00CH7 Discharged; All current open lines are in good standing
Capital OneOH51852052646000No06/15/10Credit CardNo00Instant Denial online, have many old Coll's, 2 good trade lines 2student loans defered no bk no jud
Capital One Classic PlatinumFL6390633149000No06/22/10Credit CardYes5000o% til 3/2011. 19% after that. 2 co's less than 1 yr, no lates, 7 older cc's with high bal on credit.
Capital One Classic PlatinumCA6820675110000No06/27/10Credit CardYes50000% through Mar 2011. Instant online approval. I have several credit card chargeoffs from 2004-2007, including a previous one from Cap One.
capital oneGA0000No06/30/10Credit CardYes519Credit scores all near 600.
Capital OneNY640064525No07/01/10Credit CardYes2000Appvoved - Secured card. Have 3 Charged off's - one from Cap1. Judgment - unpaid. All CO were paid.
capital oneFL68066267155000No07/03/10Credit CardYes50000 interest till 3/11 then 16 pulled all 3 CB's 1 pd judgement one collection
capital oneFL68066267155000No07/03/10Credit CardYes50000 interest till 3/11 then 16 pulled all 3 CB's 1 pd judgement one collection
Capital One AutoMI0600031000Yes07/05/10AutoYes1150018 
Capital OneMI0608031000Yes07/05/10Credit CardYes30000% interest for the 1st six months.
Capital OneCA059200Yes07/06/10Credit CardYes50005 CO's (one with Cap 1) 3 open accts in good standing, lots of student loan accts in good standing. Score is a FAKO (Ex Plus Score)
Capital one auto financeCA71972970969000No07/08/10AutoYes240005.7Applied online, approved in minutes. Variable interest based on year of car: 5.70 to 9.05 (These are my TrueCredit Vantage Scores)
Capital OneTX57657558050000No07/11/10Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Standard PlatinumGA60060062038000No07/13/10Credit CardYes50000% APR until April 2011. Got pre-selected letter in the mail from them and was approved. Had account with them previously.
Capital OneCO52459660343000No07/16/10Credit CardYes30019 
Capital OneTX61955664350000No07/17/10Credit CardYes3000Got preapproval in mail for this card in April. I did not have any other cards but First Premier, so I gave it a try. Got approved, they did a hard inquiry on each CRA. They enrolled me in Credit Steps, after 3rd payment, my credit limit will raise to 500
Capital OneTX581056943000No07/22/10Credit CardYes50014.9Capital One Cash Rewards.
Capital One Classic PlatinumNY060460557No07/22/10Credit CardYes30018.90% APR till 4/11, then 18.9% previous capital one card in '03, was charged off
Capital OneIA006522600No07/23/10Credit CardNo00 
capital oneCA0066475Yes07/26/10Credit CardYes5000 
Capital One Classic PlatinumAL55863063960000No08/03/10Credit CardYes00 
Capital OneMD0603042000No08/03/10Credit CardYes00 
Capital One Classic PlatinumWA68769774769750No08/05/10Credit CardYes5000Got a letter from Capital One. In 3 month, after successful credit history with them, limit will be increased to $750 automatically.
Capital One AutoFL52252252225000No08/05/10Credit CardYes20019a secured credit card to rebuild credit. min dep. 200 great to rebuild.
Capital OneNY6500022000No08/06/10Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Standard PlatinumFL61658964045000No08/10/10Credit CardYes30019.8Applied online, instant approval. 1 collection account, 2 CC never late, car loan and mortgage pmts never late
Capital OneFL490049955000No08/11/10Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneAL0000No08/14/10Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneCA052600No08/17/10SecuredYes30023Numerous collection accounts, 8+ inquires.
Capital One AutoCO6560657102000No08/22/10AutoYes300008Apply for 30K max used loan and was approved. Rate for 2010 purchase: 5.53, 2009: 8.01, 2007-2008: 8.46, 2003-2006: 9.7
Capital One BankAL0000No08/26/10Credit CardYes3000Approved card--have several charge off's on reports that I AM PAYING. Low limit but that is okay. You work your way back to good credit.
Capital OneFL0069742000No08/27/10Credit CardYes5000Purchase APR: 0% intro APR until May 2011; after that, 19.8% variable Less than a year credit history.2 dept store cards. No negatives. Don't know who they pulled and I only know my tu score.
Capital One AutoAZ6580648100000No08/27/10AutoYes180004.97Turned down by credit union. All neg info older than 2 years. Foreclosure and charge off on previous car. One unpaid collection. Three 120 day lates. Did not expect approval!
Capital one auto financeIL70170170660No08/28/10AutoYes1514 
Capital One Standard PlatinumAL70070568042Yes08/28/10Credit CardYes219 
Capital OneTX51457061151000Yes08/28/10Credit CardNo00I've applied for this card at least 8 times in the last yr. That was the last. Had prev account with them for 2 yrs paid on time and paid it off in full. offered secured why would i do secured when i have 53 good standing accts, 6 credit cards several wit
Capital One Standard PlatinumNY65006750No08/31/10Credit CardYes5000Have one Cap1 already. Received pre-approval for this one as existing card holder. Enrolled w/ credit steps. Warning - Cap 1 pulls ALL THREE CRA's
Capital One Student RewardsCA655065179029No08/31/10Credit CardYes5000 
Capital One AutoCA5580045000No09/08/10AutoNo00 
Capital OneHI54463059155000No09/14/10Credit CardYes30022.9Capital One saved me!! I got their secure credit card line 200.00 three months later approved for a standard platinum! Scores were 515,515,505 the scores on the left are just from 3 months of having that secured card!!A real credit savoir if you want a ho
Capital OneTX732066071000No09/15/10Credit CardYes100019A few paid collections that are several years old. Applied 3 months ago and was denied (they pulled all three). I rec'd an offer for a 2nd cc (I'm an exising customer). Applied online and was instantly approved. Low limit, and ir isn't that great (2% unti
Capital One Standard PlatinumCA00016No09/16/10AutoYes118.9 
Capital OneFL71371171260000No09/19/10Credit CardYes30000omg! I can't believe it! I have struggled with my credit and finally got it where it is, my FICO from is 728... I don't know what they pulled, but I had some lates over 2 years ago, ten years of credit history, 1 car repair credit card, and a s
Capital One Student RewardsMI00010000No09/20/10Credit CardYes50023.99My first CC, no previous credit history.
Capital One Classic PlatinumMI61459258850000No09/20/10Credit CardYes30019.981 previous secured bank card. 3 charge offs, 2 medical on credit 2+ years old. Paid stu loans, 3accts in good standing.
Capital OnePA0571035000No09/21/10Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneMD068900No09/25/10Credit CardYes00 
Capital One Venture CardFL716719728120000No09/26/10Credit CardNo005th Preapproved offer, decided to go ahead and apply. instant decline... =/ pulled all 3 reports =/
Capital One Classic PlatinumAZ650600650100000No09/28/10Credit CardYes50019scores are estimates, been paying on time for a year on subprimes. 25 inq's, 4 baddies. cap1 pulled all 3.
Capital OneMD61262458965000No10/01/10Credit CardNo2000 
Capital OneSC58760762065000No10/03/10Credit CardYes7500 
Capital One Standard PlatinumDC00060000No10/05/10Credit CardNo2000I applied for capital one in June and received a credit limit of $200.00 It is not September and I see they have increased it to $500. Trying to rebuild because of charge off's. Card was not difficult to get and don't know my scores but they are low--50
Capital One Classic PlatinumTX66666463460000No10/06/10Credit CardYes5000They forgive
Capital OneTX0000Yes10/07/10Credit CardYes00 
Capital One Student RewardsAL00012000No10/08/10Credit CardNo00Suggested a secure credit card instead.
capital oneLA6160023783Yes10/08/10Credit CardNo00didn't give a reason. applied online. bk 7 1/2010 discharged 4/2010
Capital One Student RewardsOH57064956842000Yes10/11/10Credit CardYes50024Approved online. Discharged 12/09. Dusputed all liens. 1st time applying for CC after BK.
Capital One Classic PlatinumTX62062062075000No10/11/10Credit CardYes5000FICO raised from 490-620 over last 2 years.. Lots of bads from youth.
Capital OneIL635064149000No10/11/10Credit CardYes5000 
Capital One Venture CardAL0000No10/16/10Credit CardNo00 
Capital One BankCA00065000No10/17/10Credit CardYes75019BK just discharged 10/10
Capital One Standard PlatinumNJ68868868847000Yes10/18/10Credit CardNo50018.9 
Capital OneNE00046000Yes10/19/10Credit CardYes30021BK discharged in mid 2009, first credit card applied for. 0%APR for first 6 months, $36 annual fee, no activation fee.
Capital One Classic PlatinumLA6280093000No10/21/10Credit CardYes024.9rebuilding credit, lots of inquires and five new accounts this year
Capital OneCA0004000No10/26/10Credit CardNo30012.9I was utilizing my credit sufficiently
Capital OneTX067966540000Yes10/30/10Credit CardYes50019.8Discharged BK 01/2005, Excellent credit since, applied 10/30/10 No Hassle Cash Rewards, approved online instantly
Orbitz Capital One VisaLA651063055000Yes11/03/10Credit CardYes75024.9BK 8/08 and Deed-in-lieu 8/10 otherwise clean reports
Capital OneIL0062033900Yes11/04/10Credit CardNo5000Credit Limit:$500.00 Purchase APR: 0% intro APR until July 2011; after that, 19.8% variable APR Transfer APR: 19.8% variable APR
Orbitz Capital One VisaFL680066450000No11/04/10Credit CardYes5000Second capital one card. Got the first one 2-3 months ago. Limited (1 year) credit history. Scores are FAKO's.
Capital One No Hassle Cash RewardsTX60260861452000No11/04/10Credit CardYes50019.81 in Collections. Started of with a secured Cap One Mastercard one Month ago. Got approved instantly on line
Capital OneIL0063033Yes11/04/10Credit CardYes5000Credit Limit:$500.00 Purchase APR: 0% intro APR until July 2011; after that, 19.8% variable APR Transfer APR: 19.8% variable APR
capital one(classic card)NY0059634Yes11/07/10UnsecuredYes5000 
Capital OneFL69667072278000No11/08/10Credit CardNo00Was denied have NO credit issues and over 30k in CC always on time
Capital One Classic PlatinumWA632059960No11/08/10Credit CardYes018.9Recently had a short sale on 2 mortgages (apr 10) 5 baddies, but overall good credit.
capital one(classic card)TX5565605907500No11/08/10Credit CardYes30021.94 medical bills in collections and 2 credit cards in collections totaling $840
Capital One Standard PlatinumMI548061438500No11/10/10Credit CardYes50021.9Ran all 3 reports.. 1 collection.. 60 days PD on different CC
Capital One Standard PlatinumNC59057556054No11/11/10Credit CardYes30019Not sure which report they pulled but I have at least 2 Collection Accts on each one. Trying hard to be disciplined and reestablish my credit
Capital OneCA0565055000No11/12/10Credit CardYes50024.9Recently paid off charged off accounts, settled for less than amount due. Surprised to get a card with my credit. Ready to use it wisely!
Capital One Venture CardNE7560074000No11/13/10Credit CardYes300013 
Capital One Business PlatinumWA64064064050No11/13/10Credit CardNo00Pulled all three credit reporting agencies Have 10 accounts in good standing. 1 judgement (5 years ago) 1 Collection 6 years ago) No sure the exact reason for decline. Have 2 cards with them already.
Capital One Standard PlatinumMA065062131000No11/14/10Credit CardYes5000was approved around the same time i received an Orchard Bank Gold credit card
Sony rewards, Capital One BankNJ0063295000No11/16/10Credit CardYes5000 
Capital One Student RewardsPA60060060055000No11/18/10Credit CardYes50024several paid collections, have auto loan and other small 300 cl, this card no annual fee, cant believe I got it!
Capital One No Hassle RewardsKY642066570000No11/18/10Credit CardYes50019.8Instant Approval with increase at 90 days to $750.00 then at 180 days to $1,250
Capital One Classic PlatinumCA70969769451000Yes11/22/10Credit CardYes5000Bank 6/13/08. 5 open cards, w 30% used and a used car loan earlier this month. Oh ya 1 cap one charge off 3 yaers ago!!! they do forgive!!
Capital One Standard PlatinumGA00082000No11/24/10Credit CardYes30019.8 
Capital One Classic PlatinumAL0000No11/26/10Credit CardNo00 
Capital oneAL00029000No11/27/10Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneAL00029000No11/27/10Credit CardYes5000 
Capital One Classic PlatinumGA6577196640Yes11/28/10Credit CardYes5000Called in got an Instant Approval with a Ch 13 discharged in 08, 1 unpaid tax lien, I was approved with a 0% intro interest rate until 8/2011. WOW, a 2nd chance.
Capital One Hassle FreeCA657641623130000No11/28/10Credit CardYes7500Approved in 60 seconds. No lates for the past 2 years. Current util at 35%.
Capital OneCA00082No11/30/10Credit CardYes3000Not much credit on my profile at the present time. Don't know what my Fico score is.
Capital One Classic PlatinumAZ599060455000No12/01/10Credit CardYes30017.9Online and was appr in secs. Thanks to this website!
Capital One Classic PlatinumTN60763961130000Yes12/02/10Credit CardYes10000released chap 7 bankruptcy 9/2009 approved instantly online 39.00 year fee
Capital One Standard PlatinumNY064969760000No12/02/10Credit CardYes10000Thanks to this website I can rebuild. Credit Limit:$1,000.00 Purchase APR: 0% intro APR until September 2011; after that, 17.9% variable APR
Capital OneOR00611105No12/05/10Credit CardNo00Not approved. Applied for the Cash Rewards card o% APR for average credit.
Capital OneNC54259258435000No12/07/10Credit CardYes3000took about three weeks to finally get a answer. and it was a yes*****scores from creditkeeper fackos
capital oneTX60659559755000No12/08/10Credit CardYes30019.9Approved online. CL low but good rebuilder. Applied after reading things on here. Thanks
Capital One Classic PlatinumME06000145000No12/10/10Credit CardNo001 unpaid collection account. Lots of student loans.
Capital One Classic PlatinumFL59058761545000No12/10/10Credit CardYes30024.99I have 2 co's 5 collections 1 autoloan in good standing and got approved
capital one(classic card)GA62062062080000Yes12/10/10Credit CardYes5000 
Capital One Classic PlatinumFL605604594116000No12/13/10Credit CardYes30017.99No other credit for nine years. Attempted four car loans today + denied. Then tried CapOne and approved.
Capital One AutoOH59059059030300No12/14/10AutoYes1100022 
Capital One No Hassle Cash RewardsIN6490045000No12/17/10Credit CardYes100017.9Intro 0% APR til September 2011:-)
capital one business mastercardSC58354061770000No12/21/10Credit CardYes3000instant approval
Capital One AutoAL6506506500No12/24/10AutoYes200000 
Capital One BankTX67760662032000No12/27/10HomeYes690004.375Cleared Fed tax lien and school loan. Got approval with city down pay assist.
Capital OneNC62568071977899No01/03/11Credit CardYes50017.99Instant Approval online expect to receive card in 7-10 days
Capital One No Hassle Cash RewardsNY0061250No01/04/11Credit CardYes017.990% intro APR until 9/2011
Capital OneTX488591010000Yes01/05/11Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Standard PlatinumIL52352452665000No01/07/11Credit CardYes30024.9approved instantly with 12 collections on file
Capital One Classic PlatinumMS59760461570000No01/07/11Credit CardYes50014.9Instant approval online. No delinquency for about a year. Many problems prior to that - 3 charge offs, 4 in collections (all settled 12-14 mos. ago).
Capital One Platinum PrestigeFL74973777365No01/15/11Credit CardYes514.99Really wanted the Discover More but read how hard it is to get. Went online got approved on the spot for 5,000 0% APR for 18 months then 14.99 after. I did debt consolidation a few years back, almost done with total. 2,000 left to pay it off.
Capital OneVA062500Yes01/16/11Credit CardYes5000Approved for a $500 limit. Annual fee waived the first year, $19 a year after that.
Capital One Standard PlatinumNY64658363919Yes01/17/11Credit CardYes30022.9not a high limit, but it's a start. i filed BK in fall of '09
Capital OnePA50050050040000No01/17/11Credit CardYes30023.99 
Capital One No Hassle Cash RewardsMA06680150000No01/24/11Credit CardYes100017.9 
Capital One Venture CardCA64058068014000No01/26/11Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Venture CardCA76079077014000No01/26/11Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Venture CardCA85082085020000No01/26/11Credit CardNo00 
Capital One AutoNY59659360221000Yes01/27/11AutoYes800012Applied at Elm Chevrolet, had approval in minutes with only needing $700 down.
Capital OneGA70671570097000No02/01/11Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneGA70671570097000No02/01/11Credit CardNo1000018 
Capital One Auto FinanceIN61562062562Yes02/03/11AutoYes3214BK 7 in the past year and a half.
Capital One Classic PlatinumMI0051188440Yes02/04/11Credit CardYes00CH 13 in repayment; had to verify SSN and mailing address thn approved within one week. rcvd email confirming personalized card; waiting for info on limit and rate
Capital OneTX64160763660000No02/08/11Credit CardYes5000 
Capital One Venture CardWY76076874575000No02/09/11Credit CardYes1500014.99 
Capital OneFL64163666580000Yes02/10/11Credit CardYes100024.9 
Capital OneAR5290045000Yes02/10/11Credit CardYes20022.9Deposit of $99.
Capital OneNY00060000No02/14/11Credit CardYes5000Applied online and got immediate approval for $500. Don't have credit history except an internet bill in name for 4 months now.
Capital OneWV5600069000No02/15/11Credit CardYes3000 
Capital One No Hassle RewardsIA62063564643000No02/22/11Credit CardYes3000Exp is FAKO. I don't know which they pulled. Instant online approval. I have been denied for just about every card I have applied for. I have A LOT of medical collections. A vehicle repo, 2 old judgments, and currently 2 open student loans with late
capital oneTN0562031000Yes02/23/11Credit CardYes50014.9This is my 2nd card from them. In 5 mo went bankrupt in Oct 2005
Capital One BankGA6950675106000Yes02/26/11Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Standard PlatinumMD583056566Yes03/01/11Credit CardYes30024.9 
Capital OneKY0058591000No03/02/11SecuredNo00They pulled Experian and Equifax reports. Letter stated to many unpaid collections.
Capital One Classic PlatinumAZ541531046000No03/02/11Credit CardYes50013.9Applied online and informed to receive letter in 7 days for addtl info. Returned requested info and was approved. Several unpaid collecions but never late on loan pymts past 4 years, low credit card utilization.
Capital One No Hassle Cash RewardsCA0551065000No03/03/11Credit CardYes30024.998 CA, 4 OC chargeoff, 2007 CAR REPOSSESSED, 1 MEDICAL CA
Capital One No Hassle RewardsMI0599023Yes03/03/11Credit CardYes50019.8Filed BK in 6/1/09 - discharged Chapter 7 10/1/09; BK included both a CapitalOne Platinum Mastercard & CapitalOne Platinum Visa
Capital One No Hassle RewardsMI06000108Yes03/03/11Credit CardYes75019.8Filed BK in 1/1/2010 - discharged Chapter 7 4/1/10; BK included both CapitalOne Platinum MasterCard & CapitalOne Platinum Visa
Capital One No Hassle RewardsMA540056275000No03/06/11Credit CardYes100019.99 
Capital OneMA54252559320No03/08/11Credit CardYes3000paying on student loans but i have a car repossesion from 2008 & other serious deliquencies. trying to rebuild credit. catn believe i was approved.
Capital one auto financeTN6290040000No03/08/11AutoYes1700016.9With only 4 months of credit history,4 baddies but paid
Capital One No Hassle Cash RewardsCA6080066000Yes03/09/11Credit CardYes50002007 chapter 7 bk, 0% apr for teh first 7 months
Capital OneAL007280No03/09/11SecuredYes20019.7 
Capital OneAL0000No03/09/11Credit CardNo00Capital one gave me credit, I don't like 1st premier. Read info above
Capital OneFL55355355332000No03/12/11Credit CardYes022.9$200 deposit required defaulted student loans refinanced 1 yr ago and no other history
Capital one auto financeCA61962060036No03/15/11AutoYes2212Applied at the dealer.Used my experian auto enhanced score. Not the best rate, but plan to refinance once my scores increase.
Capital OneTX5250064000Yes03/16/11Credit CardNo50016.99Low balance on current cc's, bk in 08. Got the 7-10 day message, but got card in mail. repo aug 10.
Capital One Business Platium NO H. CashIL65768068050000Yes03/16/11Credit CardYes50022.99Applied to help business credit, pulled all three personal credit reports. Limit sucks but a start 4 business. I have cap1 w/500 limit also, lower scores when applied for personal account. Ex & TU socres are higher just estimated on here.
Capital One Standard PlatinumLA66059966430No03/16/11Credit CardYes50024Not sure which CR they pulled but I had a secured card with them for 4mo w/on the time pymts and then applied online. Rebuilding credit/27 student loans 7 pot.neg
Capital OneNY624063714000No03/16/11Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Standard PlatinumCA62063565566000Yes03/18/11Credit CardYes100019BK7 11/09. Unsecured.
Capital OneOH0058030000Yes03/18/11Credit CardYes3000 
Capital OneCO0064546000No03/18/11UnsecuredYes50024.99One Wells fargo Secured Visa w/1500cl One Compass Secured Visa /500 CL All baddies pay-to-delete weeks prior.(4) Secured cards only active one month
Capital OneMN58156555047800No03/19/11Credit CardYes20019Approved for secured credit card. $200-$3000 depending on my secured balance.
Capital One Secured MastercardCA5800041000No03/20/11Credit CardYes20022.99Had a cap 1 cc charge off acc. on equifax that wasnt mine. But they still did this card. $49 deposit
Capital One Standard PlatinumWA55959865151Yes03/20/11Credit CardYes021.9Applied online 2 weeks post BK. Old capone acct included in BK. Approved instantly! BK Discharged 2/16/2011.
Capital One No Hassle Cash RewardsMD66166366965000No03/21/11Credit CardYes50013.99 
Capital OneCA00071000No03/21/11Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneKY50048751246Yes03/24/11Credit CardYes20025Approved for a secured card but I only had to pay a down payment of $49 and received a $200 credit limit. My bankruptcy was discharged January 2011.
Capital One Standard PlatinumMD520528520100000Yes03/27/11Credit CardYes3000Applied for secured card first. Paid $200 (minimum required deposit). One week later, I applied and was approved for Standard Platinum card. VERY SUPRISED AND HAPPY!
Capital One No Hassle Cash RewardsGA06816390Yes03/31/11Credit CardYes75000% into interest rate for 6months. 6 hard on my acct at this time
Sony rewards, Capital One BankIN65463765673000No04/01/11Credit CardYes50024.9Instant Approval! 0% interest until Jan 2012, card will arrive in 7 days!
Capital One RewardsAL0000No04/01/11Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneAL0000No04/02/11Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneVA06206070Yes04/04/11Credit CardYes75024.9Discharged from BK less than two years ago. Approved for a MTV Visa card. $750 Limit, no annual or opening fees. Card also has a rewards program!
Capital One MTV Rewards VISANY60262762939000Yes04/05/11Credit CardYes50024.9Bk discharged 2010. Current CC with capital one, Platnium MC, HSBC orchard bank current, And current car loan.
Capital One Standard PlatinumTX055100No04/06/11Credit CardNo3008.9Can't get anyone else to approve me, CapOne did with a darn good interest rate!! A few late loan pmnts, charged off student loan still lingering on rprt. Very excited!
Capital One No Hassle RewardsCA61762060189No04/19/11Credit CardYes500170% interest until 12/11. Income is household.
CAPITAL ONENJ65864869546760No04/20/11Credit CardYes50021.9 
Capital One No Hassle RewardsDE54956254948000Yes04/21/11Credit CardYes5000 
Capital OneNV5875996334200No04/21/11Credit CardYes00 
Capital OneMD60156758674950Yes04/22/11Credit CardYes50024.99Repo 08,5 pd C/O acccts, 1 Unpd C/O, 2 Coll, 2 current Loan and 1 current Revolving (Efx, Tu and Exp pulled)Rebuilding credit.
Sony rewards, Capital One BankKS71277076737000No04/22/11Credit CardYes2000024.9Instant approval online. Pulled all 3, but said they used Equifax. 20k limit.
Capital OneAZ6260040000Yes04/26/11Credit CardYes50019.9I have a first premiere orchard bank and credit one credit cards was declined by kohls with a 626 fico and capital one instantly approved for 500.00
Capital OneMO0062587000No04/29/11Credit CardYes5000Credit Limit:$500.00 Purchase APR: 0% intro APR until January 2012; after that, 24.9% variable APR
Capital OneMO00615103000No04/29/11Credit CardYes5000Credit Limit:$500.00 Purchase APR: 0% intro APR until January 2012; after that, 24.9% variable APR
Capital One Hassle FreeIL63463657575000No05/01/11Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneTX0059750000No05/02/11Credit CardYes50019.9 
Capital One No Hassle Cash RewardsKS0608062400Yes05/03/11Credit CardYes50017.9Approved Instantly online.
Capital One Classic PlatinumAZ62560560541600No05/03/11Credit CardYes5000I was approved immediately. I have unpaid charge offs. Delinquencies. Collections. The whole works. Approved in seconds with 0% APR until 2012, I won't know what the % after that is until I get my information in the mail.
Capital One No Hassle RewardsNJ67067067080000Yes05/05/11Credit CardYes75014.99 
Capital OneTN57057557577000No05/10/11Credit CardYes50019.7Approved instantly online $500 limit. Cash rewards Capital one card
Capital OneNY000100No05/12/11Credit CardYes5000 
Capital one auto financeKY0064770000No05/12/11AutoYes2100010.48Instant Approval
Capital One Venture CardAL0000No05/19/11Credit CardNo00 
capital oneAL0000No05/19/11Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneNV60663260043000Yes05/19/11Credit CardYes5000 
Capital one auto financeMN0062655No05/20/11AutoYes255.5Had previous auto loan w/ them the last 3 years so maybe that helped
Capital one auto financeMN0062655000No05/20/11AutoYes252005.55Same one as above, just didn't get whole numbers entered correctly first time
Capital One No Hassle Cash RewardsOR644069659900No05/21/11Credit CardYes5000No Interest till Feb 2012. Immediate approval.
Capital One No Hassle Cash RewardsIL00075000Yes05/22/11Credit CardYes5000Bankruptcy discharged less than 1 year ago. 1st Prem card ($750CL) and TiresPlus ($900CL) and Autoloan($11k).
Capital One Standard PlatinumPA005290Yes05/23/11Credit CardYes00 
Capital one auto financeOH63465759634000Yes05/25/11AutoYes208.998.99% for 2010/2011 model, 9% for 2088/2009 model and 10% for 2004-2004 model. no more than 70k miles on car. No down payment required. decent history since bk in 07. 1 medical c/o and 1 judgement lien of 1k on CR.
Capital OneMI06240127000No05/25/11Credit CardYes5000 
Capital OneOH65763459870000Yes05/30/11Credit CardYes50014.99Instant approval online, 0% intro APR until Feb 2012, then 14.99% Several inquiries and one old medical bill for $48 on credit report. Plus I have an old Cap One card I closed, but still paying on.
Capital One Standard PlatinumNY70067065075000No05/31/11Credit CardYes50024.9All three credit reports pulled. A couple of negative items (collections - but paid) from more than a couple of years ago
Capital One Classic PlatinumWA590066032000No05/31/11Credit CardYes30024A/F of $19, wavied during first year.
Capital OneAL62460400No06/01/11Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Classic PlatinumCA709736709100000No06/01/11Credit CardYes5000I have excellent credit, however, they gave me only $500 CL :(
Capital OneWA0063470000No06/03/11Credit CardYes30001 enquiry,2cc's collections,2 cc's paid off, 1 paying on on time.
Capital One Secured MastercardFL5655065810No06/07/11Credit CardYes2000with a deposit of $49
Capital One MTV Rewards VISAWI0068136Yes06/08/11Credit CardYes5000Given rewards card Platinum, dismissed bk in '05 - bad card with cap 1 pd off yrs later (within the last yr)
Capital One RewardsNJ0000Yes06/09/11Credit CardNo00 
Capital One MTV Rewards VISAAZ0693098000Yes06/10/11Credit CardYes7500 
Capital OneNJ0570095000No06/11/11Credit CardYes5000asked for household income. approved for 750 if i make 5 months of payments on time
Capital One Classic PlatinumTX57658257276000No06/15/11Credit CardYes30024charged off vehicle in 10, unpaid collections. 5 accounts in good standing since 07/10
Capital One Standard PlatinumAZ61064467234000Yes06/16/11Credit CardYes50023.99Bankrupcty Sept 2010
Capital one auto financeCA50048551360No06/16/11AutoYes1900018.99Approved quickly with 1500 down.Bad scores due to insufficient credit.(no credit or loans in the past 6 years) High interest but will refinance after 12 mos.
Capital OneIL0061135000Yes06/18/11Credit CardYes5000 
capital oneMN526058628000Yes06/22/11Credit CardYes3000First card pre-approved letter 4/11...just approved 6/11 for 2nd cap 1 card!
Capital One AutoFL56658559732000No06/25/11OtherNo00 
Capital OneDE70876073154000No06/25/11Credit CardNo00Got offer for 2% cash back plus 0% for a year. Pulled Experian (plus score listed). Denied due to having too many inquiries, which was one, 14 months ago. Called for reconsideration they said they don't do reconsiders.
Capital One AutoAL0000No06/26/11Credit CardNo00 
capital oneCT0055265No06/27/11Credit CardYes2000secured card...$ 49 for $ 200 limit. On my way to better credit
Capital One Platinum PrestigeNV710710710842No06/29/11Credit CardNo00 
capital oneAL0000No06/30/11Credit CardNo00 
Capital One No Hassle Cash RewardsIL55255161135000No06/30/11Credit CardYes3000 
Capital One Classic PlatinumFL00010000No06/30/11Credit CardYes30017.9918 years old. 3 inquiries and 2nd CC approved. Took a while to send student documentation.
Capital OneGA60560560544000Yes06/30/11SecuredYes2000Instant online approval. Chap 7 discharged 12/10. Applied 12/10. Pulled all three.
Capital One Standard PlatinumTX63865464048000No06/30/11Credit CardYes50024.9Needing to refinance home.Credit excellent at local bank but no revolving credit but i am pleased. Now i need 2 more thanks you guys for posting this card on here.need cash for kid going to college.
Capital One MTV Rewards VISAMO59006180No07/03/11Credit CardYes50024.9Currently have one other Cap 1 card (only had it 2 months). Recently have many INQ. Surprised to approve...I love CAP 1!
Sony rewards, Capital One BankTX63967063355000No07/06/11Credit CardYes50024.99No AF. No Interest Till 2012, Instant Approval. Experian FAKO Score. 6 New Cards in 1 Week!
Capital one auto financeAR7677777810Yes07/07/11Credit CardNo00 
Capital One MTV Rewards VISAAZ65667864898000Yes07/08/11Credit CardYes75024.9Disch. Ch. 13 BK 06/2010.
Capital One Venture CardNY58160256663000No07/08/11Credit CardNo00 
CAPITAL ONE STANDARD PLATINUMCA6225245450Yes07/10/11Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Classic PlatinumPA0060242000No07/16/11Credit CardYes50024.9Multiple student loans in default. No collections or judgements.
Capital OneMD0057752000Yes07/19/11Credit CardYes3000Recently filed BK 2011. Approved w/$49 deposit.
Capital OneCA644000No07/25/11Credit CardYes3000approved with 8 bad accounts on file. but $0 of this accounts unpaid.
Capital One MTV Rewards VISATN0614042000No07/29/11Credit CardYes30024.9Approved instantly online. $300.00 cl..have capital one platinum for 3 months.
Capital OneNY006600Yes08/02/11Credit CardYes50024.9Applied and accepted online, rebuilding credit Bk7 09
capital one platinumIA0580042000Yes08/04/11Credit CardYes30024.9Bankruptcy filed in 5/2004 discharged 6/2011. 1 med bill and old cc total $1100.
Capital One RewardsWI6320027000No08/07/11Credit CardYes50020.9No open collections but 5 closed over 4 years
Capital OneNJ6410045000No08/08/11Credit CardYes500018 
Capital One No Hassle Cash RewardsUT57454056072000Yes08/09/11Credit CardYes5000BK Chap 7 discharged 7/7/11, approved with cap one for $500 0% APR through April 2012, turned down by many others
Capital One Hassle FreeMA68169568155000No08/11/11Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Classic PlatinumNV0582042500Yes08/11/11Credit CardYes50017.9D/C IN 11/10, DENIED IN 2/11.
Capital One No Hassle RewardsMI0056145000Yes08/13/11Credit CardYes50019.7 
Capital One RewardsNM54058057746000Yes08/16/11Credit CardYes50017I applied for a secured card. Then I waited for my scores to bump up after filing Chap 7. After a couple of months, I reapplied again and I got it!!! No security deposit.
capital oneMI59059059029000No08/17/11Credit CardNo00 
capital oneMI0059040000No08/17/11Credit CardYes00 
Capital OneNY72573569780No08/17/11Credit CardYes30About 4 years of history, old lien which was discharged. Lien stills shows on transunion but dropped off on the other two. Time applied, only had amex gold and another capital one with 2500 limit.
Capital One AutoIL631620610110000No08/18/11OtherYes120007 
Capital One No Hassle Cash RewardsCA0064458000No08/18/11Credit CardYes50017.90% interest until 04/2012...
Capital One Classic CardNV52253258550No08/18/11Credit CardNo00Desperate to rebuild my credit & can't seem to catch a break.
Capital OneMI785786785200000No08/20/11Credit CardNo00Fico 754; Base don "CR from Experianthere has been insufficient paydown of mortgage accounts."
capital one(classic card)AL0000No08/23/11Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneMD51052048025000Yes08/23/11Credit CardYes30021.99 
Capital One Classic CardOK0659060000Yes08/24/11Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneKY0059429500No08/28/11Credit CardYes3000TU Fako 594. Approved w/0% interest until 4/2012
Capital One Classic PlatinumKY0593070000Yes08/31/11Credit CardYes50014 
Capital One Classic PlatinumOH67467467442Yes09/01/11Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Classic PlatinumSC58257657665000No09/02/11Credit CardYes5000I have no APR or interest fees til May 2012 and 1st anually fee of $39 wavied. This is my 1st credit card EVER!
Capital One No HassleSC52955658442000No09/02/11Credit CardYes50022Currently have CapitalOne Secured card w/700 limit. Maintained for 1 year. Applied for unsecured and was approved; TU pulled. Still waiting for secured card to convert to unsecured
Capital One Secured MastercardVA61468864559800No09/04/11Credit CardYes20022.9Trying to rebuild credit after foreclosure Jan 2011. Have been working with to improve my credit scores. Has helped dramatically.
Capital One Auto FinancePA065866943000No09/08/11AutoYes24000010.5 for 2010 - 2011 10.9 for 2008 - 2009 11.8 for 2004 - 2007
Capital One Classic PlatinumCT0057078000No09/09/11Credit CardNo50024.9had secured card with them for 2 months. on my way to better credit!!
Capital One Classic PlatinumCT0057078000No09/09/11Credit CardNo50024.9had secured card with them for 2 months. on my way to better credit!!
Capital One Secured MastercardMA0060533280No09/10/11SecuredYes2000 
Capital One AutoCA69057363347000No09/10/11AutoNo00Denied through online application.
Capital OneCA77767165154000No09/12/11Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneCA0063417000No09/12/11Credit CardYes50019.2had previous card with them. decided to apply for another.
Capital OneOK64464458222000No09/14/11Credit CardYes30022.9 
Capital OneMA63363670540No09/19/11Credit CardYes00 
Capital OneTX0061830000No09/21/11Credit CardYes50019.8Wow, first approval from a good company in A WHILE. I just got approved from some small companies, Orchard Bank and Credit One, but surprised Capital One gave me another chance! Go to their website and see if your pre-qualified so you don't waste a hard h
Capital OneAL0000No09/21/11Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Platinum PrestigeMD684067025000No09/21/11Credit CardNo00 
Capital One No Hassle Cash RewardsMD684067025000No09/21/11Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Classic PlatinumNY57154764940000No09/22/11Credit CardYes50024.9Read forum for about five minutes, applied online, and instantly approved for $500. Rebuilding credit.
Capital One No Hassle Cash RewardsAR60964359135000No09/23/11Credit CardYes3000 
Capital One BankMO64464463561000No09/25/11Credit CardYes75019.9Currently making payments on a CO for Cap 1 and still was approved.
capital one platinumTX673065269000No09/27/11Credit CardYes5000 
capital one platinumNY605604076000No09/28/11Credit CardYes100024.9Rebuilding credit, 1 collection which was paid off. Woo hoo!!
Capital OneCA63764764760000Yes09/29/11Credit CardYes5000Approved for "No Hassle" rewards cards. 0% interest for 6 mos, then 14%. Previous CH7 BK 2 2 yrs ago.
Capital OneNJ6290047No09/30/11Credit CardYes30024.5 
Capital One Venture CardAL0000No10/01/11Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Standard PlatinumMA58651059695000No10/04/11Credit CardYes50024.9Rebuilding my credit. No lates in 18 months, 89% util, foreclosure in 2007, 1 paid collection
Capital One No Hassle Cash RewardsCA60559461122000No10/05/11Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneAL0000No10/05/11Credit CardNo00 
Capital one auto financeFL057655128200No10/05/11AutoYes1700012.77Wells Fargo repo 3yrs ago. 7 months on job. 10 months at residence. No required money down.
Capital One BankCA609003000No10/10/11UnsecuredNo00 
Capital OneNC5750040000No10/10/11Credit CardYes20022approved for $200 limit with $49 "secured" deposit
Capital one auto financeTX6415956480No10/13/11AutoYes227.457.45% for 2011 7.8% for 2009-2010. 2009-2008 8%. 2004-2007 9%.
Capital One No Hassle RewardsMO63863360852No10/18/11Credit CardYes5000Reviewed info on here and applied. Was not expecting to get approved but did. Give it a shot.
Capital OneAL0000No10/22/11Credit CardNo00 
Capital One MTV Rewards VISAIL0067029000No10/22/11Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Classic PlatinumNH64756467840No10/25/11Credit CardYes3000My bank turned me down b/c they only checked Equifax. Capital One checked all 3 and I am on my way to building better credit.
Capital OneOH5850035000No10/25/11Credit CardYes30017I applied online for a card and was instantly approved. I have some charge off's on my credit. But I have 5 cars paid off in the past 5 years.
Capital One AutoIL00038000Yes10/28/11AutoYes00 
Capital One RewardsAZ60357860775000No10/28/11Credit CardYes5000 
Capital one auto financeCT59060658036000No10/30/11AutoYes012 
Capital One Classic PlatinumIL54053951585500No10/30/11Credit CardNo00No bankruptcy but defaulted student loans and a car repo 4 years ago. CRA's say I need revolving credit to increase my FICO but it's impossible to get the credit. Frustrated!
Capital OneCA64957369432500No10/30/11Credit CardYes30024.9Pulled all 3 CRAs, have 13 seriously delinquent parking tickets. Little credit history. The inquiry dropped by FICO 4/9/0 pts - Exp/Equifax/TransUnion respectively. Should ultimately help up score.
Capital OneTX0520054000Yes11/01/11Credit CardYes200019.9bankrupt ch 7 last month applied for student journey card
Capital One Secured MastercardAL0000No11/03/11Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneTX58555153147000No11/04/11Credit CardYes50024.99I have numerous COs. I even owe Cap One but decided to apply after seeing they were easy. I am rebuilding my credit.
Capital OneMD0604072000No11/04/11Credit CardYes50024.99 
Capital One Classic PlatinumTX5740030000No11/04/11Credit CardYes3000on credit step program will increase to 500 in 6 months with good pay history
Capital One No Hassle Credit CardMS0062049Yes11/09/11Credit CardYes50022.9Purchase APR: 0% intro APR until August 2012; after that, 22.9% variable APR Transfer APR: 22.9% variable APR Bankruptcy Discharge: May 2009
Capital One No Hassle Credit CardMS0062049000Yes11/09/11Credit CardYes50022.9Purchase APR: 0% intro APR until August 2012; after that, 22.9% variable APR Transfer APR: 22.9% variable APR Bankruptcy Discharge: May 2009
Capital One Classic PlatinumFL56962965585000No11/12/11Credit CardYes30000Was declined, asked them to reconceter and was approved!
Capital One BankUT0640065000No11/13/11Credit CardNo5000 
capital one platinumTX6520075No11/14/11Credit CardYes5000 
Capital OneMO6010032000Yes11/15/11Credit CardYes3000Already had a CLI to $500
Capital One No Hassle RewardsTX653647081No11/16/11Credit CardYes100014.99 
Capital One No Hassle Cash RewardsIL566063042No11/17/11Credit CardYes00 
Capital one auto financeNC53954156225000Yes11/17/11AutoNo00 
capital one autoAL0000No11/17/11Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneIL6880042No11/18/11Credit CardYes50001 Charge-off from 2005, 1 recent partially paid collection
Capital one auto financeAR0056045000Yes11/21/11AutoNo00 
capital oneTX65267359954000Yes11/23/11Credit CardYes5000 
capital one platinumPA52058050026000Yes11/23/11Credit CardYes5009.9i was approved bankruptcy was in october 09 and i was approved March 10
Capital OneIA0000Yes11/26/11Credit CardYes3000 
Capital One No Hassle Cash RewardsCA59561560025000No11/27/11Credit CardYes30024tons of inquiries, bad credit.
Capital One No Hassle RewardsFL00045000Yes11/29/11Credit CardYes5000Scores should be just around 600.
capital one platinumMO64064064044000No11/29/11Credit CardYes3000My scores are between 600 and 640. My credit Karma is at 657. First card with a gap of credit history of 8 years. One bad deal from 2009 I am still in the progress of disputing. One one medical bill from 2006. It's a start.
Capital One Classic PlatinumLA5900040000Yes12/03/11Credit CardYes30021bankruptcy in 2008
Capital One Secured MastercardTN006360No12/03/11SecuredYes2000 
Capital OneNJ62163061857000No12/05/11Credit CardYes30025.9Rebuilding credit,time and student loans was the real help.
Capital One bankFL62763067538No12/08/11Credit CardYes50022instant. easy approval.
Capital OneIL598620042400Yes12/09/11Credit CardYes500021.9applied onlin instant approval for 5000 Bank Ruptcy dicharge 10/11
Capital One Classic PlatinumIL059600Yes12/09/11Credit CardYes50022.9 
Capital One Secured MastercardMD47248650147000No12/11/11Credit CardNo00Denied too many delinquent accounts, time since public records too soon...pulled transunion and experian
Capital OneCT0640044000No12/12/11Credit CardYes30024.9Just rebuilding credit. First unsecured card approved for. Started with score of 549 earlier this year.
Capital One Business Platium NO H. CashGA056400No12/12/11Credit CardNo3000Approved for credit one on the same day. Got the capital one in the before the credit one...which is still not activated.
Capital One No Hassle Cash RewardsIN58959660285000No12/15/11Credit CardYes50000% for 12 mos been repairing credit, mortgage broker told me to get credit card to get a mortgage so i did.
capital oneGA615000No12/19/11AutoNo00 
CAPITAL ONECA57163362047900No12/21/11Credit CardNo3000 
Capital OneCA59759465544000No12/21/11Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Venture CardAL0000No12/23/11Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneAL0000No12/26/11Credit CardNo00 
Capital One No Hassle Credit CardNY0579596250000No12/27/11Credit CardYes30024.9rebuilding after forclosure and divorce 07. no lates in 3 years. second cap one account
capital one platinumCA50361259689000No12/28/11Credit CardYes30019.9I was surprised, I just got denied in August and reapplied after had Secured Card from another bank for 3months. This is my 3rd approval in 1month; Macy's, Walmart, Capitol One...Yea!!!
Capital One Secured MastercardAL0000Yes12/30/11Credit CardYes20006 months after bankruptcy $49 Deposit first card after bankruptcy
Capital One RewardsNV6360635105000Yes12/30/11Credit CardYes200017.9Instant approval online
capital one CA50050047355000No12/31/11Credit CardYes30022.9Very suprised about approval,10 co and 10 positive,trying to rebuild new car loan and finger hut,no latest for 2 plus years.
capital oneWA63267957284000Yes01/02/12Credit CardYes30020 
Capital OneIL0540057000No01/04/12Credit CardYes30019.9Got 0% until sept. 2012, however card does carry $39 annual fee
Capital OneAL0000No01/04/12Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Student RewardsNV0577050000No01/05/12Credit CardYes5000have another acct with them. instant approval.
Capital One Classic PlatinumCA60257161633000No01/05/12Credit CardYes30022Offer had no annual fee (which was a bonus compared to other offers available to me at this time)and I am eligible for a credit increase after 5 on time payment. To help reestablish credit.
Capital OneFL60060659917300Yes01/12/12Credit CardYes30023 
Capital One Secured MastercardPA0583037000Yes01/13/12Credit CardYes200236 months after chapter 7, first card, $49 deposit
Capital OneIA52553256518000No01/16/12Credit CardYes7509.6 
Capital OneNJ0000Yes01/16/12Credit CardYes5000In chapter more year to go...
Capital One No Hassle Cash RewardsNJ54556457861Yes01/18/12Credit CardYes50014.990% interest until September 2012
Capital One AutoWA0064591000No01/19/12AutoYes300006.8 
Capital OneAL0000No01/21/12Credit CardNo00 
Capital One RewardsCA60160462660000No01/21/12Credit CardYes30023.9 
Capital OneCA60906430Yes01/22/12Credit CardYes50024BK two years ago. Instant apprvl online. no annual fee & earn pts per $ spent. I love capial one.
Capital One Secured MastercardWA50559050955000No01/22/12Credit CardYes20024.9got approved with 6 collections all under a year and a repo from 08'. Got to start somewhere!!
Capital One Secured MastercardIL6496275740No01/27/12Credit CardYes2000instant approval
Capital One No HassleAL669000No01/28/12Credit CardYes5000 
Capital One No Hassle Cash RewardsPA669000No01/28/12Credit CardYes00Have a Capital One Secured Mastercard and paid on time for one year. One year to the date, I was approved for the No Hassle Reward with 0% interest until September 2012
capital one FL626603058500No01/29/12Credit CardYes50019Have secured card from cap one and was approved for another cap one card
Capital OneAL61474364055000No01/29/12Credit CardYes2500Trying to rebuild and was approved for 250 limit 6/11. Limit raised to 500 12/11. 0% apr for 1st yr. Have student loan that is current and had 3 unpaid collections at time of approval (2 medical and 5 yrs old that have been since removed).
Capital One Venture CardNY7317387410No02/01/12Credit CardYes015.9Pulled my report from ALL three bureaus.
Capital One No Hassle Cash RewardsNY50906200No02/04/12Credit CardYes30022.99Credit Limit:$300.00 Purchase APR: 0% intro APR until November 2012; after that, 22.9% variable APR Transfer APR: 22.9% variable APR
Capital One No Hassle Cash RewardsSC52550854360000No02/09/12Credit CardYes30018shocked because my credit is low despite continual payment history the last few years.
CAPITAL ONETX60264364030No02/10/12Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Secured MastercardTX60264364030No02/10/12Credit CardYes20029 
Capital OneFL5986336260No02/10/12Credit CardYes30019.8 
Capital One Classic CardTX64567560750000No02/17/12Credit CardYes100017.9 
Capital One Classic CardMI63007170No02/20/12Credit CardYes3000 
Capital OneMI58057058032000No02/20/12Credit CardYes3000 
Capital One Classic PlatinumCO0071063000No02/24/12UnsecuredYes50023 
Capital one auto financeAL0730026800No02/25/12Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneSC61964863835000No02/27/12Credit CardYes10000 
Capital OnePA0608038000Yes02/29/12Credit CardYes75001 PAID COLLECTIONS ACCOUNT SHOWING THAT I AM DISPUTING
Capital OneCT00019500No03/01/12Credit CardYes024.9MC Platinum. Had received offers for it for a couple of months (in the mail). My first credit card so I had no credit score whatsoever.
Capital One Auto FinanceNY654065645000No03/03/12AutoYes2700011.09Applied for 30000, approved 27000 no down. I guess due to 1 collection on CR. 60 months 10% or 72 months 11%.
Capital One MTV Rewards VISAGA61662066746000No03/04/12Credit CardNo00 
Capital One AutoNY62362862426800Yes03/06/12AutoNo208009.41Approved instantly online via Capital One Blank Check program.
Capital One Classic PlatinumCA0064340000No03/07/12Credit CardYes5000one cc in good standing and a tax lien on my CR. Pulled from Transunion
Capital One Classic PlatinumCT652068145000No03/07/12Credit CardNo00 
capital one platinumLA62357251760No03/08/12Credit CardYes50024fast and easy instant approval
Capital One RewardsAL0000No03/09/12Credit CardNo00 
Capital One No Hassle RewardsIL59658559258000Yes03/10/12Credit CardYes100019.90% until Dec. 2012, 7 BK discharged 1/12, second account with Cap 1 since January, pleasantly surprised!
Capital One No Hassle Cash RewardsMA6710020No03/11/12Credit CardYes20GF applied for this card. New to the country since August 2010. 1 BoA CC with $500 limit, 1 miss payment. Approved with 0% intro rate, unknown rate after that. Quite surprised actually. Equifax FICO is 671
Capital one securedFL51053060048No03/13/12SecuredYes20024.99 
capital one platinumTX638066050300No03/14/12Credit CardYes50024.93 baddies, all 4+ years old.
Capital OneKY0057480000No03/14/12Credit CardYes30018 
capital one platinumCA0071635000No03/15/12Credit CardYes750014.99 
Capital one securedCA00020000No03/18/12Credit CardYes20120Required a $99 deposit
Capital One Green Cash RewardsNH73679875335000No03/20/12Credit CardYes200017.99 
Capital One Student RewardsOK006300No03/24/12Credit CardYes019.8 
capital oneGA6180044000No03/28/12Credit CardYes100019.9i have 6 lines of paid off installment accounts and 4 active
Capital One Venture CardKS72173071831000No03/28/12Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Venture CardKS72173071832000No03/28/12Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Classic CardTX54064054020000No03/28/12Credit CardNo3000 
Capital one cash rewards MasterCardGA0072350000Yes04/03/12Credit CardYes5000Approved instantly online for $500, my 2nd cap 1 acct
Capital OneAL67006480No04/04/12Credit CardYes3000 
Capital One Standard PlatinumFL6426276630No04/05/12Credit CardYes50024.9 
Capital One AutoSC59664369135088No04/06/12AutoYes219949.51Quite surprised at the rate. Will use to buy a Kia Soul. Am trading in vehicle, but do not have to.
Capital OneKY5660036000No04/11/12Credit CardYes3000instant approval..rebuilding credit :)
Capital OneGA573058744000No04/13/12Credit CardYes30024 
sony capital oneNY63065765760000No04/17/12Credit CardYes5000Capital one only pulls ex .. lame limit .. 1 coll. 538$ lots of inq in past 6 months never late 50% util
Capital one securedVA567061341000No04/18/12Credit CardYes30024.9Approved instantly online for secured card. I was required to pay $49 deposit and I have a $29 annual fee
Capital OneMO060800Yes04/20/12Credit CardYes30024.9Bankruptcy 10/2011 approved for card 04/2012
Capital one cash rewards MasterCardNH60059564536500No04/24/12Credit CardNo019Shocked was not approved. Currently have a Classic MC from CapitalOne. Have had it for over a year always paid on time. Oh well. :O(
Capital One Classic PlatinumCT626195841500Yes04/24/12Credit CardYes100024.9pulled from equifax
Capital One Secured MastercardSC61460759542No04/26/12Credit CardYes2000Approved instantly online for 200 secured with $49 dep. Lots of charge-off about 6 years old. No revolving accounts.
Capital one auto financeCA54559060065000No04/27/12AutoYes2250018.99Have charge off from last car from 2006...
capital oneAL007130No05/01/12Credit CardYes75024 
Capital One Green Cash RewardsCA6330050000Yes05/06/12Credit CardYes100019 
Capital One Classic PlatinumAL0000No05/08/12Credit CardNo00 
Capital oneSC6106106102200No05/10/12SecuredYes127000 
Capital oneSC6106106102200No05/10/12SecuredYes127000 
Capital One Venture CardAL0000No05/10/12Credit CardNo00 
Orbitz Capital One VisaMI00040000No05/13/12Credit CardYes5000approved instantly online for $500. Third cap1 card in 5 months.
Capital One Green Cash RewardsIL6460088000Yes05/23/12Credit CardYes20000Filed bankruptcy July 2011
Capital One Secured Master CardCT050850758No05/24/12Credit CardYes20022.9 
Capital one cash rewards MasterCardIN66265669451000Yes05/27/12Credit CardYes20000Already have Cap1 Plat with $750 limit. They approved Cash Rewards with $2000 limit. Bankruptcy 5 yrs ago, good mortgage, car, no baddies. 0% intro for one year 16.9 thereafter. Would recommend if you have Cap1 in good standing.
Capital One Secured Master CardWY0051112No06/01/12Credit CardNo00 
capital one business mastercardNC69260967354000Yes06/01/12Credit CardYes20002230 mos since bk discharge; no dings since; have personal card with them and current car loan
Capital OneHI630001250No06/02/12Credit CardYes10000 
Capital One AutoGA55553559539000Yes06/06/12AutoYes170009.9Bankruptcy Discharge 3/2010 foreclosures as well.
Capital One Classic PlatinumFL005170Yes06/10/12Credit CardNo00ch 7 discharge 5/1/12.
Capital One Classic CardPA62962962950000No06/11/12Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Student RewardsAR6000035000No06/14/12Credit CardNo00 
CAPITAL ONETX56764160128000No06/19/12Credit CardYes5000 
Capital One Platinum PrestigeTX70070070040000No06/19/12Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Green Cash RewardsCA00085000No06/21/12Credit CardYes50019.8I received 0% APR until March 2013 then it goes to 19.8%
Capital One/SonySC63858262446800No06/25/12Credit CardYes50000% apr til 3/13. lots of inquires. Two baddies. 5 new accounts in past 6 months. Pulled TU and EX...EQ is frozen.
Capital One Venture CardNY0074747000No06/25/12Credit CardYes1000020.99Instant approval for $10k credit line.
capital one platinumFL00052400No06/26/12Credit CardYes30026.6 
Capital OneAZ0650085000Yes06/28/12Credit CardYes200019.8Chapter 7 discharged 08/2010
Orbitz Capital One VisaNC058061293500No06/29/12Credit CardYes50024.99I have 2 other Cap1 cards. Applied on Orbitz and rec'd instant approval
Capital One Standard PlatinumGA59258255851000No06/29/12Credit CardYes100024.9discharge bk 7 in 6/2011;after discharge--- 1 auto loan since 5/2011-never late, student loans - never late, 2 lines of credits - never late
Capital one cash rewards MasterCardNC5370036000Yes07/01/12Credit CardYes200017.99 
Capital OneMI6240024Yes07/01/12Credit CardYes100024.7bk was discharged 2months ago
capital oneFL0586040000Yes07/01/12Credit CardYes10000Bankruptcy less than 1 year
Capital OneSC5510045000No07/02/12Credit CardYes30019.4 
Capital one auto financeNC0000No07/02/12Credit CardNo00 
capital oneVA58058767925000No07/02/12Credit CardNo00 
Capital One BankFL663633020000No07/03/12Credit CardYes2000180I was surprised to get this CapOne Card for $2000. I have account now for only 700 limit.
Capital One AutoNY6000071500Yes07/03/12AutoYes120009.6Interest rate dependent upon age of car and terms
Capital One Classic PlatinumOH0000No07/05/12Credit CardYes50019.9 
Capital One Auto FL6156406400No07/05/12AutoYes3010.09Not instant approval.
Capital One Classic PlatinumFL00025000No07/08/12Credit CardYes25024.99Had literary no credit score, got offer in the mail, instant approval.
Capital One Secured MastercardFL5886786480No07/09/12SecuredYes20021 
Capital One Classic PlatinumAL0000No07/09/12Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Green Cash RewardsTN63862865053000No07/10/12Credit CardYes10000Lots of inquiries. high limits. No lates or bads.
Capital One AutoGA671680691149000No07/14/12AutoYes325004.2 
Capital OnePA56658060145000No07/16/12Credit CardYes50025 
Capital One Secured Master CardTX49951549248000No07/17/12Credit CardYes20022.99Instant approval
Capital One Classic PlatinumAL0000No07/18/12Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Classic PlatinumDE0006000No07/18/12Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Secured MastercardKS55361456765000Yes07/19/12Credit CardNo20022.9BK Discharged 5/2011
Capital One Secured Master CardNC0058129640Yes07/20/12Credit CardYes20022.9Discharged from Chapter 13 for 3 months- trying to rebuild credit- was accepted for secured card with low limit which is prefered- the low limit will allow ability to pay off at end of month with no hardship
Capital One Venture CardAL0000No07/22/12Credit CardNo00 
Orbitz Capital One VisaVA57459961484No07/22/12Credit CardYes00 
Capital OneAL0000No07/25/12Credit CardNo00 
capital one platinumFL006020No07/27/12Credit CardYes5000 
Capital One Venture CardAL0000No07/31/12Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Venture CardAL0000No07/31/12Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneTX0541048850No07/31/12Credit CardYes30019Instant approval. Limit goes up after 4 months if paid on time.
Capital One Secured MastercardMD520052634000No08/06/12Credit CardYes2000 
Capital One BankNC00034775No08/06/12Credit CardYes80022.5 
Capital One Classic PlatinumMD613061147000No08/10/12Credit CardNo00 
capital oneAL6050020No08/10/12Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneFL00022000No08/11/12Credit CardYes00First credit card, no FICO score yet
Capital OneAL6757186650No08/16/12Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneAL0000No08/18/12Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneIL59065158168000Yes08/18/12Credit CardYes100024.9High interest but pay off regularly. BK dc'd in '08.
Capital one securedAL064500Yes08/21/12Credit CardNo00Ch13 2008
capital one platinumGA0600010000No08/23/12Credit CardNo024.9 
capital one platinumOH052057936000Yes08/24/12Credit CardYes30024.99 
Capital OneOH0544045000No08/25/12SecuredYes022.9 
capital one platinumNC6250055000No08/26/12Credit CardYes5000Have 9 credit cards, 1 with a high balance. 2 CC with 0 balance and all other CC 10% of credit limit used. Foreclosure on record since 2007.
capital oneMI0585054000No08/28/12Credit CardYes10000 
Capital one auto financeAL60559861142000Yes09/01/12AutoYes1800018.97 
Capital One Classic PlatinumPA0670025000No09/05/12Credit CardYes50019.99No credit history, first credit card
Capital One Classic PlatinumSC56265366930468No09/05/12Credit CardNo00 
Capital One VisaMO551057944000No09/07/12Credit CardYes30024.99579 TU credit karma fako, 551 equifax fico. Recent baddies
Orbitz Capital One VisaCA0063110000No09/07/12Credit CardYes50024.9 
Capital One Classic PlatinumCA6250026592No09/08/12Credit CardNo00 
Capital one cash rewards MasterCardTX00026500No09/11/12Credit CardYes3000First credit card, no previous credit history.
Capital One Green Cash RewardsMS0551039000No09/12/12Credit CardYes10000Repo in 2008; Several accounts in collection 2.5 years since last negative.
Capital OneTX5910045000No09/19/12Credit CardYes50018.9 
Capital One Business Platium NO H. CashTX5850609120No09/22/12Credit CardYes50020.99 
capital one platinumOK065062242835No09/25/12Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Student RewardsFL63364765926000No09/27/12Credit CardYes50019.8was instantly approved online, have some baddies, 9 inquiries in 1 year, but pay all my credit cards in full
Capital One Auto FinanceAL61761160139000Yes09/29/12AutoYes1769218.99Bankruptcy discharged 08/12
Capital One BankCO65059962344252No09/29/12UnsecuredNo00 
Capital OneAL5205205200No10/01/12Credit CardYes00 
Capital One Classic PlatinumWV570053544000No10/01/12UnsecuredYes30019First credit trying to rebuild. Several collections, repo 3 years ago. In process of having collections removed (auto accident) but need to get score moving upward to try and get mortgage soon.
Capital OneNY668665665100000Yes10/02/12Credit CardNo100022.2 
Capital One AutoCA006490No10/03/12AutoYes00 
Capital One Classic PlatinumCT63862064250000Yes10/03/12Credit CardYes20000 
Capital One Secured Master CardAL0000No10/04/12Credit CardNo00 
Capital one cash rewards MasterCardVA0063445000No10/08/12Credit CardYes100019.990% APR for a year. Have had the capital one platinum card for about a year.
Capital one auto financeVA0063440000No10/09/12AutoYes120009 
Capital one cash rewards MasterCardTX59657560567000No10/12/12Credit CardYes100019.5Forclosure in 2010, 2 collections that I am trying to get removed. Just starting to rebuild credit.
Capital one auto financeFL6380042000No10/16/12AutoNo00 
Capital OneAL0000No10/21/12Credit CardNo00 
capital oneIL60462161855000Yes10/22/12Credit CardYes5000 
Capital one auto financeAL596058960000No10/23/12AutoYes2100011.77 baddies - 1 6mo old - 1 2yrs old - rest 5ish yrs old 3 collections - 1 paid 5ish yrs old - 2 unpaid 5ish yrs old
Capital One Green Cash RewardsGA709067280000No10/26/12Credit CardYes30000Approved for Visa. 1 30 day late 9 months ago. 1 paid charge off 4 years ago. 12 year history. most positive
Capital One BankIN0000No10/27/12HomeYes750000 
Capital One Student RewardsAL0000No10/27/12Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Standard PlatinumMN0579066No10/31/12Credit CardYes5000 
Capital One Cash Rewards for NewcomersTX00015000No11/02/12Credit CardYes50024.9First Credit Card, New in the U.S.
Capital one cash rewards MasterCardIL00026Yes11/02/12Credit CardYes30019.8Not sure what my credit scores are, but I just was discharged from bankruptcy chp 7 10/2012/ took a stab and they approved me/ 0% apr till 08/2013 19.8% after $39 annual fee
Capital One Secured Master CardDE6205845772500No11/05/12AutoNo00 
Capital One Classic PlatinumME0063990No11/08/12Credit CardNo00Declined instantly, don't know or understand why
Capital One Green Cash RewardsNJ6320078000No11/10/12Credit CardYes3000I have one Cap1 mc. Been denied for all other cards, rebuilding credit
Capital One Green Cash RewardsAL0000No11/12/12Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Classic PlatinumNY60461060246No11/21/12Credit CardYes20024Instant approval online , 13 inq in the past 12 months , 1 paid collections all bills paid on time 6 new accounts in past 6 months total of 11 acct inc st loan & auto loan
Capital One RewardsTX6206096200No11/24/12Credit CardYes019 
CAPITAL ONE CASH REWARDSTX5946006100No11/24/12Credit CardNo00applied online, it said app requires an additional 7-10 days review. SURE, I can bet this means it's denied.
Capital OneTX5380046No11/24/12Credit CardYes30024.99Had a repo in July.
Capital One Venture CardNV73873277670000No11/24/12Credit CardYes1000016.93-scores pulled 11/23/12. Applied 11/24/12, Equifax was 724 when pulled by Capital One.
Capital One Platinum CardTX0563050000No11/26/12Credit CardYes3000No negative acct info for 12+ months.
capital one platinumMS0547016No11/26/12Credit CardYes00 
Capital OneMD00688110000No11/27/12Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Classic PlatinumTX54052753182000No11/27/12Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Platinum CardCA00050000Yes11/30/12Credit CardYes5000 
Capital One Classic PlatinumSC597060730000No11/30/12Credit CardYes3000received preapproved offer. no annual fees. No interest first 6 months, I believe its 21% after. Credit limit increase after 5 months of ontime payments. Applied online and received immediate approval.
Capital One Venture CardGA770000No11/30/12Credit CardYes750014.99Venture One card. No interest for a year then 14.9%. 6 years of credit history. Nothing negative. No recent inquiries.
Capital OneAL6000015000No12/01/12Credit CardYes10000 
Capital One Classic PlatinumNY0602078000No12/06/12Credit CardYes50023.99 
Capital OneNJ618618618162500Yes12/08/12Credit CardYes10000CAP ONE GAVE ME 1 CARD A YEAR AGO AFTER FILING CHAP 7. THEY GAVE ME ANOTHER CARD FOR 1000 LIMIT. ; )
Capital One Platinum CardNV0545056000Yes12/10/12Credit CardYes30024Was approved 1 week brfore bk was discharged. BK filed 9/2012. Wife applied and was not approved.
Capital OneOH00060000Yes12/12/12Credit CardNo00 
Capital one cash rewards MasterCardAL0000No12/12/12Credit CardYes00 
Capital OneDE6780042000Yes12/14/12Credit CardYes50019.99First credit card applied for after bankruptcy in 2007. Got card at 0% for 6 mths. Cap one extend offer for another 3 months after 3 months of having the card and increased loc to $750.
Capital One MTV Rewards VISATX5770042000No12/15/12Credit CardYes50024.99WM TU(08) 636 Experian FAKO 595 Have 22+ inquiries in the last 12 months. Have 10+ new accts in the last 12 months. One unpaid charge off from 2006 and a foreclosure from 2007. Also, two paid collections.
Capital One RewardsTX0061080000No12/17/12Credit CardYes300014 inquires in last 6 months (home purchase)
CAPITAL ONE CASH REWARDSVA611591634200000No12/24/12Credit CardYes100019.8foreclosure 1/2010
capital oneGA0000Yes12/27/12Credit CardYes00 
Capital One Green Cash RewardsWA56056056010No12/28/12Credit CardYes30019.1 
Capital One Secured Master CardAL0000No12/29/12Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneSC612064528000No12/30/12Credit CardYes50023.99One late pay on credit card one medical collection
Capital One Venture CardNM75075075045000No12/30/12Credit CardNo750019.99 
Capital One AutoWA056158360000No12/30/12AutoYes2300016.99C/O, bad CC WITh cap one, many lates. PERFECT PAYMENT HISTORY FOR 8 years on autos
Capital One Secured Master CardNV55759359313No01/04/13Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Secured Master CardMA6160050No01/06/13Credit CardYes20029.9 
Capital OneMD559000No01/11/13Credit CardYes30024.99 
Capital One Venture CardMA794801795127000No01/13/13Credit CardYes1500012.99Applied online, instantly approved. Great card, so far.
CAPITAL ONE CASH REWARDSLA5840020000No01/14/13Credit CardYes50002 Collections, 6 Public Records, Foreclosure from 07, 2 Chargeoffs. Instant approval online
Capital One MTV VisaIL0054345000No01/14/13Credit CardYes50024.9App'd for this card instead of one with an A.F. Only credit I have is a $1300 med. collection, & a student loan charge-off. Instant Approval! WOW!
Capital One Secured MastercardAL0000No01/15/13Credit CardNo00 
capital one classic platinumCA5986005430No01/15/13Credit CardYes50018.8was approved instantly rebuilding credit
capital one platinumNY60060060060000Yes01/17/13Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Classic PlatinumCA00075000No01/19/13Credit CardYes30019.9I have no FICO scores as I am a first time credit seeker.
Capital One (playstation card)CA0645060000Yes01/22/13Credit CardYes7500bankruptcy 2 years ago
Capital one securedWI58058058022000No01/25/13Credit CardYes20022.9 
Capital OneNY5845656250No01/25/13Credit CardYes7500 
Capital One Classic CardCT6646616750No01/27/13Credit CardYes5000approved instantly
Capital OneFL00025000No01/28/13Credit CardNo50022.9 
Capital One AutoTX0057065000No01/28/13AutoNo00declined; given 24hour notice online. email said wait 7-10 days for reasons concerning denial
Capital One Secured Master CardIL059800No01/28/13Credit CardYes4000I had a collection for $200, which was an error to begin with. Then I had 1 previous collection for $500 but paid off. I had to put $150 in a deposit which I don't get back until I cancel the card... sucks.
Capital One Classic PlatinumAL0000No01/29/13Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneFL0555057000No02/05/13Credit CardYes50019.8 
Capital OneNV590551635100000Yes02/05/13Credit CardYes3000Exactly one week after BK 7 discharge included in my BK but I got approved. Glad to get a 2nd chance!!
Capital One RewardsMD62960340456000No02/06/13Credit CardYes00After beeing denied by sams club and walmart , I got my second capital one cc Thank you capital one to give me a chance to rebuild my credit..
Capital One RewardsMD62960340456000No02/06/13Credit CardYes00After beeing denied by sams club and walmart , I got my second capital one cc Thank you capital one to give me a chance to rebuild my credit..
Capital One Secured Master CardTX00027000No02/06/13SecuredYes20024 
Capital One Student RewardsIL65063669826No02/11/13Credit CardYes119Full-time Student, working part-time; I have 3 bad reports of 60 days late from 2 years ago on accounts of $100-500. Mt credit history is very limited---only 2 CC of $500 CL. I have 1 CC open now for 500 CL. I had some errors on my report which are being
Capital one auto financeGA54955360436500No02/13/13AutoYes3014.99i have 2 cc w/ first premier bank. 1 with a 200 CL and the other with a 300 CL.. have several charge off
Capital One Cash Rewards for NewcomersNC0074214000No02/16/13Credit CardNo00Int'l student at one of the best univ. in the US. Denied. They pulled Equifax. Can't understand why the card is marketed for newcomers if you one can't really get it. No way to email material for reconsideration. Nobody could help at the resolution center
Capital One Secured Master CardTX055651310000No02/18/13Credit CardYes2000Several older collections, no recent history
Capital One AutoCA71367468471000No02/19/13AutoYes180006.89Asked for 15k used car auto loan. Instant approval for 18k, 60 mos, 6.89%.
Capital One Green Cash RewardsSC62860157152No02/20/13Credit CardYes5000got capital one classic, kept it 6 months..they wouldn't increase limit any further. Applied & got Capital one cash back with 500 limit. hopefully on road to recovery. the key is to use them very little to keep revolving credit to debt ratio low.
Capital One Platinum CardFL00068000No02/21/13Credit CardYes30024.9Credit scores in the low 500s. Really bad credit. Repo, medical collections, late payments,etc. Got approved immediately!
Capital One PlatinumNV57557557532000Yes02/22/13Credit CardYes50024.9BK discharged 12/2012. applied right away but was denied. waited 45 days and applied again and was instantly approved. Had a Cap1 card included in BK
Capital OneNC0611030000No02/24/13Credit CardYes3000Capital one good card to rebuild credit, approved and they also raise credit limit after certain period w/ steady payment history
Capital OneCO58858863846000Yes02/26/13Credit CardYes30025 
Capital OneCO58858863846000Yes02/26/13Credit CardYes3000 
Capital OneAL0000No02/27/13Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Secured Master CardNJ58659052475000No02/28/13Credit CardYes2000secured card with initial $49 deposit/$200 credit limit. Can add more for increased credit if desired
Capital One Secured MastercardAL0000No03/01/13Credit CardNo00 
Capital One PlatinumCA59657560130No03/02/13Credit CardYes024No open accounts. 3 in collections paid in full about 6 years old. 5 inquiries. Credit karma 614 score
Capital One Platinum CardSC63158368052000No03/03/13Credit CardYes30024.9Not sure which they pulled. 3 COs, 5 collections. Only open and positive account right now is a car loan.
CAPITAL ONE CASH FL62367664755000No03/05/13Credit CardYes30000INSTANT APPROVAL
CAPITAL ONE CASH REWARDSTX05695730No03/06/13Credit CardYes50019Just started rebuilding. I have several charge offs and IRS liens.
CAPITAL ONE CASH REWARDSNC56067266635No03/08/13Credit CardYes5000Applies online needed further info. Called and card was in mail 6 days later.
Capital OneVA66666866787000No03/09/13Credit CardYes200019Instant approval. Pulled all three credit reports. Some baddies but they are now paid.
Capital One Platinum CardNV70269369245000Yes03/09/13Credit CardYes200024.9Bk discharged 2007
Capital One Classic PlatinumNC6206006150No03/09/13Credit CardYes30000% interest for first 9 months. then goes to 13% was told I was eligible for automatic credit limit increase after 5 months of ontime payments
Capital One Secured Master CardAL0000No03/10/13Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Venture CardCA65664467634000No03/10/13Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Venture CardCA65464467634000No03/10/13Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Classic PlatinumWA59555757560000Yes03/14/13Credit CardYes50024.9Applied was instantly approved/Have Cap 1 Secured for only one and half month/ plus auth user on Credit One card for 2 months/ Also have 1st Premier for about a month/ All this after BK 7 Discharge 12/2012. Keep balances low and you'll rebuild. It works.
Capital One Venture CardNV693662052500No03/14/13Credit CardYes5000 
Capital One Platinum CardAL0000No03/14/13Credit CardNo00 
Capital One BankFL5400030000No03/16/13Credit CardYes20019.99 
Capital One Platnum MCTX61363668660000No03/19/13Credit CardYes5000Applied online with instant approval. I have been rebuilding my credit for last 10 months. Currently: last late pay 6 mo ago. Cleared all collections. WF secured card in novemeber$300 - always paid in full.
Capital One Cash Rewards for NewcomersGA6470090000No03/22/13Credit CardYes10000 Instant online approval. Pulled all 3. Clean record for about 5 years, just purchased home via FHA. $1300 in credit card avail. Utilize 0%. Very happy with this...this is part of my recovery plan.
Capital One Classic PlatinumIA0605015000No03/22/13Credit CardYes50019.83 Inquiries, 1 revolving acct, 1 credit acct
Capital One Platinum CardME54555250125000No03/23/13Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Secured Master CardNY56654856646No03/24/13Credit CardYes00Approved instantly ask for $49 deposit don't know what my credit limit is didn't say will find out after I make deposit.
capital oneTN00069000No03/24/13Credit CardYes100019.9 
Capital one auto financeSC5235435603000No03/27/13AutoYes23000182 other repos only 500 down on new car
Capital One Secured Master CardCA00026000No03/27/13Credit CardYes00 
Capital One Secured Master CardFL0069932000No03/29/13Credit CardYes20024.9$49 security deposit
Capital One Venture CardAL0000No03/29/13Credit CardNo00 
capital oneFL61863063432000No04/03/13Credit CardYes50024.9 
CAPITAL ONE CASH REWARDSMN063661365000No04/04/13Credit CardYes30019rebuilding credit. sev inq. tax lien 1 unpaid co
Capital OneSC00060000Yes04/05/13Credit CardYes20000Good Cr scores; Disc. Chp.7 in 09/2008; 0% Interest rate for 6 months. Not approved instantly online; called me a few days later to ask questions.
Capital One Venture CardAZ680728688150000No04/05/13Credit CardYes50000Existing cap one card account, venture rewards. Instant approval, visa signature. Pulled experian and transunion. Used transunion as the first bureau and approval based.
Capital One No Hassle Cash RewardsTX00022No04/06/13Credit CardYes3000 
Capital one autoAZ64964568051345No04/06/13AutoYes295006.2 
Capital One Classic PlatinumCT0060853500No04/07/13Credit CardYes100024.9 
capital one platinumAL0000No04/11/13Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Platnum MCMN0060135000No04/14/13Credit CardYes30024.9rebuilding had 550 fico had some baddies got one retail card went to 601 Now Got approved for First bank Card
Capital One Green Cash RewardsFL66467068630000No04/15/13Credit CardYes100001 paid collection that is currently in dispute. Did debt management (not consolidation) 2 years ago with 1 card left to pay off. Not sure if that affected my score.
Capital OneNC6400065No04/17/13Credit CardYes30001.9Monique Johnson
Capital OneGA0508056000No04/18/13Credit CardYes30022 
Capital One Classic PlatinumFL6770044000Yes04/19/13Credit CardYes10000 
Capital OneIN62562061450000No04/22/13Credit CardNo50029.9 
capital one venture cardAL0000No04/24/13Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneAL0000No04/29/13Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneUT614061445000Yes04/29/13UnsecuredYes30018approved 2 months after Dishcharge 10/17/2012
Capital One Venture CardAL0000No04/30/13Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Venture CardAL6457037490No04/30/13Credit CardYes00 
Capital One Classic PlatinumMA57858056638000No05/01/13Credit CardYes20000Denied at first, called in for a reconsideration, and they wanted verification of my income, and they approved me for 2k, w/ 0% int for 8 months.
Capital One secured MCCA0060058No05/04/13Credit CardYes2000Instant approval. $49 security deposit. A few late payments nothing recent and one contested collection case on file.
Capital One Green Cash RewardsTX61360663635000Yes05/16/13Credit CardYes100022.9After being denied cli on 1st card, applied for 2nd card was approved.
Capital One RewardsTX610605062000No05/16/13Credit CardNo00Denied
Capital OneGA58656961260000No05/17/13Credit CardNo00 
CAPITAL ONE CASH REWARDSTN64664065065000No05/22/13Credit CardYes5000Instantly approved. Same limit as my Cap One Platinum.
CAPITAL ONE CASH REWARDSMA661663673175000No05/24/13Credit CardYes200019.99Instant Approval! Few very old baddies, 3 inquiries in last year, no late payments in 3 years
Capital one cash rewards MasterCardOK6470072000Yes05/27/13Credit CardYes10000Ch 13 BK filed 9/2006, 1 CO, 3 CA, multiple 120+ late on Student loan brought current last month
Capital One Secured Master CardMI006120Yes06/01/13Credit CardYes20029.99chapt7 bankruptcy discharged 5/22 got approved secured cred cd 5/29 only 49.00 dep
Capital One Cash RewardsFL0060884000No06/01/13Credit CardYes200019.8Multiple credit cards, all paid on time. Utilization <50%. 4-5 collections on report. Approved instantly for $2000.
capital one platinumCA62959063135000No06/03/13Credit CardYes30024i hadn't applied for a card in years, since i had messed up my credit a few years ago. it went up and i applied and got it. since i just moved they had to verify my address so it took a little longer, but it went through :)
Capital OneTX6630025000No06/03/13Credit CardNo00 
CAPITAL ONE CASH REWARDSOH0061746000No06/05/13Credit CardNo00 
Capital One RewardsTX060360175000Yes06/06/13Credit CardYes3000 
Capital OneAL0000No06/07/13Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Classic PlatinumNE66763567745000No06/07/13Credit CardNo50014 
Capital One Platinum CardAL0000No06/08/13Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Venture CardCO670071052No06/10/13Credit CardYes00Also applied for and approved for the following CC's: Chase Freedom: $1500, Wells Fargo Rewards: $1000
Capital one auto financeAL061753592000No06/10/13AutoYes410007.7Auto fico was 650 with 617 experian score. Husband was 570 with 600 auto fico. Our transunion scores suck. originally offered zero interest but because of credit history Toyota had to redo the loan. Turns out, they don't like you to go from a 16K loan to
Capital One Platinum CardWA0059742408Yes06/11/13Credit CardYes10000Applied online, approved instantly. Chapter 13 bankruptcy payments ended in February 2013.
Capital One Platinum CardVA00038No06/11/13Credit CardYes3000I have 3 collection accounts that I am working on paying off, one car loan that was paid in full and no other credit. I was approved! Only $300.00 limit but this is a milestone for me! Baby steps!
Capital OneTX75274576840000No06/12/13Credit CardYes500019.9 
Capital One Platinum CardMI05556270Yes06/13/13Credit CardYes30029.99discharged bankruptcy 5/22/2013 got approved for unsecure cred crd on 6/01/2013
Capital One Secured MastercardCA50050956248000No06/14/13Credit CardYes20019Deposited, $50 in Dec 2012, pay ontime each month, still no cli in June 2013 but I deposited an additional $100 to bring my limit to $300, pts gone up 20
Capital one auto financeNM570617543101431No06/14/13AutoYes407707.79Surprised - another dealer offered only 13K @ 14%. My credit score was in a higher tier with C1. My joint applicant has a credit score of 570.
Capital One Classic PlatinumAL570617543101431No06/15/13Credit CardYes30019.80 interest for first year. I was approved, spouse denied at score of 573. I have rebuilt over last couple of years. Spouse has not. Will start w secured for spouse
Capital OneFL5950055000No06/15/13Credit CardYes5000Have an unpaid cap one charged off cc. $3016 total owed to them on that. Also had a collection, and a 90 day late from September 2012.
Capital One AutoNC604596583115000No06/17/13OtherNo07 
Capital OneNC0596050No06/17/13Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Platinum PrestigeVA63463963185No06/21/13Credit CardYes50018.9 
Capital one auto financeNY054502000No06/22/13AutoNo00 
Capital One AutoGA65267767751No06/22/13AutoYes302.44Have some dings on report from years ago but have worked hard to rebuild and have 2 years of clean credit. Immediate Approval with no further documentation. I do have 2 good standing cards with them.
Capital One Classic CardAZ06230113000No06/23/13Credit CardYes00 
Capital One Classic PlatinumPA70070070060No06/26/13Credit CardYes20 
Capital One BankFL66559373675400No06/28/13Home EquityNo500005 
capital oneFL66559373675400No06/28/13Home EquityNo50005 
Capital OneNY0000No06/28/13Credit CardYes00 
Capital One Platinum CardNJ55358756980000Yes06/29/13Credit CardYes3000Ch 7. BK d/c 6days ago
Capital One Spark CardIN58962060040Yes07/01/13Credit CardYes50022Third Capital One card, this one for my business. Prior BK, Instant approval. Business open since 2009
Capital OneCA6260038500No07/02/13Credit CardNo00Denied too many inquires and high balance on credit card.... I have 2 CC both in good standing never late with no balance on each, which is why I was confused for denial of high balance?! Car loan paid off. 8 collection accts all paid from 2008 and prior!
capital one auto refinanceNJ6630063000Yes07/03/13AutoYes113167.5Chapter 7 D/C 2/2013
Capital one auto financeNC60358756583000No07/03/13AutoYes3019Approved with open tax liens, no other baddies. Approved online instantly. Blank check was overnighted, very simple process.
capital one and victorias secretMA59062454562000Yes07/05/13Credit CardYes5000 
Sony rewards, Capital One BankAL0000Yes07/05/13Credit CardYes7500 
Capital One Platnum MCMI0060144000No07/09/13Credit CardYes30024.99 
Capital One QuicksilverONEMA60558556990400Yes07/12/13Credit CardYes50003 weeks from discharge of BK7 also have a secured card with them
Capital One Classic PlatinumCA565631556108000No07/12/13Credit CardYes100019.9defaulted on EVERYTHING in '09. 6 CC collections. 5 charge off's JP court lien and repo all from then. Have UsBank secured $300 limit. First premiere unsecured $300. Credit one unsecured $300. USAA Mastercard secured $3,000. 0 balance. That got it done. H
Capital One Platinum CardNE565554030000Yes07/13/13Credit CardYes100024.9BK less than 1 yr, 1 open car loan, 2 student loans and low limit cc paid on time
Capital One AutoNV67465665152000No07/14/13AutoYes226227.761 repo in 09 and 1 repo in 2010. Have worked the last few years to clean up my credit. Opened a cc with Orchard bank to begin to raise score. From 523 score to 656. Applied and will have check next day air to me. Car shopping, here I come!
Sony rewards, Capital One BankNY612060245000No07/16/13Credit CardYes50024.93 current cap one cards already from 2010. Unpaid cap one charge off from 2007 still reporting
Capital One Venture CardNJ6760065000No07/18/13Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Classic PlatinumLA065060070000No07/18/13Credit CardYes50024.9Approved instantly. Also have a cap one secured credit card w clean history for 6 mo.
Capital One Auto FinanceVA0055134000No07/24/13AutoYes1011Refinance of very high interest loan.
Capital One Platinum CardTX50952557650000No07/26/13Credit CardNo00Tried to apply cause people have been saying its great and get approved with low 500's. Denied within 1 min.
Capital One quicksilverMN66866063465No07/26/13Credit CardNo00one baddie 2 yrs ago and judgement from 2011
Capital One QuicksilverMN66358463065No07/26/13Credit CardNo00tax lien and co, 90 days late in "11
Capital One Platinum CardTX65064567150000No07/27/13Credit CardYes50024.9Didnt think i would get approved because debt to income. Have house 100k, 2 auto loans, 30k and 38k other. 5000 wells fargo credit card. Was approved instantly. 4 paid off cars. Gonna just keep card for emergency.
Capital OneKS60358660472No07/28/13Credit CardNo00Have secured card, since opened score increased by almost 40 points, denied for reg cc online immediately
Capital One Classic PlatinumCA66066070095000Yes07/31/13Credit CardYes200024.9bk 7 discharged 6/2008....approved.
Capital One Secured CardCA58755752384000Yes08/03/13Credit CardYes30022.99Approved within 3 months of BK7 Discharge
Capital OneNY6110070No08/03/13Credit CardYes10000Pulled All 3. TransUnion & Experian not as good as my Equifax. Have another card with them (1 year in good standing) for 750 limit. 2 Negatives (1 collection 1 student loan). %7 debt to credit ratio.
Capital One Platinum CardGA5820035000No08/04/13Credit CardYes20123.99required 99.00 deposit from bank transfer
Capital One Classic PlatinumAL57057963646000No08/04/13Credit CardNo00Won't take HH income and I'm a stay at home parent/student. The CARD act of 2009 prevents HH income from being used, but there have been revisions allowing it and cap1 won't comply.
Capital One QuicksilverOneCA00065270No08/04/13Credit CardYes50019.992 baddies on Experian and Equifax, TU clean.. Utilization in high 80%, secured card with capital one pushing limit of $300. Cap One is being generous! Surprised approved for 2 cards in 2 days with Cap One
Capital One/SonyMI00024No08/04/13Credit CardYes7500 
Capital OneAL0000No08/05/13Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Spark CardAL0000No08/06/13Credit CardNo00 
Capital One QuicksilverONECA6026065680No08/08/13Credit CardYes30024.99Closed a Cap 1 secured card in April I had for 3 years + 30 & 60 day late in 2012, last month settled for less than full balance an old Cap 1 CO, applied online as was approved instantly. I will call the EO after I get my card for a higher initial limit.
Capital OneIL56756756736000No08/09/13Credit CardNo00 
capital one and victorias secretAL05600No08/10/13Credit CardYes00 
Capital One Classic PlatinumCA00587110No08/14/13Credit CardYes200019 
Capital OneAL0059738000Yes08/19/13Credit CardYes5000 
Capital OneAL00097000No08/19/13Credit CardYes30022.9Not sure of FICO score, guessing mid-600s. Had past credit problems several years ago. Rebuilding now.
Capital One Classic CardTX006580No08/20/13Credit CardNo00 
Capital One QuicksilverONECA62462163524000No08/23/13Credit CardYes30019.99300 limit but will recon for a higher one once my new statement cuts with my cap1 secured card payed off.
Capital One Venture CardAL0000No08/28/13Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneTX6336416170No09/01/13Credit CardNo00Too many delequint accounts
Capital One Classic PlatinumAL0665033No09/02/13Credit CardYes45023 
Capital One QuicksilverONESC6005976073600No09/03/13Credit CardYes5000I was shocked! I have a secured cc with them that is near limit (I pay off every month though). Very excited!!!
Capital OneTX52360257324No09/03/13Credit CardNo50020 
Capital OneGA50954555030No09/06/13Credit CardYes30019very bad credit. several unpaid collections, trying to rebuild
capital one auto financeIL570540575320000Yes09/07/13AutoYes1722BK discharged 3/2013. approved for capital one 2 months after discharge. financed at 22% car note, 433 month but im building my credit, ill refinance in a few years.
Capital One Venture CardAL0000No09/08/13Credit CardNo00 
Capital One quicksilverOH66870071675000No09/09/13Credit CardNo00Have 8 Inqs in a 2 year period I guess that's why I couldn't get approved.
Capital One Platinum CardKY0578046000No09/10/13Credit CardYes5000 
capital one platinumNY0580044000No09/11/13Credit CardYes30024.9student loans paid on time. some paid charge offs.
Capital One Classic PlatinumMI61661564875000No09/12/13Credit CardYes3000 
Capital One BankFL530517037500No09/13/13Credit CardNo30019.99student loan
Capital One quicksilverAL00012No09/14/13Credit CardYes00 
Capital one auto financeMI56955852862000Yes09/14/13AutoYes300008.54Discharge 2 months ago
Capital OneAR0002402No09/14/13Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Secured MastercardCA0000No09/15/13Credit CardYes00 
Capital one auto financeMD56049758930214No09/17/13AutoYes1900024Applied through CarMax. Only One installment loan which is student loan. 3 Collections. However can't get approved for anything else at all!!!
Capital One Classic PlatinumMN61965969080000Yes09/17/13Credit CardYes300022Bankruptcy, Tax Lien Open medical collection and was approved instantly online.
Capital One QuicksilverONEGA65062065550No09/19/13Credit CardYes101 tax lien 2yrs old & paid, 3 charge offs totally around $ 1,000, one charge off was a master card, 3 total accounts:one secured card & other 2 I am an AU on.
Capital One Platnum MCMA0062013850Yes09/24/13Credit CardYes3000Bankruptcy Discharged 6/13. Approved 9/13 for $300/CL 1st Time applying. Capital One was one of Creditors included in Bankruptcy. Didnt think I would even get it. Hoping to Rebuild Credit!
Capital One QuicksilverONECA6370026000No09/25/13Credit CardYes200022.99 
capital one platinumCA6005906090No09/28/13Credit CardYes30024.9Low credit scores so i was very surprised when I was accepted.
Capital OneME54757457224No09/28/13SecuredYes20022.9Approved with $200 dn. 1 Charge off, 1 Collection account, Same across all 3 reports! Scores are fakos
Capital One Standard PlatinumCA60660957275499No09/28/13Credit CardYes30024Online instant approval; pulled all three; credit steps program.
Capital One Platnum MCIN624058935000No09/29/13Credit CardYes100024.99 
Capital One QuicksilverONEIN624058935000No09/29/13Credit CardYes50022.9 
CAPITAL ONE CASH REWARDSIL00038000No09/30/13Credit CardNo00 
capital one platinumFL614649035000No10/01/13Credit CardYes50022Had one collection. They checked experian and equifax.
Capital One Secured CardAZ0055732No10/02/13Credit CardYes2000Applied last year June 2012 for their secured card and was denied but applied this year Sept 2013 and was approvrd for a partially secured card. I have many other CO's on my credit, a judgement and tax lien as well as a and BK from 05.
Capital One Classic PlatinumNC00031200No10/03/13Credit CardYes10000 
Capital One QuicksilverONEMO62062062045No10/03/13Credit CardYes15000 
Capital One quicksilverLA599607656123000No10/05/13Credit CardYes50022.9Collections/NoCredit/Approved instant online.BEST COMPANY EVER
Capital One Secured MastercardIN55557957927000No10/08/13SecuredYes20022.9$49 to pay as collateral and credit limit is $200. I have 2 accts. settled for less than full (one of them is capital one), 1 acct paid in full, 2 collections, and a 2009 repo. 1 auto loan current and open for 3 mos. to date. Awesome!
Capital One Quicksilver OneIN585572569106500No10/10/13Credit CardYes30029 
Capital One QuicksilverONEMA580586656105000No10/11/13Credit CardNo30000 
Capital One QuicksilverONEMA0064070000No10/11/13Credit CardYes20000 
capital one prestigeAL079000No10/11/13Credit CardNo00 
capital one prestigeTX00035000No10/11/13Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Classic PlatinumAL6077167300No10/18/13Credit CardYes10000 
Capital One AutoGA59958466483000No10/20/13OtherYes1300012 
Capital One Secured MastercardCA52653053024000No10/20/13Credit CardYes20029approved for 200 CL with 200 security deposit. 7 bad accounts and 4 collections
Capital One Student RewardsWA65065667340000No10/20/13Credit CardYes30024.9 
Capital One Student RewardsWA65065667340000No10/20/13Credit CardYes30024.9 
Capital One Hassle FreeNC00065000No10/21/13Credit CardYes3000 
Capital One Secured Master CardCA0594012No10/30/13Credit CardYes2002449$ deposit , comes with a credit reporting service. instant results
Capital One Secured MastercardTX00036000No11/01/13Credit CardYes2000thin credit profile, no score, $49 down
Capital One No Hassle Credit CardAL0000No11/02/13Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneMN0614072600No11/05/13Credit CardYes50017 
Capital One Platnum MCIN6830040000No11/07/13Credit CardYes3000Checked the prequalify link and choose to apply. Approved for $300 credit limit. Accepted since I'm rebuilding with no open revolving TLs. For sure HPs from TU and EQ
Capital One Platinum CardLA000120000No11/07/13Credit CardYes00 
capital one platnium LA63264062530000No11/08/13Credit CardYes50019Rebuilding: 1st applied and was approved for $500, within 6mo I got an increase to $750, after a yr and half requested an increase-denied, req again 2mo later approved for $500 more=$1250!
Capital one auto financeGA651671620167000No11/08/13AutoYes332156.912 mo of lates on mortgage, but current for the past 10 months- 2 accounts in collections but disputed, 3 credit cards 50% utilization, no late car payments in the last 4 years. Car was from CarMax and was brand new -
Capital One Secured CardOH49458153341750No11/08/13Credit CardYes2000Secured card. Had to put up $200 deposit.
Capital One Platinum CardTX61463364440000No11/10/13Credit CardYes3000 
Capital One Quicksilver MCTX0064033Yes11/20/13Credit CardYes122.9 
Capital One Platinum CardPA0074657000Yes11/23/13Credit CardYes3000After going to various forums, I decided to apply for this card. I was approved. I am 7 months out of Ch 7 with 1 other card I pay in full every month, First Premier.
Capital One AutoMA006600No11/25/13AutoNo300000I receive Pre-Approval in Mail every other day. Applied online, got 24hr. msg. Denial email within 5 minutes lol
Capital One Quicksilver OneMN6430081No11/26/13Credit CardYes10FICO score but AMEX had higher score. Have Platinum rebuilder card with them as well with $750 limit. Denied CLI so app'd for this and approved.
capital one platniumFL053054035000No11/27/13Credit CardNo00Received letter: 2 many new accounts (only new cards are C1 secured and Credit 1), Close to CLs, 2 many inquiries (15)....
Capital One Secured MastercardKS50550451535000No11/28/13Credit CardYes2000 
Capital One Quicksilver OneSC62761000No11/29/13Credit CardYes5000Approved with one paid judgment, no bankruptcies, one charge off and no collections
Capital One Platinum CardHI0060525000No12/03/13Credit CardYes100022.99Instant Approval. Had account 2 years ago, ruined credit. cancelled card 1.5 years ago.
Capital One Secured MastercardTX0608043000Yes12/04/13SecuredYes30022.9Chap 7 less than 18 months ago; Cap One was a debtor in the BK.
capital one platniumAL64766163050000No12/04/13Credit CardYes4000 
CAPITAL ONE CASH REWARDSVA51852449560000Yes12/05/13Credit CardYes50019.99 
Capital One Platinum CardOH0058130No12/10/13Credit CardYes30024Literally just recieved my chapter 7 discharge papers yesterday and applied today and was approved instantly for 300 unsecured
Capital One Secured MastercardGA5650607105000No12/10/13Credit CardYes2000scores were 533 and 508 when approved. After two months with the card major jump in scores.
Capital One JourneyIN0059436000No12/15/13Credit CardNo30019.8Multiple charge offs (4-5 years old). Even an old Capital 1 charge off. Approved instantly.
Capital One JourneyIN534059436000No12/15/13Credit CardYes30019.8Instant approval. Multiple charge offs including one w/capital one
Capital One Quicksilver OneND063861547000No12/21/13Credit CardYes5000Two other cards in good standing. One judegement and two collections
Capital One Platinum CardNC058451847No12/21/13Credit CardYes3000Had been receiving mail offers.....Never applied.Decided to try since I had no inquirys on credit report.Waited patiently for online decision. APPROVED!!!!!Card in the mail 4 days later!On my way to credit recovery!
Capital One Classic CardMO050601700No12/26/13Credit CardYes2000 
Capital One Secured Master CardRI5090020000No12/27/13SecuredNo00Applied and was denied. I have no credit cards nor have I ever. I do owe 1600 to tmobile, and about 800 to other bills. 23 Y.O. Hoping to get approved for something in the future.
Capital OneAL005620No12/29/13Credit CardNo00 
capital one platinumFL0648640108000No12/30/13Credit CardYes30024.99 
Capital One Quicksilver MCMI0545030000Yes01/02/14UnsecuredYes3000 
Capital One Classic PlatinumMI0545030000Yes01/02/14Credit CardYes5000Completed Pre-approval prior to actual application. This card was listed applied w/instant approval. Discharge 5/2013
Capital OneAL0000No01/05/14Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Platinum CardTX590062742000No01/05/14Credit CardYes50024.99 
Capital One Platnum MCME65362770871832No01/07/14Credit CardNo00rcvd preapproval offer in mail applied and will rcv 7-10 day letter, not sure if approved yet/EQ is MyFico,EX from FCS and TU from TU, have secured cap1 for 3mo. CL 200, 1 process of paying off, bal 555
Capital One Secured MastercardTN59656159625000No01/09/14Credit CardYes00One student loan settled, one student loan in good standing/never late , no credit cards, and one active collections
Capital One Venture CardMI077480375000No01/12/14Credit CardYes500020.9Many new accounts, clean files, 3 pulls (not sure which one they used), 3rd lowest limit. Scores are FICO
Capital OneOR05990120000No01/14/14Credit CardNo00 
Capital One QuicksilverONEAL631000No01/21/14Credit CardYes5000 
Capital OneGA64066065070000No01/22/14Credit CardYes15000 
Capital OneAL0056140000No01/23/14Credit CardYes50019.8This is the Capital One Journey Card
Capital oneAL51556053588000No01/23/14Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Auto FinanceTX54055057550000No01/26/14AutoYes3000019Multiple Charge Offs, Repo 2 years ago
capital oneNC00028000No01/26/14Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneFL5906305900No01/27/14Credit CardYes3000Have only one old closed credit card and one ER room collection for $75, and got approved
capital oneNY00012000No01/28/14Credit CardNo30024.9Approved, first credit card, first type of any credit.
capital one platinumNY0060534000No01/31/14Credit CardYes30024.5 
Capital One Platinum CardVA0058635000No02/03/14Credit CardYes30024.9Have another Cap1 card and Cap1 Auto loan, both in good standing
Capital One quicksilverMD0062035736No02/03/14Credit CardYes30022.9Card for Average-Fair Credit, plus get 1.5% cash backon every purchase
Capital One Classic PlatinumMI57659060135000Yes02/04/14Credit CardYes30029.99BK discharged in August, 2013. Denied in Nov.
Sony rewards, Capital One BankAK652609598130000No02/08/14Credit CardYes50024.9 
Capital OneCO61861262528000No02/09/14Credit CardYes3000 
Capital One Secured MastercardVT0054235000No02/10/14Credit CardYes2000 
capital one classic platinumDE57851151165000Yes02/11/14Credit CardYes30024.9930 post bk
Capital One QuicksilverDE0062565000Yes02/12/14Credit CardYes30019.9930 days post bk
Capital One Quicksilver MCMD6416776410No02/12/14Credit CardYes5000 
Capital One Spark CardIL65068068275000Yes02/18/14Credit CardYes20000CH7 D/C 6/11. Re-established credit since then including mortgage - S Corp open 1 month!
Capital One Classic PlatinumFL0058545000No02/22/14Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneCA59656359851000No02/25/14Credit CardYes50023Got a "Need to verify information" letter. Did not hear back after phone call to verify. Saw $500 card show up in my Capital One 360 Account.
Capital One Classic CardUT65064064020000Yes03/01/14Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Quicksilver MCCA0062945000No03/01/14Credit CardYes30021.9 
Capital One Secured MastercardMO0000No03/02/14SecuredYes20022.9Don't have FICO scores but Credit Karma is 591 and Credit Sesame is 617. 2 collections on report (both disputing). No other cards, 1 fingerhut freshstart account, 2 student loans that are deferred.
Capital One quicksilverTX062663640000No03/03/14Credit CardYes50022.99One unpaid judgement, 4 charge offs, 2 years on time payments
Capital One quicksilverOH61160961730000No03/04/14UnsecuredNo00 
Capital One QuicksilverMI0064883000No03/06/14Credit CardYes5000Applied online. Got the 7-10 day message. Two days later got an email saying my new card was on the way! Called in to confirm and approved.
capital one ( recommendedVA0059240000No03/09/14Credit CardYes30021 
Capital OneTX6436676787500No03/31/14Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Platinum CardAL005900No04/01/14SecuredYes195122.5 
Capital One Classic PlatinumWI63665062740400No04/01/14Credit CardYes200022.9prev c/o (pif) Capital One 2012
Capital One/SonyCA0682041000Yes04/03/14Credit CardYes150013.9Initially denied due to BK in 2005. Approved on recon
Capital One Standard PlatinumNV67067067054000No04/03/14Credit CardYes30024.9applied online instant approval....with no tradelines
Capital One Secured MastercardTX59158865542000No04/03/14Credit CardNo00 
Capital one auto financeOH006170Yes04/04/14AutoYes2800012 
Capital One Secured MastercardOH0061750000Yes04/04/14Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneAL0000No04/06/14Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Quicksilver OneNY613062186400Yes04/07/14Credit CardYes5000Have two other cards with them.
Capital One Spark CardNY613062186400Yes04/07/14Credit CardYes5000Have 3 other cards with them.
Capital one QuickSilver one.FL72771371836Yes04/07/14Credit CardNo00Bk on ex only. Eq had five inquiries in March 12 total. 11 on TU and 10 on EQ. Too many inquiry was why not approved Discover something.
Capital OneAL0000No04/14/14Credit CardYes5000 
Capital One Quicksilver MCND60559761332500No04/16/14Credit CardYes125017.99 
Capital One Cash Rewards for NewcomersCA66066065035400No04/19/14Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Quicksilver MCAL0000No04/19/14Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Platinum CardMO0614070000Yes04/19/14Credit CardYes30018.99300 limit, 4 months good pay raised to 500, 1 year 0% apr
Capital One Venture CardNY68869871242000No04/20/14Credit CardNo00 
capital one ( recommendedAL0000No04/20/14Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Secured Master CardTX5905965922100No04/20/14Credit CardNo30024 
Capital OneIL60059560987700No04/23/14Credit CardYes3000Offered 300 Initial limit. After 1 month I paid off card and they increased limit to 500 BK from 9 years ago over 40 inq. 1 unpaid judgement
Capital One JourneySC0060270000No04/25/14Credit CardYes3000Student Card
Capital OneMI0000No04/29/14Credit CardYes00 
Capital One Quicksilver MCAL0000No04/29/14Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Quicksilver OneNM0610078000No05/05/14Credit CardYes300018.99 
Sony rewards, Capital One BankNC643643643113000No05/06/14Credit CardYes5000 
capital one platnium LA65064762030000No05/07/14Credit CardNo125018.99requested an CI, given 7-10day msg.Last increase 6mo ago for 500
capital one ( recommendedPA0611025000No05/14/14Credit CardNo3000 
Capital One Quicksilver MCTX0058257000No05/19/14Credit CardYes33000 
Capital OneNJ54954954165000No05/19/14Credit CardYes3000I already have one Cap One card. I applied via the pre- selected cards.
Capital One AutoFL5665935800No05/21/14AutoYes180 
capital oneCA71972170633000No05/21/14Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Classic PlatinumTN0606022000No05/22/14Credit CardYes100022.9Car loan payments paid on time for 8 months. 30000 of student loans.
Capital One Classic PlatinumTN0606022000No05/22/14Credit CardYes100022.9Car loan payments paid on time for 8 months. 30000 of student loans.
Capital One Quicksilver MD61859265376000No05/23/14Credit CardYes50022.9Have had five years on time payment history but have 8 collects due to drop 2016. I also have a secured card with Capital One for three years so I am sure it helped.
Capital One AutoIA687060536000No05/23/14AutoYes168004.51Offered 4.1 for a new car.
Capital One Quicksilver OneCA63066064030No05/25/14Credit CardYes022.99Pulled Transunion. 0% util, AAoA 4 years, 11 tl's, 9 recent and in good standing, 5 derogs, all medical. Just got a FNBO Visa, VS, Walmart Store, Amazon, and buckle cards all in last 3 mos.
Capital One Quicksilver OneOH62958262424No05/25/14Credit CardYes022.9Approved instantly online. $39 Annual Fee. It is set to auto increase after 5 months of on time payments. Had a Kohls card for 10 months (also backed by capital one) prior to approval.
capital one SC596003200Yes05/28/14Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneSC059603600No05/28/14Credit CardNo00 
capital oneSC596003600No05/28/14Credit CardNo00 
Capital One JourneyUT5500060000No05/28/14Credit CardYes00 
Capital OneAZ47656657032569Yes05/29/14UnsecuredYes30022.9At the time of the approval my Equifax score was 111 days old which I am sure it's incorrect and is probably closer in comparison with my other scores that have been listed. I have been approved with a 0% intro APR for 10 months. Also at the time of appro
Capital One JourneyOH66970466485000No05/29/14Credit CardYes30019.8Had pretty much been off the credit card radar since the late 90's except for auto loans; realized I needed to maintain some sort of credit. CL will increase after 6 months. Approved instantly online.
Capital One Quicksilver OneTN00020000No05/30/14Credit CardNo00Heard this was a good starter credit card, but wasn't approved.
Capital One Platnum MCTX00650110000No06/03/14Credit CardYes50024.99 
Capital oneFL58554760838500No06/04/14Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Platnum MCAR00045000No06/06/14Credit CardYes3000Pre-approval in mail. 610 TU, 629 vantage, couple of collections, charge-offs...banked with them in the past, also had past credit - left in good standing. Not sure if that helped or not.
Capital OneAL063700No06/10/14Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Cash Rewards for NewcomersMA68063558064000No06/10/14Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Platinum CardGA060666835No06/11/14Credit CardYes200001 judgement to be removed 2014, 2 Hard inquires, no late payments
Capital One Secured CardTX0050821000No06/12/14Credit CardNo00 
CAPITAL ONE SECURED TX50850850821000No06/12/14Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Secured Master CardAL50850850821000No06/12/14Credit CardYes20023.99 
Capital One Platinum CardCA5410075000No06/12/14Credit CardYes3000 
Capital OneAL52760600No06/13/14Credit CardYes30024 
Capital One Platnum MCCO06516880No06/14/14Credit CardYes30000 
Capital One Platnum MCTX692650688118000No06/18/14Credit CardYes100024.9 
Capital One AutoTX61061061065000No06/19/14AutoYes300007.91Had been getting pre-approvals and ignoring them. Husband says I want a new car and I say ok. Blank check program. NICE!!!
Capital One Secured MastercardCA005600No06/19/14Credit CardYes20022.9approved instantly with 49 dollar deposit
capital one platinum/quicksilverCA060458540000No06/20/14Credit CardYes300223 co 3 years ago lots of inquiry
PlayStation Visa (Capital One)AR00058000No06/20/14Credit CardYes5000625 CK.
Capital One Platinum CardCA63863863880000No06/21/14Credit CardYes100024Go figure, denied for Apple minutes later applied for Cap and got 1000k instant. No annual fee, only needed to help with credit/debt ratio. Will stop applying for 1 year at least.
Capital one auto financeCA0626032000Yes06/23/14AutoYes180005.6new car 5.6, 2013 6.5, 2011-2012 7.1, 2007-2010 8.09. we got an 08 so pd higher apr. BK 11 mo prior to app
Capital One Venture CardAL0000No06/25/14Credit CardNo00 
Capital One quicksilverFL63064061631000No06/26/14Credit CardYes100004 collections on report. $108K student loans. Instant approval.
Capital OneWI073400No06/28/14Credit CardYes00 
Capital One Quicksilver MCIL54560459075000Yes07/01/14Credit CardYes30022.9Rebuilding my credit. Have secured MC with Capital One for 5 months. Have baddies on reports but making payments on time past 6 months with an auto loan.
Capital One Quicksilver MCGA58200115000Yes07/01/14Credit CardYes300022.9BK discharged, FICO: 623
Capital OneTX0058544000No07/01/14Credit CardYes30024.9Rebuilding credit. Lots of inquiries and a few collections.
Capital One Platinum CardCA00024000No07/02/14Credit CardYes10000Only 6 months of credit history with an Opensky secured credit card($250 limit). No other credit lines.
capital one ( recommendedOH62062062033000No07/03/14Credit CardYes30023.9 
Capital One Spark CardTX643670662105600No07/03/14Credit CardYes50022.99First Small Biz Card for my business
Capital OneAR0058012000No07/04/14Credit CardNo3000 
Capital One QuicksilverONENY58760765731000No07/05/14Credit CardYes3000 
Capital One Platnum MCFL0055765000No07/09/14Credit CardYes2000 
Capital one auto financeGA52054054148000No07/09/14AutoYes19000181 REPO, 4 COLLECTIONS, ALL OVER TWO YEARS OLD
Capital OneTX61363664068381No07/10/14Credit CardYes50022.9Instant approv , not sure which card. Approved in Feb. 2014 for auto loan 12.99%
Capital OneOH618641054No07/10/14Credit CardYes10000Student loan in default, a few other badies. High utilization. Turned down from First Premier and Care Credit in same week.
Capital one quicksilverOH59659560045000No07/12/14Credit CardYes30000% apr until May 2015.
Capital one credit cardTX0058022000No07/13/14Credit CardYes2000Applied online. secured card with $39 annual fee.
Capital One QuicksilverONEAL62761962567000No07/13/14Credit CardYes30000 
Capital OneCA615600625100000No07/14/14Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Classic CardSC063558348000No07/14/14Credit CardNo00have 3 other cards no late payments
Capital OneCA61861861835000No07/15/14Credit CardYes5000Cant believe it 2 other cap1 cards 25+ inquiries just last month. approved ck 618 score playstation visa
Capital One Classic PlatinumTX63464862596300No07/16/14Credit CardYes230022.92 in collections, no late payments, util 48%, and a car loan 21k remaining. Initially given $300 limit, after 5 months they increased CL to $2300
Capital one quicksilverVA53060259860000No07/17/14Credit CardYes5000Applied for secured card first got approved with $49 deposit, then applied for quicksilver couple minutes later and was also approved. Pulled transunion. Have freezes on other reports. Have 12+ inquires.
capital one TX62062060072500No07/18/14Credit CardYes100022.99 
Capital one GM Buy PowerTX74200110000No07/18/14Credit CardYes50000Prequalifier in mail. Apped with invitation code
capital one OR0057645No07/20/14Credit CardYes5000Have 8 collections and approved for a $300 first and then $500 second. Two cards 2 weeks apart
capital one autoOR0057845000No07/21/14AutoYes2540012.5Interest depends on what car and down payment
Capital One QuicksilverMI65263361263000Yes07/21/14Credit CardYes100024.99BK discharged 8/20. Surprised at limit, Have CO Platinum w/$1300 limit. Started with 300 and given $1300 after just 5 months.
Capital One Venture CardAL0000No07/22/14Credit CardNo00 
Capital one platinumNM56461064053No07/23/14Credit CardYes30022Got approved with several inquries low limit but it's a start
Capital One Classic PlatinumAR62963962141340No07/23/14UnsecuredYes50019.25I got a secured credit card a year ago through US Bank then another last month this month I get a pre approval letter from cap one and bam approved!! Started with low 500's for all credit scores, this has been a good year. Oh and got a mortgage through a
Capital One Venture CardNJ72669872593000No07/24/14Credit CardYes50000 
Capital OneIL005310No07/25/14Credit CardYes3000 
Capital One Secured CardNV61261261045000No07/25/14Credit CardNo10022 
Capital OneGA005484000No07/27/14Credit CardNo00 
Capital one GM Buy PowerAL0000No07/27/14Credit CardNo00 
Capital one GM Buy PowerAL0000No07/27/14Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Classic CardCA58858057882000No07/31/14Credit CardYes30022 
Capital One Classic CardCA58858057882000No07/31/14Credit CardYes30022 
Capital One Quicksilver OneIL005550No08/03/14Credit CardYes3000went through qualified link. Last month only recommended offers. this month qualified offer
Capital One SecuredLA61363959032000No08/06/14Credit CardYes75019.99I asked for a CI on this card last yr & was denied; I never asked for another and 1 day I noticed that they gave me CI of 350
Capital One Platnium LA61363959432000No08/06/14Credit CardYes325019.99After several attempts for CI & being denied, I decided to ask for one in July & got approved from 1250 to 3250! My Cap1 secured card also got increase without asking! Credit Util 65%
Capital OneTX655666659116500No08/07/14Credit CardYes3000What a joke CL $ 300.00 However, I will call recon line, see if they will increase. Also, have 14 hard inquires (12 months) and 3 new accounts opened, so maybe that is why the low CL?
Capital OneAL0000No08/07/14Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Journey VisaCA623627625111000Yes08/07/14Credit CardYes200022.9BK discharged 08/2013; approved for Walmart $900;Kohls $400;Target $300;Lowe's $300; Barclays Apple Visa $1250;Barclays NFL Reward Visa $1200; Paypal Smartcredit $500;rebuilding credit after BK. Finally approved, had to wait a year after BK to get approve
capital one ( recommendedCA0058836000No08/07/14Credit CardYes30022.9Recommended via Credit Karma. They Pulled TU Credit Score.
Capital OneSC0000No08/10/14Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneSC0000No08/10/14Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneMN56057256845000Yes08/12/14Credit CardYes30019Chapter 7 bankruptcy cleared on 8/8/14 and had instant approval!
Capital One StudentMN56057256845000Yes08/12/14Credit CardYes30019Chapter 7 bankruptcy cleared on 8/8/14 and had instant approval!
Capital OneGA0000No08/12/14Credit CardYes3000 
Capital One QuicksilverONECA068064436000No08/12/14Credit CardYes300022.9 
Capital One Secured CardAZ0560028000No08/15/14Credit CardNo00Was approved for the fingerhut freshstart program so I thought it would be worthwhile to apply for the secured capitol one card I read was easy to get. Was denied. Should have waited a while first. I have bunches of bad stuff on my record, just not bankru
Capital One Classic PlatinumNY5890080000No08/15/14Credit CardYes30024.9Just closed a different capital one card today, which was current, but they were refusing to take it off restriction, so I closed that one and applied a few hours later, instant approval online.
capital one ( recommendedTX0058455000No08/16/14Credit CardYes3000 
Capital one quicksilverTX0066094No08/23/14Credit CardYes322.9 
Capital OneNC0063660000No08/24/14Credit CardYes10000 
Capital One Platinum CardMI545058348000No08/25/14Credit CardYes300015 inquiries $3500 in medical collections 3 public records
Capital One Quicksilver MCCA62458364242000No08/25/14Credit CardYes3000Applied online July 24th, instant approval for $300 with zero credit history. Approved for Platinum MC card with AF but requested PC via FB three weeks later and granted PC to Quicksilver MC no AF. Looking forward to a CLI after the 5th statement!
Capital OneNJ730678656140000Yes08/26/14Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Platnum MCGA71672672667000No08/26/14Credit CardYes00 
Capital One Platnum MCGA71672672667000No08/26/14Credit CardYes00 
Capital One Secured MastercardAL006110Yes08/26/14Credit CardNo00 
capital one quick silverAL0000No08/27/14Credit CardNo00 
Capital One quicksilverAL0000No08/27/14Credit CardNo00 
Capital One quicksilverAL0000No08/27/14Credit CardYes00 
capital oneWI591008760No08/28/14Credit CardNo250013.99 
Capital One Secured Master CardVA44754151260000Yes08/28/14Credit CardYes120022 
Capital One Quicksilver OneCA5880026000No08/29/14Credit CardYes50022Had defaulted on a capital one card back in 2007. Discharged on 4/2012. Also was approved for a Capital one platinum card for 1000 Credit limit. Stoked!
Capital One Standard PlatinumCA5880026000No08/29/14Credit CardYes100024Defaulted on them back in 2007 and it discharged on 4/2012. I also approved for Capital One QuicksilverOne rewards for 500.
Capital one auto financeFL64560163585000No08/29/14AutoYes150005.99 
Capital One QuicksilverONECA6700060000No08/30/14Credit CardYes30022.9Instant online approval, Rebuilding credit,some 30 and 60 late payments,1 medical collection.
Capital One Cash Rewards for NewcomersAL007090No08/31/14Credit CardYes3000 
Capital OneMO618007000No09/02/14Credit CardNo3000 
Capital One quicksilverAL0000Yes09/04/14Credit CardNo00 
capital oneAL0000Yes09/04/14Credit CardNo00 
Capital One secured MCAL0000No09/04/14Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Quicksilver MCAR00045000Yes09/05/14Credit CardYes5000O% until May 2015, then 22.9%. BK 7 disch. 5/14 Have another Cap. One w/$2000 limit for about 2 months. Lots of inq., perfect payments since BK
capital one platinum/quicksilverTN0589026000No09/05/14Credit CardYes3000 
Capital One Secured MastercardAL520000No09/06/14Credit CardYes20024.99ruined my credit when i was 18. 8 accts in collections. was denied for secured card before. instant approval with $99 down (shocked i didn't have to pay $200 down!) hoping i can get this increased and get my credit up over next few months.
Capital oneCA6280026000No09/06/14Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Platinum CardNC0000No09/10/14Credit CardNo00 
Capital one credit cardWV00019000No09/10/14Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Journey VisaCA54555556013000No09/11/14Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Platinum MastercardPA58858958075000No09/18/14Credit CardYes30024.910 collections across 3 credit reports.
Capital One Quicksilver MCMD55753057767000No09/19/14Credit CardYes300200% intro rate. really surprised i was approved. have been using Lexington Law to help clean credit...looks like it is paying off!
Capital One quicksilverIL59859059883250Yes09/20/14Credit CardNo00ch7 disc 08/09,ch13 dimissed 1/14. 16 collection acct (medical)
Capital One JourneyFL59859859864000No09/22/14Credit CardYes30018.5Applied for Journey just 3 days after Cap1 Classic Master card approval of $500. Happy to get credit & get a chance to rebuild. 2 coll. 3 pif charge offs. over 50% utl at time of approval.
Capital One Platinum MastercardPA056258346000No09/24/14Credit CardYes30022.9 
Capital OneFL56005800No09/25/14Credit CardYes30022.9 
Capital One QuicksilverOneTX616061137980No09/26/14Credit CardYes30022.9Car 1 year never late, Credit Union CC 1 year never late, 1 paid medical collection, 1 paid charge off-6 yr old. Experian FAKO score 592
Capital OneMS0071214No09/26/14Credit CardYes30022.9 
Capital one auto financeAL0000No09/28/14OtherNo2289017 
Capital OneTX066755448000No09/28/14Credit CardYes3000 
Capital One JourneyLA66567468136500No09/30/14Credit CardYes30014.99 
Capital One QuicksilverVA00035000No09/30/14Credit CardYes100022.9Received pre-approved exclusive offer. Did not check FICO scores. Credit Karma 644 Credit Sesame 681. Have one other cc account with Cap 1 for 9months.
Capital One Quicksilver OneMN65667965157000No10/03/14Credit CardYes30000 
Capital OneIL0730030000No10/03/14Credit CardYes100022.9thin file. 1 authorized card on file. pulled TU and EX. Was a CAP ONE Quicksilver One card.
capital oneAL5000050000Yes10/04/14Credit CardNo00 
capital one platinum/quicksilverAL0000No10/05/14Credit CardNo00 
capital one quick silverAL0000No10/05/14Credit CardNo00 
capital one platinum/quicksilverMA0000No10/07/14Credit CardYes3000Was very surprised to get approve for this card. Low limit but that's okay as I'm in the process of rebuilding. On Credit Karma score is 621.
Capital One Spark CardIL06940100000No10/08/14Credit CardYes1500022 
capital oneCA55055055045000No10/08/14Credit CardYes30020.9 
Capital One quicksilverCA0535040000No10/08/14Credit CardNo00 
capital oneNC49905800No10/10/14Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneFL06090125000No10/10/14Credit CardYes200020.9 
Capital One Venture OneFL68368670245000No10/12/14Credit CardYes1002 old late payments (30 days), 1 old paid collection > 3 years, 30k in student loans, 2 autoloans, everything current. 4% utilization on all my other cards. About 5 inquiries still pending from an autoloan. Approved for 10k no interest until September 201
Capital One quicksilverTX059755340Yes10/12/14Credit CardYes3000I applied online for a capitol One Secured and was denied and I applied for the quicksilver but got a letter saying I needed to verify info.... I sent in the required info and got a letter saying I was denied... I just got a email saying my card has been
Capital One Quicksilver OneMO0064466000No10/13/14Credit CardYes30022.9 
Capital One Secured Master CardAL0000No10/16/14Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneAL0000No10/16/14Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneGA67767767740000No10/17/14Credit CardYes3000 
Capital OneMA58856957030000No10/18/14Credit CardNo00 
Orbitz Capital One VisaCA7080032000No10/19/14Credit CardNo004 collections totaling 5k, letter cited a 708 EQUIFAX score thought I'd bet it no prob :( wasted inquiry. 13 tl's, all in good standing, short AAoA (2 years)
Capital One Platinum CardCA0647021120No10/20/14Credit CardYes30024.9 
Capital One QuicksilverOne MD55653959742000No10/21/14Credit CardYes00Had Cap 1 secured for 6 months when I applied for QS1. Was instantly denied. I was still rebuilding. Called EO office talked to a very nice guy who submitted my app for a manual review. Received a call 6-7 days later saying I was approved for $300! Very h
Capital One PlatinumTX005950No10/21/14Credit CardYes2000 
capital oneAL0000No10/23/14Credit CardNo00 
capital one quicksilverID59059059589000No10/24/14Credit CardYes30022.992 unpaid collections, 6 pd collections. have cap1 secured also (18 months). never late. Shocked I was approved
Capital One Platinum CardFL60360360325000No10/24/14Credit CardNo00 
Capital One PlatinumFL57655061865000No10/24/14Credit CardYes30023.99Limit raised to $500 after 3 months of on-time payments without CLI request.
Capital One Quicksilver MCNV57062254232000No10/24/14Credit CardYes5000 
Orbitz Capital One VisaAL71500116000No10/25/14Credit CardNo00limited credit < 1 yr and 11 inqs on file. They have their own 0-999 credit score. Was at 710.
Capital One Platinum MastercardAL0000No10/28/14Credit CardYes7500 
Capital One TX007090No10/29/14Credit CardYes3000Credit Score with CreditKarma 709
Capital One Secured CardNY54159662630000No10/30/14Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Platinum MastercardPA0057058000No10/31/14Credit CardYes30024.9Very surprised about unsecured approval, two collection accounts and a handful of late payments on student loans, no other recent credit cards or history
Capital One AutoAL60060060060000Yes10/31/14AutoYes00 
Capital OneAL6006006000Yes10/31/14AutoYes00 
Capital One Classic PlatinumMO006500No11/02/14Credit CardYes3000Previous judgments,lots on inquiries, and a few collections.
Capital One Quicksilver MCFL59863360335000No11/05/14Credit CardYes100020Cap One secured $200 CL for 6 months, paid off every month. No BK but many derog.
Capital One Platinum MastercardAL6095716820No11/08/14Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Platinum MastercardTX60957168236000No11/08/14Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneIA60057159036000No11/10/14Credit CardYes3000Have an unpaid charge off with them from 2012. Have had a Cap 1 secured for 6 months.
Capital one QuicksilverOH005900No11/10/14Credit CardYes20000I received a pre-approval offer in the mail for $500 when I applied online they gave me $2000! Im shocked!no lates in over a year 10 paid coolections, 1 col acct med bill. have a capital 1 card with them w/ $500 limit.
Capital One VisaAL0000No11/11/14Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Secured Platinum Master CardCA54456758350000No11/11/14Credit CardNo25024.9After 1 year they gave me an additional $500 credit
Capital One QuicksilverONECA54456758350000No11/11/14Credit CardYes100000% interest for 7 months, credit line increase to 1500 after 6 months
Capital One Platium CA70470872855No11/19/14Credit CardNo75022Applied for Capital One limit increased fRom measly $750 BUT denied to low past payments and I get CC preapproval invites EVERY WEEK... 1 year on AMEX Cash Card just raised from 2k to 8k, just got a new approved AMEX Gold Rewards 2 days ago, have a Citi T
Capital one auto financeLA58559662060Yes11/19/14AutoYes2610.4Bankruptcy discharge 9/27 /14, bought car 10/4/2014. Did have 6800.00 for down payment
Capital One QuicksilverAL72563363240000No11/19/14Credit CardYes3000 
capital one quick silverTX525050132000No11/20/14Credit CardYes3000I was surprised to get approved for 300. with 20+ inquiries and 7 negatives on credit report
Capital OneFL0061147434No11/21/14Credit CardYes50016.99 
Capital One Quicksilver MCAL0000No11/23/14Credit CardNo00 
CAPITAL ONE CASH REWARDSTX62063863345000No11/24/14Credit CardNo30006 
capital oneWI0788085000No11/25/14Credit CardYes1000022.4 
capital oneWI0788085000No11/25/14Credit CardYes1000022.4 
Capital One Secured Platinum Master CardAZ0052835000Yes11/26/14SecuredNo2000Was approved for a secured card with a $200 limit and only had to put $99 down.
capital one platinumNV06456090No11/28/14Credit CardYes3000 
Capital One Quicksilver OneFL058061147No11/29/14Credit CardYes50022.91.5% Cashback on all charges and $250 Cash limit
Capital One Secured Platinum Master CardOK585588588110000Yes11/30/14Credit CardYes20022.9 
Capital One Secured Platinum Master CardFL55054554747No12/01/14SecuredYes30019.9$99 deposit for $300 limit
Capital OneGA52052052011280No12/04/14Credit CardNo00 
Capital One quicksilver oneAL0000No12/07/14Credit CardNo00 
Capital one credit cardTN64264264055000No12/07/14Credit CardYes75022 
Capital One PlatinumWA06205370No12/08/14Credit CardYes30020.9Declined online, called to reconsider, received email a week later saying card was shipped in mail.. Will req CL increase once I receive it.
Capital One PlatinumCA0053461000No12/09/14Credit CardYes3000Got pre-approval in the mail. Was approved over the internet. I have 13 charge offs and 6 collection accounts. Couldn't believe I even was pre-approved! It's a start; will go to $800 in 5 months.
capital oneMA00030000No12/12/14Credit CardYes30019 
Capital One Spark CardCA08170171000No12/18/14Credit CardYes3020.9Didn't like the rate, but this is my first business card. No corp credit. The limit was very generous.
Capital One Platinum CardMN00065000Yes12/19/14Credit CardYes300020BK 7 2007, discharged. BK 13 2008 Dismissed. No other derogs. CK FAKO 689
Capital OneTX61005742200No12/21/14Credit CardYes3000 
Capital OneTX6105805742200No12/21/14Credit CardYes3000 
Capital One Quicksilver MCMD62063164760000No12/22/14Credit CardYes3000Happy about this card. Barclays wouldn't approve me. This is my 2nd chance with Capital One & I believe I will get a CL increase with 5 months of good payments.
Capital one visa signaturePA6590686713064No12/26/14Credit CardYes600% till sept 2015 100 cash bonus after 500$ spent
Capital One AutoCO60458460043500No12/27/14AutoNo00I've pretty much never paid my student loans.
Sony rewards, Capital One BankIL65061368090000Yes12/30/14Credit CardYes300019.9 
capital oneAL0000No01/01/15Credit CardNo00 
capital oneCA62762762748No01/03/15Credit CardYes00 
Capital OneCA62762762748No01/03/15Credit CardNo00 
Capital One Quicksilver OneCA59858859248000No01/03/15Credit CardYes3000used the prequalify tool and was pre approved for the classic platinum and quicksilver one cash rewards card have been rebuilding with 14 hard inquires on time payments on first premier card and two yrs on time car note
Capital One venture WI68067068058000No01/04/15Credit CardYes500015.9I have limited credit. Authorized used for Amex Gold 1.5 years. Cap 1 secured card started with a 351 CL then boosted to 700 after 6months (opened 4-14) just approved online for 5k cap 1 venture
Capital One QuicksilverIL62563062077000No01/05/15Credit CardYes300022.9Many negatives, rebuilding credit.
Sony rewards, Capital One BankMA0604060000No01/06/15Credit CardYes3000Tax liens, 3 <$500 collections, old derogs, high util. 10 accounts in good standing including 2 Cap1 cards.
PlayStation Visa (Capital One)MA0054260000No01/06/15Credit CardYes3000Approval disclosure provided the same Cap1 FAKO I get from my Cap1 account. TU FICO is 590.
Capital One Secured MastercardPA0579028No01/06/15Credit CardYes200223 accts in collections (incl cap one), 1 auto repo, past due student loans all over 1 year ago but within last 4 years. $49 deposit for $200 credit. Definitely best shot for approval & rebuild
Capital One Platinum MastercardAL0000No01/06/15Credit CardNo00 
Capital One RewardsOH579600618132000No01/11/15Credit CardYes50023.99Pulled only Experian
Capital One quicksilverAL58660862746000Yes01/12/15Credit CardYes3000 
Capital One Classic PlatinumKY61556555440000No01/13/15Credit CardYes50022.1 
Capital One quicksilverCA62866762645000No01/17/15Credit CardYes5000This is the one with no annual fee. CLI after 5 month on time payments
Capital One QuickSilverIN63766165052000No01/20/15Credit CardYes100019Pulled all 3 CRs. Got first mortgage 12/14 now showing on CRs - no history yet. Trying to build credit more. Have Cap1 Plat CC for 4.0yrs with $500 CL - requested CLI online prior to this app - site says reviewing 7-10days so dunno. BoA Plat CC for 2.0yrs
Capital One JourneyAL0000No01/21/15Credit CardNo00 
capital one journeyAL0000No01/21/15Credit CardNo00 
Capital One QuicksilverTX661666668124555No01/22/15Credit CardYes50022.99Approved..not happy with the APR or low CL....but whatever...checked all three bureau's
capital one ( recommendedNC064400No01/22/15Credit CardYes3000Easily approved 3/4 monthly they increased to $1300
Capital One GA624065338400Yes01/23/15Credit CardYes30024.9Easy online Application approved in less then 3 minutes pulled Equifax and Trans Union $300 Limited Unsecured $150 Cash Limited 24.9 APR No Transfer Fee $0 annual Fee first Year $19 Annual Fee there after make 5 first on time payments to gain higher c
Capital One JourneyCA057000No01/26/15Credit CardYes5000 
capital oneAL0000No01/26/15Credit CardNo00 
Capital OneGA005010No02/03/15Credit CardYes6010So last year I applied for a secured card and was approved my deposit was 99 dollars but I did 300 dollars so that I would be able to rent cars and book flights in case of an emergency? After just 6 months of perfect payment and using my card consistentl
Capital one quicksilver CA66206700No02/05/15Credit CardYes10000Approved instantly online, 1 paid coll, 2 acct good standing 7 months,never late. 0% intro
Capital one venturePA661070983000No02/07/15Credit CardYes1000020.9Approved online, they pulled transunion, and experian, scores are fico 08,have 2 charge offs from 2009, 4 new credit cards since sept 2014.
Capital OneMO52259760252000No02/08/15Credit CardYes30024.99 
Capital One Quicksilver OneVA680699690138300Yes02/09/15Credit CardYes300022.99Pre-Qualified on Website
Capital One Venture CardFL680678690195000No02/19/15Credit CardYes1500020.9Instant approval. BK on file until 06/2015
Capital One quicksilverFL680678690195000No02/19/15Credit CardYes50000BK on record until 06/2015. Instant Approval
Capital One quicksilverCA0071025000No02/20/15Credit CardYes20000 
Capital One PlatinumMD64767466061000No02/21/15Credit CardYes5000This is my second Capital one in the last two months. Rebuilding so I'm happy
Capital One Quicksilver MCCA066866798500No02/23/15Credit CardYes00Applied online, instant approval.
Capital OneFL0639035000No02/27/15Credit CardNo001 judgmnt; some past due loans but 3 CCs & hm loan in good standing
capital one quicksilverMA618062440000No03/03/15Credit CardYes100019.9